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Magento Order Tracking: Everything You Need To Know

How Tracking Works With Magento And Why You May Need Additional Tracking Apps For Your Business.

bear using order tracking Magento

If you’re running an online business, you probably understand how crucial selecting the proper platform is for your company’s success. An open-source Content Management System (CMS) eCommerce platform like Magento 2 will meet your needs if you’re looking for something sophisticated yet powerful.

Magento is tailored for intermediate to advanced levels of web development. Thus, Magento is truly a stumbling block for beginners and non-techies, bringing you endless customization and scalability possibilities for your business. In this article, we’ll give you an intensive Magento 2 Order Tracking review.

How Does Magento’s Order Tracking System Work and Why Do You Need Additional Tracking Apps for Your Business?

When it comes to brick-and-mortar shops, the process is pretty straightforward: you go in, see something you want, purchase it, and move on with your day. However, online shops require a couple more steps before you, as a consumer, can enjoy the product you just bought. Most importantly, consumers have to wait for their product to be delivered, and this can cause some people shipping anxiety.

Not knowing where the order is and how long it will take for it to arrive at your doorstep represents a  major concern for your customers as well. The entire shipping process can turn into a real challenge without shipment status updates, order ID, tracking number, or any validation message to inform the customer about potential delays.

This is why order tracking and management are key for any eCommerce business, regardless of the CMS (content management system) you’re using. When it comes to popularity and functionality, Magento is definitely one of the winners in this category. In fact, Magento powers 12% of all the eCommerce websites and 1.2 % of the entire internet, according to CMS Minds. 

Magento 2, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, has so many advantages that it has become an excellent choice for any eCommerce business.

Despite its great functionality as a CMS, there are some limitations to the way order tracking works on the platform natively. Don’t get discouraged: there are plenty of methods you can use in order to make the most of Magento 2 order tracking extensions and provide your customers with relevant and timely order tracking information, but first:

How do orders work in Magento?

Magento 2 enables you to track your inventory quantities across multiple locations (warehouses, stores, drop shippers, direct-to-consumer, etc.), configure management settings globally, per source and per product, and customize your online shop in terms of languages, currencies, payment methods, and customs.

You will get an overview of all your orders across every channel, but won’t be able to have an in-depth look at order status and more. Although the Magento 2 order management feature covers the basics of order management, as the name suggests, in order to provide sufficient tracking information, you’ll still need to use another order tracking extension.

What are the limitations of Magento 2 Order Tracking?

Magento 2  provides great functionality in terms of eCommerce website customization and inventory management, but it lacks the capabilities to track orders effectively, provide real-time insights into the order status, enable online store owners to facilitate returns for their customers, and stay connected with consumers all the way.

What are the major advantages of using an order tracking extension?

  1. Managing orders and shipments effortlessly
  2. Ensuring on-time deliverables
  3. Enhanced backend productivity
  4. Cost-effectiveness

To make the most of Magento 2, you need to select the right extensions to help you enhance your eCommerce website features and reduce your costs. With this in mind, here are the 6 essential functionalities an Order Tracking extension needs to have to help you grow your eCommerce business and create an exceptional customer experience:

1. Centralized Order Tracking Management

Why is it important to have all orders in one place? To reduce the number of backorders and to avoid keeping your customers waiting for too long. Sure, not having enough items in stock happens to the best of us, and that is why planning is essential, and using an order tracking extension can help with that.

When you only need to handle a few orders every day, everything appears to be in order. However, when your business takes off, you’ll be dealing with a lot of orders each day. Order tracking management streamlines the process and eliminates human errors. For instance, you’ll be able to:

  • Track overstocking and understocking
  • Reduce the number of mistakes on fulfilling orders
  • Save precious resources, such as time and money

Managing pre-order and pre-shipment statuses

Although the default pre-shipment statuses might be pretty generic for some business models and don’t give you much information about where your orders are at, going the extra mile to create a personalized experience will always prove to be to your advantage.

Moreover, using an order tracking app will enable all your customers to know exactly where their orders are at in just a few clicks.

Using WeSupply, you can customize these statuses to anything you want (Painting, Assembling, Printing, Manufactured, etc.) and it allows you to provide more details about each step of fulfillment.

Setting clear expectations and communicating all the way through is the best approach you can possibly take for a successful business.

How can I accurately manage orders with backorder items?

For instance, you need to look for an inventory management platform for eCommerce businesses that has an API-type integration with Magento 2 that allows shipment tracking and order management effectively.

The WeSupply Order Tracking extension can help you reduce the number of backorders and decrease the proof of purchase issues by bringing all orders to one centralized location. And for the most cost-effectiveness, you can optimize to return the product to the closest warehouse.

This will save you and your customer time as well as money from the shipping and storage costs.

2. Better Store Fulfillment & Omnichannel Experiences

To be one step ahead of the customer and delivery services, you will need to use order tracking extensions to your advantage. This will lead to better store fulfillment and more positive omnichannel experiences.

A good extension will enable you to create multiple order attributes to search for insights, customize documentation numbering and display unique statuses, and cancel, archive, and delete unnecessary data.

In terms of omnichannel experiences for Magento order tracking, our Magento 2 order tracking extension enables you to keep track of all your orders and be flexible with your shipping locations:

Moreover, besides more accurate inventory data and better control over multiple channels, WeSupply allows customers to write reviews or receive order status updates, and you won’t even need a separate email and SMS notification extension. 

WeSupply enables you to send out notifications whenever and wherever needed, including any custom validation message.

3. ETAs & Real-time Order Status Updates

Estimated delivery dates and order shipment status along with other delivery status information. For this, you can use details such as the order ID and email to generate and deliver instant updates directly to your customers.

