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Zapier Integration

You can easily import orders into WeSupply from your Magento 1 store, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce one. Simply integrate with  4,000+ apps!

WeSupply works even better with Zapier integration!


Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps together. You can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.


With Zapier, you may connect programs and automate procedures in a matter of seconds. You can effortlessly move data between applications without any coding so you can focus on developing your company.


Let WeSupply and Zapier do the work for you and automate your eCommerce by integrating with more than 4,000 apps!


The WeSupply x Zapier integration lets you:


  • Import orders – You can use Zapier to import orders into WeSupply from different systems
  • Update shipments –  Shipment updates via Zapier are performed via an integration with Google Sheets
  • Return received – The Return Received API changes the current status (in our case Approved status) into Received status
  • Return product quality – The Submit Product QualityAPI changes the current status (in our case Received status) into Controlled status. 




Integrating Zapier with WeSupply lets you automate data from one app to another, and build powerful workflows without needing to know code.


Let WeSupply  and Zapier automate the work for you, by linking these two technologies in a few simple steps.


👉 How to connect WeSupply with Zapier

👉 How to import orders in WeSupply using Zapier

👉 How To Perform A Shipment Update With Zapier

👉 How to set Return Received status via Zapier

👉 How to set Returned Controlled status and product quality via Zapier


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FAQs about WeSupply x Zapier Integration​

You can connect BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento 1, Magento 2, Shopify, Google Spreadsheets, and Gmail to WeSupply via the Zapier integration. Supported integrations can be found here: WeSupply Integrations.

Yes. You will need your own Zapier account that can be created here.

While there are no extra fees involved, such integration requires a WeSupply paid: WeSupply Pricing & Plans.

Native integrations supported by WeSupply, like Magento 2 and Shopify, are more robust, powerful, and easier to configure within a few minutes. We always recommend built-in integrations, however, you can choose what works best for you.


Install the WeSupply Magento 2 module: Magento 2 Extension.


Install the WeSupply Shopify app: How to install. WeSupply on your Shopify store?

You can automate the order import, the shipment update flow, and the return status update.


Order Import

As such, once an order is placed on your WooCoommerce, BigCommerce, Magento 1, Magento 2, and Shopify website, this is triggered and synced to WeSupply.


You can also import orders from different systems using a Google Spreadsheet.


Please check the steps to follow here: How to import orders in WeSupply using Zapier


Shipment Update

Once orders are imported in WeSupply, you can automate the shipment update flow and send the tracking information to us. When the tracking number reaches WeSupply, our system starts to notify your customers with shipping email notifications.


Note*: For BigCommerce integration, please take note that Zapier only allows for order import, without shipment update.


While you can import new orders from BigCommerce to WeSupply via Zapier, the solution for making shipment updates is to either push such updates from an external system (through Zapier using the Google Spreadsheets method), or through our API


How To Perform A Shipment Update With Zapier


Shipment Update API


Return Status Update 

You can update the status of returns initiated in WeSupply to ”Received” and ”Controlled” by using a Google Spreadsheet. This also allows for sending the product quality check.


All necessary steps can be viewed in the following support articles:


How to set Return Received status via Zapier


How to set Returned Controlled status and product quality via Zapier

If you cannot find your eCommerce platform among our Zapier integrations, you can import orders and update shipments through Google Spreadsheets. 


Order Import via Google SpreadsheetsHow to import orders in WeSupply using Zapier


Shipment Update via Google SpreadsheetsHow To Perform A Shipment Update With Zapier


Another solution would be to try out our API which supports various actions, order import and shipment update being the most important ones.


WeSupply APIAPI Documentation

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