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Shipping Confirmation Emails:
How-To Guide & Templates

Customers want to feel in control and have relevant information about their orders at all times. This means that transactional and confirmation emails are key for a positive customer experience. In fact, a shipping confirmation email can be a great way to keep your customers updated with the status of their orders.

in transit shipping email

Whenever shipping anxiety is creeping in, your customers will normally turn to your support team for issues that could have been resolved more effectively through a shipping confirmation email and other order tracking notifications.

And this is where a confirmation email works its magic: letting your customers know that the package has been shipped will help ease their anxiety and get them excited about their order.

Why are shipping confirmation emails necessary?

Shipping confirmation notifications are a must for any eCommerce business. They create a positive customer experience and help you earn trust and build long-lasting relationships that will increase the number of repeat customers, and even turn them into promoters of your brand.

And what is the best way to reach your customers regarding order tracking informationShipping confirmation emails! In fact, confirmation emails have one of the highest engagement rates, with an average open rate of 65%, an average click rate of 17%, and an average order rate of 3.77% (source).

However, few companies actually write good shipping confirmation emails. Most companies use the same templates again and again, without giving much thought to the customer experience with the brand. This is why we’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to write a shipping confirmation email that works for your eCommerce business and that speaks to your brand personality and values.

Picture the following scenario: you’ve just shipped a product to one of your customers and they’ve been impatiently waiting for their order to arrive. How do you make sure they get the tracking information and know that their package is on its way? Shipping confirmation emails are a great way to let customers know when their order has been dispatched, but writing this email can be often challenging.

in transit email solves shipping anxiety

What matters the most is to reach out to your customers first and save precious resources by automating your efforts as much as possible, relieving some pressure from your support team. Send automated emails that speak to your brand values and identity and build trust-based relationships with your customers.

In this article, we will share some of the best practices for effective shipping confirmation emails.

Below you can find some best practices, tips, and tricks to help you improve your sales as well as customer satisfaction!

What does a great shipping confirmation email look like?

Shipping confirmation emails can take the form of a simple shipping notification that informs your customers that their order has shipped. These confirmation emails can also help you add more value to the transaction, or to build customer loyalty, and establish a strong brand identity, just like order confirmation emails or other transactional emails.

In other words, it is a confirmation email, or a friendly reminder, that includes shipping details about the estimated delivery date, tracking link, shipping address, and shipping method. Moreover, besides sending valuable messages about shipping information, you can also add support resources, a loyalty program.

How to write a successful confirmation email?

Writing an engaging confirmation email is not always a piece of cake. Being original and authentic while providing the relevant information is something you need to master in time.

Luckily, there are ways to improve and test your emails to see exactly what is working and what needs to be done for better results. And this is where WeSupply comes in: follow 3 simple steps and create beautiful and professional emails for your store:

🗸 Pick a template to start.
🗸 Customize your email and SMS to match your brand voice and design elements.
🗸 Enable over 40 notifications to let your customers know what happens and when.

shipping email components

What to Include in a Shipping Confirmation Email?

Let your customers know:

Why you are reaching out

You need to be clear about the purpose of your email. Are you presenting a new offer? Are you following up with your customers to ask for their feedback? Are you simply letting them know their order is one step closer to their place? The aim of your email should be clear right from the subject line.

What are the following steps on your end?

The package is now on its way, but what else needs to be done on your end? Be upfront with your customers and let them know the expected delivery date, how many packages they should be expecting in the case of split shipments, what is the payment method in case they need to have cash on them, and what are some of the post-purchase steps they could be taking, like rating their experience with your online business and your customer relationship team.

How they can ask for assistance

And if something goes unexpectedly, it is necessary to provide means of communication for your customers to reach out to you if needed. This will lead to increased customer satisfaction and more revenue for your business. Enabling them to have easy access to this type of information will earn you extra points in terms of ratings. In this regard, any transactional email that includes a support link. And customer feedback goes and user-generated content hand in hand with optimization and upselling or even cross-selling.

We’ve created an email builder that allows you to easily design pages that look great and function seamlessly.

Just pick one of our 5 fully customizable Order Tracking Emails templates to match your brand!

We’ve created an email builder that allows you to easily design pages that look great and function seamlessly.

Just pick one of our 5 fully customizable Order Tracking Emails templates to match your brand!

Shipping Confirmation Branding: what you need to know

Customers enjoy branded content, even in the form of a shipping status update email.

Put yourself in their shoes: there’s (almost) no better feeling than receiving a branded email notification letting you know your order has been shipped and is soon to arrive at your location.

Add a subject line that informs and engages customers. A well-thought subject line can do wonders, and it needs to be eye-grabbing while delivering relevant information in just a few words.

