Big Retailer Customer Experience Research.

Why are we conducting this research? - To Inspire and Learn

To create the Best Product and to Understand how the biggest brands in the world are solving the post-purchase experience for millions of customers so we can learn what works and what doesn’t.

It’s often a great idea on the paper but a horrible customer experience.

We discover what works and what doesn’t so you can craft the best experience for your customers.

How are we conducting this CX research? - By doing the hard work!

When we research and analyze each experience we are actually placing a complex order that combines Ship to Home and Store Pickup/Curbside experience. If it’s possible we are even requesting products to be shipped to the store so we can analyze how long everything takes, how everything works, and what’s the UI for each interaction.

We are closely looking at each interaction, each UX element, every communication in the checkout and post-purchase experience. It is important to experience it first hand, to understand if the flow helps the customer or if it’s just confusing.

After we receive the product we are looking at the return experience, the flow, simplicity, transparency and communications.

What are you getting out of this? - Learn how to implement the best CX

In the research process we are documenting every step, by Video Recording the entire experience, so you can see what the experience is on the website, in-person at the store.

We explain why we believe the experience is remarkably good or bad! Show you what it is, and what a customer is expecting.

We document everything, video, screenshots, timing, so you can take all these examples, to inspire yourself when building your next Customer Experience, learn from it, and most important you can implement the best Customer Experience for your brand.


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