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# Seamless Customer Engagement

Delivery Notifications.

Use notifications to proactively notify your customers with the latest status of their order, before they reach out to you!

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delivery notifications

Keep your customers happy with Proactive Delivery Notifications

Customer Service
Reduce Your Customer Service Costs

Customers are looking for answers, so it’s best to have a notification process in place to reduce ticket volume and time spent on repetitive tasks.

Post-purchase anxiety
Reduce Client Anxiety and Minimize Your Returns

Keeping your clients informed about the status of their purchases with regular shipping updates can help to lower return rates after products are delivered.

Proactive Shipping Notification
Make Your Shipping Notification Proactive

Identify and proactively resolve delivery issues before customers experience them with our real-time package analysis solution.

Build a Winning Brand Reputation.

The success of your eCommerce logistics, including your notification system, has a big impact on your brand reputation.

Engaging with your customers post-purchase is essential for establishing an actual relationship with them that will turn them into loyal shoppers.

Make sure you improve all the way to create a memorable brand experience using WeSupply!

Brand experience
Customizable Notifications

Create Professional Emails On The Fly

Our all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to create stand-out post-purchase emails and track customer interaction along the way.


  1. Pick a template to start.
  2. Customize your email and SMS to match your brand voice, design, colors and fonts.
  3. Enable over 40 notifications such as Order Confirmation, Delivery Exception, Out For Delivery, Delivered, Delayed, Returned, Refunded, Picked Up etc.

Fully Customizable Order Tracking Emails

We've created an email builder that allows you to easily design pages that look great and function seamlessly.


Notify your Customers about Delivery Exceptions before they reach out to you.

Track each shipment easily in real-time, filter orders and shipments to identify any delays.


Identify orders that are:

  1. Stuck or have not moved for multiple days
  2. Delayed by the carrier
  3. Not shipped out yet
  4. Backordered and need an update
Delivery Status Exception: Order Delayed
Order Journey

Scale Automation for
High-Volume Shipments

WeSupply Order Management and Delivery Notifications work in synergy, creating a streamlined process to keep your customers informed every step of the way, from placing an order to delivery.

You can use automated email delivery updates workflows to notify customers when order status changes.

Boost Customer Happiness

For some company models, such as those that rely on pre-order sales, the "Pre-shipment" statuses might be very basic and give little information about where your orders are at.

With Wesupply you can customize these statuses to whatever you want (painting, assembling, printing, manufactured, etc.) and still provide additional information about each step of fulfillment having no additional work from your end.

custom pre-shipment statuses
Emails Performance List

Use Notifications Statistics To Reduce Customer Churn

WeSupply provides a graphic representation of all of your emails in one glance, allowing to:

  1. Keep track of all the email and text notifications you have sent, at all times.
  2. Check on their performance to tell how many were sent and how many were opened.
  3. Tell how many were clicked and what’s the click rate for a certain time range.

With the help of these features, you can actually manage the rush your customer receives from purchasing a product, without them even holding the product yet.

Make the most out of your post purchase notifications

Proactive Order Notifications outperform any other Marketing Email. Ad your most popular products into your post-purchase communications and draw shoppers back to your store to upsell your brand.

Email Open Rate
66% Avg.

Open Rate

click-through rate
21% Avg.


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at every step
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