This is where you will benefit from using an order tracking extension. Both customers and your team can look up a tracking number or access a tracking link to check the estimated delivery time. This will save you precious resources since you won’t have to re-ship packages due to order tracking unavailability or a lack of effective communication.

What is the solution you should be looking for? An order tracking extension that helps you create delivery channels to fulfill the most complex delivery schedule scenarios and includes delivery info into docs and emails while enabling shoppers to select desirable dates of delivery.

Set the Right Expectations From The Beginning

Our Solution for the Shipping Anxiety.
For In-Stock Products as well as Backorders and Pre-Orders.

Set the Right Expectations From The Beginning

The solution we provide is an extension that does all of the above while also enabling your customers to track their orders themselves using their unique shipment tracking link or tracking number, reducing the number of support tickets regarding the shipment status and delivery date.

4. Branded Tracking Page

Nothing creates a more unified shopping experience than a branded tracking page! It allows you to re-engage customers by providing relevant links to deals on your online store, enabling you to also link your social media channels to the order tracking page to improve customer loyalty and drive customer engagement.

This is why a tracking extension that enables you to personalize the order tracking page will help you meet customer expectations and create a hassle free shopping experience for them.

For instance, the WeSupply free plan includes a branded tracking page that enables you to create a unified experience for your customers while they’re looking for delivery dates and other order status updates. In terms of design, you can simply change up colors, fonts, featured images to match your brand needs, and even overwrite any CSS class to fully customize the tracking page.

Get a free demo to see how WeSupply can work for you

Our shipping and logistics experts will guide you through the product and analyze how WeSupply best fits your eCommerce needs.​

5. Advanced Order Tracking Analytics

Know your numbers: using extensions to get relevant Magento order tracking analytics will also help create a positive online shopping experience. You cannot solve the issues you aren’t even aware of, and the order status history combined with the ratings and reviews you receive directly from your customers will enable you to identify and improve any inefficient processes you have in terms of shipping method and order tracking.

Magento provides store owners with an inventory management feature, enabling them to manage inventory across one or multiple locations and sales channels using concurrent checkout protection and shipment matching algorithms. This includes tracking your inventory quantities across multiple locations by product type, providing accurate salable stock amounts to customers, and even recommended shipping options.

Use The Magic Of Post-Purchase Analytics

WeSupply offers you a granular set of insights into the activity of your orders and shipments.

Use The Magic Of Post-Purchase Analytics

On the other hand, WeSupply also provides individual analyses of courier service performance and each shipping location. It also features an instant snapshot of all your shipment statuses in real-time. If you’re looking for an effective alternative, this is exactly what you’ll need.

6. RMA Management

We all know that the shopping experience doesn’t stop the moment a customer receives the package. In fact, from possible returns to online shopping experience and post-purchase feedback, there are many other things to consider.

Using Magento 2, you can manage refunds, cancellations, backorders, but there is one thing that’s missing: self-service returns for a better customer experience. Not only will this create a positive experience, but it will also increase the number of repeat customers.

When handling returns, it is necessary to reduce friction as much as possible. This will help with customer retention and the overall customer journey. For example, a great Magento order tracking extension will enable submitting requests from both the storefront (customer account and dedicated forms for guests) and the admin area. You can manage RMA requests systematically and save time by approving incoming requests automatically.

Is there a better way to do returns?

You can also use WeSupply Self-Service Return Center to effectively manage returns, refunds, and even product exchanges. You can set up types of logic to automatically approve certain actions like approving returns within a number of days and facilitate the return process for your customers by generating return labels in no time. What makes WeSupply stand out is the ability to create your own return rules and conditions to help out your customers but also choose the option that fits your business best.

Furthermore, a customer creating their own return shipping labels once they return a product will make it easier for you, as a store owner, to empower consumers and increase customer satisfaction. WeSupply will be your best companion when it comes to generating return labels automatically.

Last thoughts on Magento 2 order tracking extensions

Mixing multiple Magento order tracking extensions is, however, not the best scenario either. For everything to work correctly, you’ll need to consistently check for updates for each tracking extension, which will make the whole customer activity reporting even more challenging for you and your team.

If you want to do all of the above with just one extension, connect WeSupply to your Magento eCommerce website and enjoy a unified experience for your support team and your customers. Through our order tracking and management extension, you can measure customer satisfaction, enable customers to write their own review, create a faster checkout experience, improve the entire delivery process, and cut down on shipping costs.

How to set up WeSupply as your Magento 2 order tracking extension?

After checking for extension compatibility you can proceed with the installation, preferably in developer mode, and then you can get to customize the shipment tracking page and enjoy all of the other many benefits that come with our Magento order tracking extension.

Follow the steps here once and for all, and contact us if you need assistance – we’re always happy to help!

Before we get started, please make sure you download and install the latest version for the WeSupply Magento Extension from here.

FAQs about Magento Order Tracking

Yes, you can! To start setting up the In-Store Pickup functionality within Magento, you need to log in to your Magento Admin and follow these steps.

For SMS the Open Rate is basically 99.99%, and the CTR for SMS is around 75%. For Emails, the Open Rate is around 66%, and the CTR for Emails is around 23%.


The above numbers are calculated as an average across all our customers, your results may vary.

Yes, it is possible. You can select how you want to issue the refund and even issue refunds to Credit Card + Gift Card + Store Credit in a few clicks, without the need of going into multiple systems.

Yes, you can set up different return dispositions. For instance, one return can be set up to have 1 item returned to Web Warehouse, another one to the Dropshipper, and the 3rd product to a repair facility. All this automatically without the need for manual intervention.


Install the WeSupply Magento 2 module: Magento 2 Extension.


Install the WeSupply Shopify app: How to install. WeSupply on your Shopify store?

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