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“Order shipped, now what?” Why is it important to view things from your customer's perspective?

Order shipped, what comes next? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: you place an order online and now you have to wait for the package to arrive. What are the questions that keep popping up in the back of your mind? “Where is my order?” is surely one of them.

shipping confirmation email

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: you place an order online and now you have to wait for the package to arrive. What are the questions that keep popping up in the back of your mind? “Where is my order?” is surely one of them.

Those questions are potential friction points for your business. Unless your customers receive the answers they’re looking for, you might lose some of their trust during this process, even leading to post-purchase dissonance and increased customer dissatisfaction. One way to detect most, if not all of these friction points is by viewing the experience through your customer’s eyes.

Treat the customer like you would want to be treated.

Customers often don’t know when their package will arrive or what has happened with their order. This lack of transparency leads to dissatisfied or even frustrated customers, who might decide not to do business with you in the future. Moreover, the process of tracking an order can be a confusing one.

This means that customers often give up on their purchases when they don’t receive relevant transactional emails or because they don’t understand how to track their orders in the first place.

WeSupply takes the pain out of this process by providing customers, team members, and even shipping carriers with all information needed to send automated emails and text messages to keep them updated. By sending relevant and timely shipping notifications, providing an intuitive and user-friendly order tracking system, and consistently collecting feedback, you will be able to ease shipping anxiety and increase customer retention.

Furthermore, this way you can also focus on other essential aspects of your business while still keeping your customers informed about their orders in real-time so you can boost repeat purchases, build trust and drive customer satisfaction as well as loyalty to your brand, but also increase revenue by up to 23%.

increase revenue with brand consistency

Shipment tracking is a solution that helps businesses provide real-time updates about delivery status and notifications after the shipment has been made. By integrating shipment tracking into your eCommerce platform, it’s easy for you to stay in touch with your customers and keep them informed about their orders’ progress at all times. In this article, you will learn to look at the shipping process from your customer’s point of view and how to improve their journey every step of the way!

A better pre-purchase experience

Online shopping and consumer behavior are constantly changing, people becoming more demanding: from estimated shipping time to same-day delivery, they request transparency and availability from online stores more than ever.

Nowadays, customers want to receive an estimated delivery date the moment they’re considering purchasing a product from your eCommerce website. When the shipment arrives at the shipping address, the customer already knows what to expect (and when), making the entire buyer journey more enjoyable and memorable! In 2019, the same-day delivery market in the United States amounted to 5.87 billion U.S. dollars. By 2024, this market is forecasted to reach 15.6 billion U.S. dollars (source).

same-day delivery market size in the United States

Buying decisions: Ease customers’ shipping anxiety

If you were the customer, what would ease your shipping anxiety? Having more shipping options!  Make sure you consider various scenarios. For instance, your customers might prefer to make an online purchase with in-store and curbside pickup. In this regard, on the checkout page or even on the product page, you can provide them with the possibility to pick their package from different locations.

buy online pick up in-store

How can WeSupply help?

WeSupply can help you have an overview of all your orders and deliveries in one place so that you can make the most of your order and inventory management and avoid out-of-stock situations. In fact, having an omnichannel approach will help you drive more revenue growth and increase the number of sales with little to no effort at all! Even when handling split shipments, you can send items from a warehouse to your store or some other secure location, or directly to the customer’s front door.

POV: Your customer is waiting for their package

What better way to let your customers know about their package location than using a branded tracking page?

Besides order details, a tracking number, or other delivery information, creating a branded tracking page for your eCommerce business enables you to also provide branded content to drive brand awareness and improve customer relationships. You can assist them throughout their journey by reaching out first: sending transactional emails, such as an order confirmation email, or more information regarding potential delays, shipping exceptions, and so on. Sure, you could use services like FedEx Delivery Manager to track your packages, but you worked hard to get your customers, so why send them to a generic carrier tracking page with a generic order number?

Last-mile delivery: your final chance to win your customers’ trust

A little goes a long way: not only do last-mile delivery expenditures account for over half (53%) of the total shipping cost but a great last-mile experience can drive revenue growth long term. Besides offering a variety of tracking options, improving the last-mile carrier delivery process will ultimately help you reduce costs and make your customers happy, whether you’re just sending the package from a faraway location from their shipping address or from a different country.

WISMO: Why does being proactive matter?

Whenever you send delivery notifications, such as a shipment confirmation email, failed delivery attempt, or other notifications to inform customers of any potential changes in the route that might affect wait times, you earn their trust and future business with your online store.

When the order ships, you can be one step ahead of your customers, who are most likely wondering where their package is and when it will arrive, and send them something as simple as an automated shipment confirmation email. If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, you can also let them know using email automation software to facilitate the entire process on both ends. Moreover, knowing exactly where your order is in real-time will help reduce the possibility of having a missing package. WeSupply enables you to know the delivery times and share valuable information with your customers about their packages to create better online shopping and post-purchase experiences for them!

Keep in mind that 87.4% of study participants said that real-time order tracking made their buying experience more enjoyable, according to OptimoRoute.

real-time order tracking

Why send a shipping confirmation email?

There are billions of orders shipped and delivered every single day. In fact, in the fiscal year of 2021, the average number of packages delivered daily by FedEx Express alone increased to over 6.6 million packages (source). This means that customers across the globe are waiting for their packages to arrive at their doorstep as quickly as possible without having to deal with unexpected situations.

Oftentimes, there still are events you can’t predict or avoid entirely, but you can let them know in advance if their shipment is going to take a little longer before reaching their preferred shipping address or pickup location.

This is where WeSupply comes into play: for delivery exceptions, you can proactively notify your customers regarding any delays, changes in delivery times, and more!

FedEx Express delivery exceptions

Feedback: Improving customer satisfaction

What do your customers really want? Free shipping, same-day delivery, or an intuitive order tracking system? All of the above?

“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” – Henry Winkler

If you want to understand your customers and receive their feedback, ask them to complete a survey! This is one of the best ways to actually understand your customers’ point of view and tap into the full potential of CSAT and NPS surveys. Moreover, with all the feedback you collected, you can answer common questions in the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section. If you effectively answer questions on your website, you’ll be able to take a load off your support team.

enable NPS and CSAT surveys for feedback

Learn how you can enable NPS and CSAT surveys for receiving feedback and reviews from your customers when their packages are delivered from WeSupply here!

Post-purchase analytics: A solution that you can measure

The key to becoming a more empathetic and successful business owner is by understanding your clients’ needs. When you know what they want from the services that are being offered, it will be easier for them to get through any obstacles in their way with ease! We understand that order-level analytics is important for understanding your customer’s pain points and wants.

Order tracking solution

That’s why we provide detailed information about an order, from when it was placed all the way through delivery! You’ll be able to see how many orders have been received as well as which ones were shipped out with complete tracking data so you know what percentage of them are in transit, delivered, or got stuck in traffic.

Last thoughts on shipping notifications

It is clear that customers want to know once their package has been shipped, especially considering the current supply chain situation. Knowing whether or not their order is on the way helps to ease their mind, increasing their satisfaction and the likelihood of purchasing again from your eCommerce website!

Luckily, WeSupply enables you to send proactive delivery notifications to establish trust-based customer relationships that will last a long time and will turn out profitable for your eCommerce business!

Infographic Order shipped, now what? shipping confirmation email, shipment confirmation email

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