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5 Essential Post-Purchase Emails to Help You Drive Sales

The moment a customer considers making a purchase, it is just the beginning of their shopping experience: for long-term results, you need to move past the post-purchase stage. Read below to find out how you can create a successful post-purchase email flow that helps you increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

Post-Purchase Emails

Truth be told, the average eCommerce business is missing out on a great opportunity to drive more sales by choosing not to send post-purchase emails.

Customers have already made the decision to purchase from your site, so why not go the extra mile to keep them engaged? There are several sure-fire ways to help you do that, and we’re here to discuss them with you!

First of all, post-purchase email marketing can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while also increasing repeat purchases and referrals. Therefore, make sure you send post-purchase emails in order after someone has purchased something from your site or signed up for your newsletter to stay on top of your competitors.

Secondly, automating your efforts as much as possible will help you save time and money while releasing some of the pressure from your support team. Automated emails, such as automated marketing emails or transactional emails, are your best friends, and post-purchase email campaigns are key when it comes to nurturing long-lasting customer relationships for any eCommerce business.


Why Post-Purchase Emails?

The Link Between Customer Experience & Customer Satisfaction

The customer experience doesn’t stop once they make a purchase. You need to consistently follow up with your customers to create a positive experience and effectively drive customer satisfaction. For instance, you can follow up with order and shipping confirmation emails, product review requests, or loyalty and referral programs.

When a customer makes a second purchase, it is important to provide them with a rewards program or a loyalty program to show them that their business is important to you. This way you can turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer, more specifically by offering them relevant products to encourage them to proceed with a new purchase.

The good news is that, when it comes to repeat customers, you already have their contact information, and you can use their consent to send out promotional content that is relevant to their needs.

Word of Mouth & User-Generated Reviews

It is essential to collect feedback in order to improve your services and the customer journey overall. Make sure you review user-generated content to attract a new customer or to keep in the loop an existing customer. Both positive and negative feedback will affect your other customers, playing a vital role in their decision-making process, so keep an eye on your CSAT and NPS scores.

WeSupply lets you send out surveys to collect important feedback and data to improve for future purchases and drive positive (electronic) word-of-mouth and user-generated reviews.

Drive Revenue Growth Long-Term

As previously mentioned, transactional emails, such as order confirmation emails and Out-For-Delivery notifications enable you to remind customers about their order and ease shipping anxiety, creating trust-based relationships, ultimately leading to better customer retention.

Moreover, having a thought-out post-purchase strategy enables you to cover two more areas: upselling and cross-selling. Take the opportunity to cross-sell similar products, within the budget of your customer, or promote loyalty programs that will drive revenue growth for your business long term.

The stats you need to know!

It comes as no surprise that a positive customer experience will help you drive more sales. In fact, in a transaction-based business (e.g., eCommerce businesses), a significant part of sales is driven by a good customer experience, as you can see below:

Feedback system
Customer Experience Score

Make sure you put consistent effort into maintaining good relationships with your customers if you want to see great results for longer periods of time, and try to include the following five emails into your post-purchase email flow.

Types of Post-Purchase Emails: 5 Essential Emails

1. Order Confirmation emails to let them know their order has been processed. In the example below you can see the eye-grabbing headline that informs customers their order has been processed.

Order Confirmation

2. Shipping Confirmation emails to notify them that their package is on the way. For instance, J.McLaughlin provides essential order details to enable their customer to track their package. 

Shipping confirmation

3. Out-For-Delivery status updates to make sure they’re at the destination place to receive the order. A good example of this is the following email.

Out for delivery

4. Delivery Issue Notifications for when something unexpected happens. It is essential to inform your customers that their package will take longer to arrive and offer them a way to reach out to you if needed, as you can see in the example below.

Delivery issue

5. Product Review Requests to collect feedback from your customers for future reference, as you can see in one of our post-purchase CSAT surveys.

CX survey

How To: Creating Post Purchase Email Campaigns

Sending out relevant and personalized emails such as order or shipping confirmation notifications and post-purchase product recommendations will keep your customers engaged, earning you a place in the back of their minds (in a good way, preferably).

