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Nosto Integration

Get personalized product recommendations directly into any notification or tracking page with the Nosto integration.

WeSupply x Nosto Integration

Nosto x WeSupply: Go Beyond The Numbers And See The Individual


Nosto is an e-Commerce experience platform that makes it easy to quickly deploy fully personalized, integrated commerce experiences with fine-tuned control of merchandising rules — across product recommendations, content, triggered overlays and popups, category pages, and more.


If you’re using Nosto to deliver personalized shopping experiences to your customers, you can easily integrate your Nosto account with WeSupply. You can personalize the branded tracking page to promote your brand and engage shoppers after-sales. 

Drive engagement and increase revenue with our WeSupply x Nosto integration:


👉Deliver product recommendations within shipping emails showcasing your most popular and trending items, at the right time;

👉After-sale engagement;

👉Boost sales conversions;

👉Drive repeat purchases;

👉Provide personalized shipping experience;

👉Upsell products within transactional emails;

👉Easy to set up integration;

👉No extra charge involved;

👉Track conversion rate metrics;


WeSupply x Nosto Integration

Get the most out of email automation & personalization service and benefit from integrating your eCommerce personalization services with WeSupply.


FAQs about WeSupply x Nosto Integration​

Yes. You can integrate different email personalization services with WeSupply. Most of them can be easily integrated the same way explained above for Nosto. 

No, there are no limitations. You can insert the widget in multiple shipping notifications.

Analytics resulting from such integrations can be viewed on the product recommendation services side. 


For example, here is an article explaining how Nosto is processing sales conversions and report metrics in the analytics: Conversion Attribution And Definition

Yes. Regardless of the WeSupply plan, you can include the product recommendation widget within emails.


There are no extra costs, however, please take note that the Free Plan has a limited number of email notifications available. More details can be viewed on our Pricing & Plans webpage.

Connect the tools you already use. Plus new ones.

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