Besides the main message of the shipping confirmation email, you can also add some tips on how to make the most out of the item they purchased, more details about the product’s specifications, or details on a referral program you might have going on at that moment.

Consumers who have a connection with a brand tend to spend 2x as much money as those who don’t.

70% of respondents to a study by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute confirmed that they would spend more money on a brand that speaks to their own values, whereas 81% of those respondents would then promote their favorite brands to their acquaintances. (source).

statistics about brands that speaks to the customers' values

How to send automated shipping confirmation emails to your customers with WeSupply?

Be proactive and stay ahead of the curve by notifying your customers before they need to ask you a question about their order. Using WeSupply, you can send out various types of automated emails to keep in touch with your customers throughout their entire journey.

You can choose an email template from our library to send simple notifications that fit your brand voice and include important details. These templates serve as great examples to help you write better shipping confirmation emails, but also other types of transactional emails, such as:

Whether you need to add essential order details, tracking links, a support link, or you want to include your transactional emails to your email marketing strategy for increasing the number of repeat customers, you need to know for sure what your goals are and how to achieve them. After all, transactional emails are just as essential for your eCommerce business as other marketing emails and promotional emails.

Automated shipping emails for stalled shipments & delivery exceptions

It’s challenging to deliver orders, and it’s especially tough when you have to deal with consumers who are dissatisfied because they have no idea where their package is.

You may even have a few late shipments on your hands that you weren’t aware of until they were already past due. The last thing you would need is to encounter any tracking updates issues, leaving you to wonder if your package was actually delivered or not.

This is exactly why understanding the status of your shipments is critical to running a successful business.

When dealing with numerous carriers, delays, halted goods, and split shipments, having all your order data in one place will spare you the trouble of having to manually look up order details, customer and shipping information.

Fortunately, the WeSupply Shipment Management Dashboard overcomes this challenge by giving you a full picture of all of your shipments in one location. Anything from unfulfilled orders and shipment exceptions to revised late EDD (estimated delivery date) and returns to sender, you can take back control and make sure your customers are always satisfied with their orders and returns when needed. Read also about Ecommerce Return Policy Generator.

It provides you with real-time insight into each order’s status. This includes seeing how long ago the previous tracking update was received and whether any additional shipping status changes have occurred in recent days.

If something looks suspicious, we’ll let you know right away so that you can take action and adjust your shipment notifications accordingly. On the branded tracking page, you can offer your customers information on multiple shipments with little to no effort at all. Moreover, we provide you with full visibility over your entire order fulfillment process so you know exactly when each package will arrive at its destination, regardless of the carrier. This allows you to optimize your operations by ensuring all packages are shipped out on time, every time!

Shipping confirmation email templates

Last but not least, we’ve prepared some of our great examples of transactional emails, more specifically shipping confirmations, to inspire you to write great email copy and convey the most valuable messages for your customers, after purchasing your eCommerce business.

Let us start with a short but comprehensive checklist for successful confirmation emails followed by some of our most effective templates.

Checklist for the perfect email:

🗸 Eye-grabbing subject lines and headlines
🗸 Purpose of communication
🗸 Order date
🗸 Number of items
🗸 Prices
🗸 Payment methods
🗸 Tracking link and tracking number
🗸 Estimated arrival time
🗸 Suggestions for a potential future purchase

order received email components
order received email components

Checklist for the perfect email

Delivery notification templates from WeSupply:

Here are some of our templates to help you get started and increase the number of excited customers who want to purchase from you again.

Our conclusions

Shipping confirmation notifications, particularly via email, are a fundamental part of the entire post-purchase experience. From the subject line to the estimated delivery date and contact information, confirmation emails can help you establish trustworthy customer relationships and provide the content that will enable them to create a positive association between your brand and their shopping experience with you.

Check out our free 14-day trial and impress your customers with the confirmation emails that will make them proceed with their next purchase from your online store!

We know you want to have all the emails on-brand with your website, so make them look remarkable!

With WeSupply, you can customize both the design and the text of your emails, to better match the aesthetic and messaging of your brand.
We’ve created a video walkthrough for you, take a look and enjoy!

FAQs about Shipping Confirmation Emails

Using WeSupply, you can identify orders that are:


• Stuck or have not moved for multiple days
• Delayed by the carrier
• Not shipped out yet
• Backordered and need an update

Yes! You can easily select all affected orders and shipments and send a bulk custom update.

• Reduces customer anxiety
• Reduces ticket volume
• Improves customer communications
• Improves post-purchase experience

Get a free demo to see how WeSupply can work for you

Our shipping and logistics experts will guide you through the product and analyze how WeSupply best fits your eCommerce needs.

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