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We’re making it easier for customers to return online purchases without the hassle of printing, by simply scanning a QR code from the email.

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+200,000 No-Label Return Locations.

+200,000 No-Label Return Locations.

Deliver ultra convenient returns with custom QR code labels. Provide the option of returning to 200,000+ drop off locations in the US such as the USPS officeFedExWalgreens, WalMart ShipCenter, Office Depot, and many more.


How to scan a USPS QR code? There will be no need for your clients to print anything, just use the QR code email with the FedEx QR code or the USPS tracking QR code. 


They may simply show the USPS scan QR code to a participating retail outlet, and they’ll immediately get the label printed for them.

No-Printer Returns On Autopilot.

Printerless return is an exciting Self-Service Return Solution that improves the experience for both you and your customers. With returns on autopilot, you can provide a painless return experience for all parties involved.


Don’t let your staff spend time on non productive tasks. Allow them to focus on more important things. Automate your return process and give everyone a pleasant, friction-free outcome while also relieving your customer service staff of the burden of returns. Everything is in our hands!

s an exciting Self-Service Return Solution that improves the experience for both you and your customers

A Greener Return Solution.

The biggest drawback of printed receipts is that each year, in the United States, approximately 10 million trees and 21 billion gallons of water are used to make the paper. Another small step to make your return process more environmentally friendly is to offer QR codes for no-label returns and ship returns without a printer.


In addition to our sustainable commerce policy, the printerless returns feature is one step further towards reducing the environmental footprint.


QR Code Return Labels With a Single Click.

Simply create your EasyPost account (if you don’t have one already) and enable your USPS or FedEx carrier account. The next step is to connect your EasyPost account to WeSupply, and opt-in for QR Code return labels.


Once you enabled your EasyPost return label in your WeSupply account, customers will automatically receive the digital QR code shipping label when completing the return request. By creating QR code return labels, customers can easily make returns without a printer at home and scan QR code USPS at any of the available locations.

hassle-free eCommerce returns process and an easy experience

Building Brand Trust, the Right Way.

Reaching out to new customers is only half of the battle faced by marketers and communicators. Establishing trust is as crucial as launching useful and functional goods for businesses to endure and thrive in the long run.

70% of shoppers say the easiest way to convert them into loyal customers is to offer a hassle-free eCommerce returns process and an easy experience. The secret ingredients are loyalty and convenience, which will transform them into devoted consumers.

Check out the Home Depot Post Purchase Experience reviewed by WeSupply and learn more about brand trust. 

Fully Automate Over 50 Return Use Cases.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to automate all your specific return cases and stop managing things on a case-by-case basis?


WeSupply fully resolves over 50 return use cases.


Now you have the option to customize and automate your return policy to reduce financial, operational, and environmental waste.

Fully Automate Over 50 Return Use Cases.

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