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Gorgias Integration

By integrating Gorgias with WeSupply, we make it easy for customer service teams to access order details without leaving the helpdesk.

WeSupply x Gorgias Integation

WeSupply X Gorgias: Reduce WISMO tickets & Delight Your Customers


Knowing how to handle WISMO may help you cut down consumer service costs, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the overall performance of your support team.


Gorgias is a customer support platform built for e-commerce companies, which connect all of your customer service channels. It allows you to respond to customers in seconds with back-office data from Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and others.


With WeSupply and Gorgias working together, you can offer a smooth support experience by integrating all return data directly into your Gorgias admin.


Instead of switching between several apps or emailing back and forth among various departments in your organization, you can use one platform to answer all of your customer inquiries promptly and effectively. This helps ensure better response times and happy customers!


Keep your WISMO requests under control with our WeSupply x Gorgias integration:


👉 View customers’ history of purchases and relevant shipping information.
👉 Automate daily tasks and reduce manual digging through emails and reports for order details.
👉 Make support conversations faster and efficient.
👉 Improve the quality of your customer support services.


WeSupply x Gorgias Integation

Get ready to use automated responses & handle WISMO requests to ensure better response times and happy customers!

FAQs about WeSupply x Gorgias Integration​

WeSupply pushes in Gorgias relevant order details and shipping information.

WeSupply brings order details in Gorgias based on the customer’s email address.

If the customer email address used to open a ticket in Gorgias is the same as the one used when placing orders on your website, WeSupply overtakes that information and displays the order information in Gorgias.

No. This integration is only available with the WeSupply paid plans

Yes. One of the major integrations in this area is with Zendesk.


Please find more details here: How to Connect Zendesk With WeSupply?

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