A Solution for the Shipping Anxiety.

You’ve built great landing pages, garnered a strong social media presence, and worked hard at optimizing SEO – but something else stands in the way of your ecommerce conversion rate. Shipping anxiety. It’s something all online shoppers experience, but is especially magnified when dealing with a brand that is new to them. Simply put, customers need to understand how long the processing and shipping times are up front. Proactively offering them the expected date of delivery will not only help relieve some of this anxiety but will also get ahead of potential order status calls to your support center.


Oftentimes you’re already providing this information. Well, kind of. Like most companies, you may have a graph with standard shipping times buried deep in you knowledge base articles. But how helpful is that? Would you trust a standardized “3 to 6 business days” blurb when you’re trying to decide on a big purchase for an upcoming birthday? Probably not, especially when the phrase “business days” can be unclear to begin with. Your customers deserve better, and giving them a better experience is essential for conversion rate optimization.

Total Delivery Time.

Delivery Date Calculator:
How it Works?

Finally you can ditch vague estimations, and that static chart, for good. Our solution provides an accurate delivery date predictor based on past data and customer location analytics. First the shipping calculator uses historical data, taking into account weekends and holidays, to predict processing time. It then adds transit time upon which courier and shipping option is chosen. We collect the zip code of the customer’s location to ensure that the estimated due date is based on their unique delivery area.


The Estimator can be added to a variety of pages to ensure your customers can easily find their expected delivery date.


  • Product Page: Auto-detects customer location.
  • Cart Page: When customer gets shipping estimates.
  • Checkout Page: When customer selects shipping method.

Flexible Shipping Rules:
Because Not All Products are the Same.

Flexible, or table rate shipping, is a must for any company providing a wide array of products or simply hosting them in a number of distribution centers. For instance, a customized product such as a new laptop is going to take longer to process than a generic tee shirt, and an item that comes from an overseas distribution center is bound to have a longer time in transit than something housed domestically.


Our solution allows you to choose the scenario that works best for you, ranging from broad to specific. Drive revenue growth and trust by choosing:


  • One flat delivery estimate rule that applies to everything on the site.
  • Delivery estimate based on category.
  • Delivery estimate based on individual product.

Customize your Shipping
Policy exactly to your needs.

Delivery Challenges:
Weekends, Holidays, and Cut-Off Times.

Weekends, holidays, and cut off times can be one of the most complicated pieces of the puzzle for your average customer. Understanding which days the courier is actually moving the package is critical, but often not very clear. Generic information from a knowledge base software can further add to the confusion. Our shipping time calculator allows you to simply define all of these non-shipping days. It automatically excludes them from the estimated shipping date to more accurately inform shoppers. We also allow you the option of adding a safety net in the display date ranges for those hectic peak seasons. This way you can set realistic and deliverable expectations for your customers time and time again!

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