Using apps like WeSupply will help you personalize results and emails according to your brand identity and each customer’s preferences, from types of products to budget. We understand the power of knowledge, which is why our logistics analytics section is specially designed to provide you with the right kind of data to make each customer experience a memorable one.

If you want to create a successful, data-driven post-purchase email campaign, here are the main elements you need to consider:

Three Golden Rules of Post Purchase Email Campaigns

Timely: Delivering the right message at the right time will increase your chances of turning one-time buyers into loyal customers!

Relevant: Targeting people based on their shopping habits can help you provide relevant results and recommendations that will ultimately drive sales.

Personalized: Make your customers feel special to earn their trust and make the entire shopping experience seamless and satisfying by recommending the same product for future purchases, for example.

3 golden rules

Creating a Great Post-Purchase Email Flow

Branded content: Branded tracking pages and other types of branded content will help with brand recall and trustworthiness!

Clear structure: Follow a well-established structure, talk about the purpose of each email, and always include eye-grabbing call-to-action statements to encourage actions.

Transparency: Let your customers know exactly what the email is all about and provide them with the option to unsubscribe if they’re no longer interested in your products. It is hard to say goodbye, but it’s important to know how to let a customer go.

Upselling and Cross-Selling: Best Practices

Relevancy: Relevant offers are key when it comes to upselling and cross-selling your products to existing customers. Keep their preferences in mind when suggesting items.

Personalized Offers: Are they buying the same product over and over again? Make them an offer! Sell a product in bulk so that they can take advantage of several benefits, from cheaper transportation fees or no fees at all to better prices and discounts.

Sense of Urgency: Creating a sense of urgency will persuade them into making a decision. This way you can eliminate doubt and reduce friction for a better experience and a growth in sales.


Post-Purchase Email Campaigns Guide

What are the main steps you need to take?

  • Set campaign goals
  • Email list segmentation
  • Roadmap and strategy
  • Copy and visual elements
  • Setting up & monitoring campaign
  • Analyze and optimize

Bonus Tips

  • Avoid making them too text-heavy for a better understanding
  • Ensure a good words-pictures ratio
  • Include calls to action (CTAs)
  • Choose the right tone

How to Create Successful Post-Purchase Email Campaigns

Build an effective post-purchase email flow that helps you increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth!


How to Create Successful Post-Purchase Email Campaigns

Key Takeaways

What should you keep in mind whenever you create a strategy for your post-purchase email campaigns?

  • Your goals: be clear about your purpose and define what you’re trying to achieve through your email campaigns.
  • Your audience: know exactly who you’re addressing and see how you can provide them with the most relevant and personalized content.
  • Your delivery: find the right channels to deliver valuable, timely, and relevant post-purchase notifications for your customers.

More Resources

Want to learn more? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to create a successful post-purchase email campaign with all the details you need to take into consideration, from email list segmentation to scheduling and delivery!

Last but not least, here is a video to help you get started with WeSupply email and SMS notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Post-purchase behavior is basically the behavior of a customer/consumer after purchasing a product and it involves everything from the moment a customer proceeds with their buying decision.

Among the most common post-purchase activities, we have:

  • Follow-up messages
  • Drip campaigns
  • Feedback requests
  • Refund and return policies

As the name suggests, win-back emails are the emails you send to get back a customer after they’re stopped purchasing from your eCommerce store. It is essential to wait sufficiently before sending win-back emails, preferably 3 months after a customer has stopped engaging with your business.


Don’t wait too long: After 6 months, a win-back email may be less effective at bringing your customers back, so find the right time and keep testing!


Post-Purchase Emails




To create effective win-back emails, consider writing engaging subject lines and CTAs, take advantage of customer feedback, and try A/B testing or split testing.

Post-purchase dissonance refers to the customer’s level of dissatisfaction after buying a product. If the customer feels the quality of the product fails to meet expectations, they may become regretful. They may even take steps toward getting a refund. In fact, studies suggest that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family.


Make sure you’re transparent with your customers: send post-purchase email flow, be clear about your return and refund policies, and make sure your support team is always within reach.

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Learn How To Create Successful Post Purchase Email Campaigns

Build an effective post-purchase email flow that helps you increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth!

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