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Magento Integration - Order Tracking, Returns & Store Pickup

We developed a deep integration with Magento and constantly updated to the latest version of Magento – Go Live in 1 day.


Provide Post-Purchase tracking, Self-Service Returns and an onmichannel order view to streamline In-Store Pickup and Curbside

magento integration order tracking BOPIS returns

Magento Order Tracking

WeSupply seamlessly handles all split shipments that happen in Magento. 


We pull all courier information into the view order and branded tracking page.

WeSupply Branded Tracking Page
WeSupply Delivery Notification

Magento Commerce
Shipment Notifications

When an order is shipped, in transit, out for delivery, delayed and delivered, WeSupply will automatically send notifications to the customer.


WeSupply will identify which product is associated with each shipment and will notify the customer proactively.


Your consumers will always know when your products are coming and what each package contains.

Magento Returns

WeSupply’s connection also enables clients to return their Magento purchases through a simple Self-Service Return center, which allows consumers to self-generate returns and return labels.


Your team will also have the option to stick to their existing return processing system as WeSupply intelligently identifies products that are refunded in Magento and automatically updates the return request and notifies the customer about the latest status of their return.


Or if you are looking to improve the backend return process because your support team needs to hop between multiple systems and click 15 buttons to issue a refund. WeSupply also offers a streamlined backend system that even generates automatically a credit memo in Magento and issues a refund with one click of a button.

WeSupply Self Service Returns
WeSupply InStore Curbside

Magento In-Store and Curbside Pickup

Plug and Play with Magento Multi-source Inventory – no additional integration needed, simply enable In-Store and Curbside Pickup with one click.


When the client arrives for curbside pickup, notify your store automatically.


Customers don’t want to wait in line or call the store to explain how to be located. Our solution provides a seamless, check-in experience that is simple and enjoyable, resulting in greater customer enjoyment.

Magento Estimated Delivery Dates for an Amazon-like Customer Experience.

Increase conversion by displaying accurate delivery and pick-up information on the Product Page, Cart, and Checkout.


Reduce shipping anxiety and set expectations from the start! To eliminate the uncertainty and boost conversion, provide accurate delivery estimates.


  • Provide delivery and pick-up information on the product page for increased conversion
  • Reduce shipping anxiety and set customer expectations from the start
  • Boost your online sales with accurate, real-time delivery estimates
WeSupply Estimate Delivery Date

Magento Omnichannel - One place for all your In-Store and Online Orders

When you connect Magento with WeSupply we are pulling all order information from Magento into WeSupply.


Centralize all your Online as well as POS orders in one place to offer a seamless unified experience for your customers regardless where they make the purchase.


Easily enable existing flows for:


  • Buy Online Pickup in Store
  • Buy Online Curbside Pickup
  • Buy Online Ship to Store
  • Buy Online Return in Store

Connect the tools you already use. Plus new ones.

1000+ Carriers Supported worldwide


50+ pre-built integrations to support any marketing or customer support tool


Powerful API to easily integrate into and with any system.

WeSupply integrations

The WeSupply x Magento integration lets you:

  • Automate order tracking experience and reduce WISMO calls;

  • Automate shipping email & SMS notifications;

  • Fully branded order tracking experience;

  • Send shipping notifications such as Shipment Exception, Shipment Failed Attempt, Shipment Out for Delivery;

  • Easy-to-use Order Lookup;

  • Order Detail & Order Tracking Page;

  • Split packages regardless of the delivery method (ship to home, in-store pickup);

  • Send order-related notifications for both online and in-store orders;

  • Order management & shipment visibility into unfulfilled orders, delivery exceptions, stalled shipments;

  • Access to various integrations with helpdesk, marketing, personalization tools.

  • Encourage self-service returns to create a truly seamless customer experience from start to end.
  • Offer instant access to all store information, from open hours to store reviews with Store Locator
  • Provide multiple shipping and pickup options like in-store and curbside pickup

We are not just a platform, we are your partner!

If you’re already using Magento then integrating with us is simple – feel free to reach out to us and we can work together further!

Other integrations


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