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Drive Traffic to your Locations with Store Locator

The store locator makes it easy to find all your store information!

ecommerce store locator

Easily Manage Your Store Locations.

“What time is your downtown location open until?”

“How do I get there from my house?”

“What’s the phone number there?”

“Does that location offer all of your services?”


Do any of these questions ring a bell?
If that’s the case, it’s time to start with WeSupply’s Store Locator Page!

Help Your Customer
Find Your Stores Locations

Our Store Locator Page displays store locations online, resulting in increased foot traffic to your stores. Customers can simply find hours, phone numbers, and Google Map directions when searching for a specific place.

Each of your stores can be linked to Yelp, allowing for customer reviews to be linked to a specific store. You can sort your all locations by type so that customers may see if a specific service or product is available ahead of time.

The Store Locator Page has a mobile-friendly design, is SEO-optimized, and very simple to use. Giving your customers more information will help you see an increase in traffic to your store locations and conversion rate!

store locator app
ecommerce Stores List

Stores List & Stores Map

Give your consumers an option when it comes to finding their favorite or nearest store! Customers can simply select a location that’s pinned on the map, while others can browse for a specific store from the list. Stores can be found by searching for the “nearest location,” which may be done using a zip code, Google Map, or sorting by country, state, and city.

Advanced Geolocation
Store Detection

Based on the visitor’s current geographic location, it accurately provides the nearest store. Geolocation uses latitude and longitude to provide the customer with precise coordinates.

This is incredibly useful for customers who may not be familiar with the region or postal code.

Advanced Geolocation Store Detection
Show Closest Stores

Show Closest Stores

Display closest neighboring location to any store. Perfect when you have multiple locations in a close radius, and your customers are looking for a specific product that may not be available at all of them.

Custom Pins on Map

You can customize the map pin to provide your consumers a fully branded experience. They’ll be more likely to stay on board if you don’t use generic icons.

custom pin map
Store Detail Page

Store Detail Page

This is where you may give your customers all the details they need about a particular retail location. It’s all right here: hours, phone number, curbside timeslots, and instructions!

This may be also a great spot to include a newsletter subscription button so you can grow your list. Let them find out when a new product or promotion becomes available in a store near them. The best part is that these pages can help you grow revenue and bring customers back to your store.

You can link a product recommendation service (Sailthru, Nosto, etc.) with the Store Locator Page, and show dynamic banners based on the user’s profile. This helps you to engage your consumer even more while increasing foot traffic and revenue!

Seamless Social Media Integration

Display social media accounts for a given store, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or any others custom links.

Directly connect each store to its Yelp page for reviews that educate customers and develop brand awareness & trust.

Display social media in store locations
Store Locator with Category Filter

Store Locator with
Category Filter

Personalization solutions such as Sailthru, Nosto, or Emarsys provide critical information, so why not get the most out of it?

We help you leverage that intelligence even further by customizing your tracking pages or emails with product recommendations and dynamic banners.

Google Analytics for your Store Locations

Easy Google Analytics integration. This helps you learn which locations are the most searched, visited, called, and even which ones have the most requests for directions. We track, therefore we know!

Google Analytics for store locations
Store Locator Page design
Stunning User Experience

The WeSupply Store Locator Page combines design & tech to provide an amazing experience for your customers while driving them back to your stores. It’s as simple as a click to get Google Maps directions and other store details!

Mobile-Friendly Design

You can set up your Store Locator Page on any eCommerce platform you’re using. Its friendly UI looks great on mobiles, tablets, and desktop devices, ensuring that no customers are left behind.

Mobile-Friendly Design Store Locator Page
SEO Optimized store pagepage

100% SEO Optimized


All of the store pages have been SEO optimized to the fullest extent possible. Use the customers’ search for information to lead them back to your eCommerce site, where they’ll be ready to buy your products. Target your traffic and improve your brand visibility both online and offline!

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