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Klaviyo Integration

You can now combine your complete shipping data from WeSupply with the power of Klaviyo into automated flows in near real-time, for a fully branded post-purchase experience!

Building automated delivery automation just got a lot easier!


Our integration with Klaviyo offers you all the tools you need to take full control of your email communications, from email design to sophisticated targeted communications based on shipping events and data tracking.


Klaviyo is a powerful email and SMS marketing automation tool that helps its users deliver personalized, memorable experiences across a wide range of marketing channels, including email, SMS, web, and in-app notifications.


The WeSupply x Klaviyo integration lets you:


👉 personalize campaigns based on your customers’ shipping information

👉 use multiple marketing channels: email, SMS, web and in-app notifications

👉 generate highly personalized notification triggers

👉 include points balances directly in your email campaigns

👉 track and analyze campaign results in real-time



Integrating Klaviyo with WeSupply gives you access to a ton of useful information that will make managing both platforms easier than ever before!


Take control of all aspects of your online business by linking these two technologies in a few simple steps.


⚙️ How to set up WeSupply – Klaviyo connection?


📩 How to create flows in Klaviyo based on WeSupply events?


Get a free demo to see how
WeSupply can work for you

Our shipping and logistics experts will guide you through the product and analyze how WeSupply best fits your eCommerce needs.

FAQs about WeSupply x Klaviyo Integration​

Here you’ll find a brief explanation of all events that WeSupply is sending to Klaviyo. These events can be used for creating your custom transactional email flow in Klaviyo.

WeSupply triggers events based on order updates, updates to in-store pickup and curbside orders, shipping updates, or return management, which are powerful segmentation triggers for Klaviyo flows.


👉 Order Events

Order Received – Order confirmation email – Triggered shortly after the order is placed by the customer (if the order is sent to WeSupply right away)

Order Cancelled – the option to cancel an item/product is enabled in WeSupply

Order Delayed – This notification will remind the customer that their order is still processing (usually due to increased sales volume or slow processing time) – Triggered when an order was not shipped out yet based on the configuration set in WeSupply

Order ETA – Product Eta notification – Triggered when a product is on backorder


👉 Shipping Events 

Package Shipped – Also known as Shipment confirmation email – Trigged when a tracking number is assigned to an order

Shipment Received – Carrier has received the package from shipper – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment Picked Up – The package was picked up from a pickup location – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment In Transit – Carrier has accepted or picked up shipment from the shipper. The shipment is on the way – Triggered when the courier updates to this status. This might trigger overnight

Shipment Exception – An exception occurs when a package is temporarily delayed while in transit. Every effort is made to deliver every package as soon as possible, so an exception does not necessarily denote a late shipment. The status exception explains the most recent exception in the scan activity section. – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment Failed Attempt – Carrier attempted to deliver but failed – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment Out For Delivery – The package has left the delivery office with a carrier, and delivery is intended on that day – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment Expired – Shipment has no tracking information for 30 days since added – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment Delivered – Your package has been delivered and a delivery scan recorded the time and date of delivery. – Triggered when the courier updates to this status


👉 In-Store Pickup & Curbside Events

Customer is Waiting Outside – Store associate notification – Triggered when the item status is “Customer Waiting Outside”

Order Pickup Reminder – Notification reminder for orders ready for pickup – Triggered when the “x” days configured under Settings > Stores > Curbside & Store Pickup are passed

Order Received Store Pickup/Curbside – Order confirmation email for Store Pickup/Curbside – Triggered shortly after the order is placed by the customer (if the order is sent to WeSupply right away and contains pickup items)

Order is Unable to Fulfill – In-Store order is unable to fulfill – Triggered when the item status is “Unable to Fulfill”

Order is Ready for Pickup – In-Store order is ready for pickup – Triggered when the item status is “ready for pickup”

Order was Cancelled – In-Store order was canceled – Triggered when the item status is “Cancelled”

Order was Picked Up – In-Store order was picked up – Triggered when the item status is “Picked-Up”

Digital Receipt (Walk Out)


👉 Return Management Events

Return Approved Awaiting Tracking Number – Email confirmation of the approved return request, a return label was not generated for the customer, and the customer is required to input the tracking number as soon as they have it – Triggered as soon as a return request is approved, a return label is not generated by WeSupply and return method sends it back

Return Approved Label Generation – Email confirmation of the approved return request with a link to download the return label – Triggered as soon as a return request is approved and a return label is generated

Return Approved by store or ship back – Confirmation email that the return was approved, now the customer can select the return method In-Store or Ship it back – Triggered as soon as a return request is approved by the Returns Manager

Return Authorization pending – If a return requires manual review – Triggered if the return request matches a return logic that requires manual review

Return Confirmation Store Selected – Confirmation of the store location where the items are going to be returned – Triggered as soon as a return request is approved for a return to store process.

Return Confirmation Tracking Number Received – Email confirmation that the tracking number provided by the customer was received and it can be tracked in WeSupply – Triggered as soon as a tracking number is provided by the customer and input into WeSupply

Return Delivered – The shipment with the return has arrived at the return location, this notification should contain instructions such as “please allow 2-3 days to process your return and issue a refund” – Triggered as soon as the tracking number for the return is updated with the status “delivered” by the courier

Return Not Approved instructions – Return request rejected by the Returns Manager – Triggered after the Returns Manager rejects the return request for whatever reason (the reason is included in the email)

Return to store Approved – As soon as a return request is approved to be returned to a store – Triggered as soon as a return request is approved by the Returns Manager

Request Refund Issued – Refund successfully issued for the customer – Triggered as soon as a refund is issued within WeSupply

Emails won’t be duplicated as events that you choose to be sent via Klaviyo must remain disabled within WeSupply.


To make sure that only the Kalviyo notifications will be sent out, you can disable the WeSupply email notifications by logging into your WeSupply account and heading to Design -> Notifications -> uncheck the desired email notifications and click Save. 

There are no extra fees. You only need to be subscribed to any of the WeSupply paid plans that can be checked out here: WeSupply Pricing

Please note that this integration is not available with the Free Plan.

Connect the tools you already use. Plus new ones.

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