We partner with EasyPost to Boost Post Purchase Efficiency through Printerless Returns

We’re happy to announce that we just started a strategic partnership with EasyPost, the Shipping API solution that solves complex logistics problems for eCommerce businesses.

Taking customer experience to new heights, together. We’re excited to share the news that we’ve just formed a major partnership with EasyPost.

By allowing enterprises to automate, simplify, and gain full control of their shipping procedure, EasyPost is changing how shopping is made across the globe.

So, what does this partnership mean?

The majority of customers (70 percent) say a generous eCommerce returns process and a seamless experience are the secrets to converting them into repeat buyers.–which is exactly where this partnership comes in.

All WeSupply customers can now:

  • Implement printerless returns to make the return process simple and painless without the need for printed labels, with the help of custom QR code labels.
  • Provide the option of returning to 200,000 locations in the US. Customers can receive a QR code in email and then return the unwanted items to various locations, including the UPS Store, FedEx, Walgreens, Walmart ShipCenters, and Office Depot.
  • You can provide a simple return experience for both yourself and your customers while freeing up time for your staff to focus on more essential work.
  • A greenerwaste reduction return label solution.

In a nutshell, more businesses can now provide their customers with the option to return items without using physical printed labels. Customers will be able to use QR code return labels to simplify the process of returning items.

How to scan a USPS QR code? The integration makes it possible to seamlessly connect an EasyPost account into WeSupply and then opt-in for QR Code return labels with a single click. See Here How to set up your EasyPost integration.

QR code returns are no longer an option, but a customer expectation.


One thing is for sure: a poor return process has an overall negative impact. And that can eventually affect the bottom line of any business, and printer-less returns can be key for that.

Here’s what to consider:

  • Customers may avoid shopping because of complicated return and refund rules.
  • Customer service calls or “blind” returns to the warehouse are causing difficulties in terms of staffing.
  • It’s typically more costly to gain new consumers than it is to nurture existing ones. And seamless returning experience is key to converting new customers into loyal brand consumers.
  • The decreased margin on sellable products that are kept off the shelves too long because of a slow return cycle.
  • Decreased insight into performance issues due to lack of data to analyze.


By simply adding a printerless return attribute to a current return process can make a significant difference.

  • Existing customers will be more likely to shop again as a result of a positive customer experience.
  • New customers can gain a high level of confidence in your business by having a smooth return process.

How can you and your customers use paperless return labels?


Simply sign up for a free account with EasyPost, enable your carrier account, and opt-in for QR Code return labels in WeSupply.

Once QR Code return labels are enabled in your WeSupply account, customers will automatically receive the digital code label when completing the return request.

Via WeSupply, customers can submit a return request within seconds and receive a downloadable QR Code return label on the return confirmation page.

They may either print out the label and attach it to the box being, or scan the QR code shipping label at the drop-off location.


Returns are unpleasant for all. For both the retailer and customer.


However, if that required transaction can be made more attractive and engaging with educational, personalized, and favorable information. It’s a great opportunity to acquire a whole new segment of devoted consumers.

Customer service adds to the perceived value of your company. Adding value helps to increase your conversion rate.

A good brand reputation attracts more consumers. In the end, what appears to cost you money may have a long-term positive impact on your earnings and development.