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      Flexible Return Policies

      Flexibility to define any return destinations & conditions

      Self-Service Returns

      Simplify returns for your customers and team


      Incentivize exchanges over returns

      Automate Returns Management

      Returns management made easy for your team

      Returns Analytics

      Understand why your customers are returning

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      Unify the online and the in-store experience

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      Hassle-free pickup experience for customers

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Aftership vs Narvar

Which software is the best?

Your eCommerce team likely has a full plate, so choosing a post-purchase management platform that increases efficiency is everything.

Learn more about AfterShip and Narvar, and book a demo to see how we compare to them.


Narvar and Aftership Tracking are two platforms that help track shipments and returns. They gather carrier and order data in one place so retailers can provide a better, more consistent tracking and return experience to their customers.


Both systems provide a fantastic post-purchase customer experience to businesses. There are, however, a few important differences to note.


While AfterShip has a focus on being user-friendly, offering more visual aids rather than management solutions, being an excellent choice for small-scale businesses, Narvar offers a sophisticated system primarily for enterprises with significant budgets who are looking to implement the Concierge Service.


This page compares two popular post-purchase experience platforms—Aftership and Narvar by features, integrations, and how each platform handles the post-purchase experience to help make your evaluation process easier.


Let’s take a quick look at some of the main differences between them.

What are the unique features that differentiate the two?​


• CSV shipment import
• Shipment Tracking API
• WooCommerce Integration
• eBay Integration


• Pricing starts at $30k
• Concierge Service
• Delivery Pickup

What are the key elements of a post-purchase experience platform?

Improving customer satisfaction after the sale can lead to a significant drop in support calls. It increases income and loyalty among clients.


After a consumer places an order, eCommerce businesses may use platforms like these to improve their experience.


A good post-purchase experience platform will also establish the appropriate expectation for the consumer, much like Amazon does on the product page, cart, and checkout, informing consumers exactly when the item will arrive before they place their order.


Aftership is not currently able to provide pre-purchase delivery estimates on the Product Page, Cart, and Checkout. On the other hand, Narvar may provide a bespoke service like this, but custom-made services are often quite costly.


The features available on each platform differ, but the following are some of the most frequent ones:

See how Aftership compares to Narvar 👇
WeSupply Logo in Scribbled Circle Aftership Logo in Scribbled Circle Narvar Logo in Scribbled Circle
Do it Yourself Custom Branded Tracking Page Fully customizable tracking page. Your own colors, fonts, marketing assets, add your own CSS and HTML.
limited limited
Courier Integrations Order Tracking for your couriers around the world + LTL
1000+ 900+ 300+
Ecommerce Platform Integration Shopify, Magento, Salesforce
ERP Platform Integration Connect Directly (or via ipaas/Celigo) to your ERP system to pull automatically order information and send returns
3rd party marketing, email and SMS integrations Klaviyo, Attentive, Yotpo and many more
Enterprise Level Security Highest level of security certification SOC 2 Type II, and GDPR Privacy
Email & SMS Notifications Trigger order and shipping event notifications
Lost Shipment Reporting Get notified when a order is delivered but lost or stolen
Split Shipment Order View Show customers that the order will be shipped in multiple packages
Omnichannel Order Lookup and Tracking Customers can lookup Web, In-Store, ERP and Phone Orders
Full Shipment Visibility Identify Delayed and Stalled Shipment before the customer reaches out to you
Processing Time Visibility Identify slow processing time at any distribution Warehouse, Store or Dropshipper
Predictive Pre-Purchase Estimated Delivery Dates Amazon like estimated delivery dates on product page, cart and checkout
Pre-Shipment Delay Notifications Let your customers know that some orders might be delayed automatically even before they are shipped
Intelligent Order Cancelation Avoid customers support tickets about order or item cancelations, intelligently detect eligible, cancelable products that your customer can cancel themself.
Advance User Access Level Set detailed permission for each user to see and act only on specific orders and take only specific action
Branded Return Portal Self-Service branded return portal for the customer
Return Management Process returns in WeSupply and issue refund with one click
very basic
Physical Return Processing Receive Full or Partial returns, Inspect the products, restock and offer refunds.
International Returns Automated labels and customs, return to the closest international return center
Printerless Returns via QR code Return to over 200,000+ locations, Walgreens with a simple QR code
Instant Credit Gift Card, Store Credit, or Coupon exchanges
Advance Return Disposition Return directly to the dropshipper, specific warehouse or recycling location automatically
very basic
Buy In-Store Return Online In-Store Purchases can be returned online
Keep the Item Save on return cost and increase customer satisfaction by refunding the customer without the need to return low cost items.
Restocking Fees A restocking fee is a fee charged to a customer when merchandise is returned for a refund.
Return Policy Enforcer Confirm that the returned product meets return policy guidelines such as "Has the product been worn?" and decide on the desired outcome.
In-Store and Curbside Pickup Automatically Manage Store Pickup (BOPIS) and Curbside Pickups, also notify your customers when their order is ready.
💳 No Credit Card Required.

Special Bonus!

When you choose WeSupply we do all the work for you so you can go live as fast as possible!

Branded Tracking Page

We will build your Tracking Page to perfectly match your Brand look and feel.

Notification Emails

We will customized your Notification Emails to perfectly match your Brand look and feel.

Dedicated Success Manager

You will be in the best hands, we will guide you along the way from the beginning until you go live.

This is why ecommerce teams choose us!


Customer Service
Cost Reduction


Open Rate


Email Notification


Customer Satisfaction

Compare Post-Purchase Experience Solutions

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Wonderment vs WeSupply

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Zenkraft vs WeSupply

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Linc vs WeSupply

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ParcelLab vs WeSupply

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Zenkraft vs. Convey

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Book a demo to see how we can help you!