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What are the 10 questions you need to ask before signing up for Narvar Tracking?

When it comes to Post-Purchase solutions, burning through suppliers like Narvar Tracking, is a common occurrence. The reason for this  is that once the initial purchase ends it usually leaves the Store Manager scratching his head while staring  at a tracking number moving on the screen. It’s a lackluster experience.

The Post-Purchase experience is meant to be more than a glorified GPS, more than a simple tracking page, and this is where WeSupply steps up to the plate, to grant you the tools you need to run a smooth operation.

The necessity of having access to adding returns, estimates, notifications and curbside pickup leaves you to basically dig up the limbs of a dozen different solutions and stitch them together into a Frankenstein of a logistics operation.

For these systems to work together organically they will need a lot of integration. This incurs costs and may lead to delays and even project failure.   

WeSupply vs Narvar At a Glance

Here is a quick list of questions you need to go through before making the purchase

  • What does the offer cover in terms of integration?
  • Does Narvar have transparent and reliable prices?
  • Will there be extra costs in case of needed modifications to the original purchase?
  • Will integrating Narvar into my site, ERP systems and support platforms incur additional costs?
  • Is it possible to fully customize the page layout fields and product information to my brand?
  • Is Narvar open to adjusting its traffic and shipping notifications to my specific needs?
  • Does Narvar offer a detailed view into Notifications and Shipments that have been sent out?
  • Can I analyze how fast each of my locations processes every outgoing package?
  • Does Narvar update its integration every time there is a core product update?
  • Can I manage, and track, my Curbside and In-Store Pickups with Narvar?

1. Will Narvar assist me directly when it comes to implementation or will I have to pick up the cost for a third-party partner’s help?

Partnerships live and die by the synergy they have between them. Bringing a 3rd party into play to integrate the solution is another variable that can further damage the smooth flow of things. The only context in which a 3rd party might prove useful is if it has already dealt, on multiple occasions, with the process of integration. 

The question is simple. Will Narvar have your back? If it comes to you needing extra data points or the need to make any modifications, will they, directly, fulfill your needs? Or will you need to turn to a 3rd party?

Most businesses are unfamiliar with the challenges of integrating a 3rd party solution. Finding a good partner is essential for growth and scalability and that’s where WeSupply comes into play. We work closely with each and every client. You get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who works side by side with your team, and our Dev team as well, to make sure you go live as soon as possible.

2. What assurance do I have that Narvar stays committed to a long-term partnership based on realistic costs and that I won’t come up against unexpected price hikes down the line?

You have the obvious two choices in front of you when it comes to a contract: single and multiple years. A multi-year contract will bring higher discounts and the added assurance of a static price.

The issue with a multi-year contract is that your needs might change in the next few years. Even if the company can satisfy your needs you should expect price hikes. Add to this that the system has already been integrated and thus might require changing vendors and you are looking at a serious disruption to your operation.

At WeSupply our pricing is tailored to usage. There are no unexpected charges for new features you might need. For example, if you start out with order tracking but 6 months after you decide to add returns, you only pay for the cost of each return based on usage

WeSupply Growth Plan


bear watering a plant as a metaphor for growing a business
bear watering a plant as a metaphor for growing a business

WeSupply Growth Plan

3. Will I have to upgrade to a more expensive package if I just want to add a few more notifications, such as Exceptions, Order Delays or pre-shipment statuses such as Customizing or Final Inspection?

No, we do not charge extra to add any additional notifications regardless if they are pre-shipments for highly customized products, such as jewelry or fashion items, nor for extra notifications when you need it the most when something goes wrong; especially for those moments when shipping is delayed beyond your control as a Store Manager.

4. Will there be additional costs if I want to integrate Narvar into my website, ERP systems and customer support platform such as Zendesk?

Saas platforms often charge extra for specific integrations. If you want access to Zendesk it might cost you an additional $1000/month. You want more notifications? Add another $3000.

Always make sure you double check if there are additional costs to integrate with a BI tool, for more API calls. You’re banking on your enterprise going well and growing which means you will need these down the line so make sure you will not be charged for any of these.

At WeSupply you have no limits on API calls and we do not charge extra if you want to integrate with your new marketing platform. We encourage growth and don’t add on additional costs to success.

WeSupply can integrate with hundreds of third-party tools

WeSupply _Integrations
WeSupply _Integrations

WeSupply can integrate with hundreds of third-party tools

5. I will have a fully branded tracking page and shipping notifications so I need customized page layout fields and product information. Is it possible to design it to be completely unique to my brand?

Usually branded tracking pages and notifications are limited to basic font and color changes. They work with the same rigid templates and this is why most of their clients end up looking the same. If you want to add your own personalization engine you’ll be facing a major hindrance. And let’s face it, nobody wants their brand to be just the next in line from a bunch of uniform products. Another minuscule drop from a sea of offers. 

You also need to consider that branded tracking pages are hosted on a subdomain. This means that even a different URL from yours (e.g. can confuse shoppers, leaving them to be suspicious of what they see since, quite often, tracking updates are sent by scammers fishing for customer information.

At WeSupply we provide you the option to fully embed the tracking page into your website or set up a CNAME for your custom domain. Also, the branded tracking page and delivery notifications are fully customizable, just send us your mockup and we got the rest!

6. My business has some specific and unique needs; Can I count on Narvar to adjust their tracking and shipping notifications to accommodate them?

The software is designed for multi-tenancy, so one instance of the program serves many consumers. The product plan is planned several months in advance and bespoke development to your business requirements, specifically, is not really welcomed.

WeSupply operates in much the same way but with one crucial difference: We welcome feedback since we see it as more fuel to the fire of our evolution. We are always looking to implement feedback and gladly take on new business challenges. Whether you communicate them to us personally or to our email address we are always open to suggestions.

7. Can Narvar Tracking give me a deep view into Shipments and Notifications that were sent out?

A real-time view of all orders, shipments, and notifications is imperative to run a smooth operation. Every Store Manager knows that this is a key aspect of a successful enterprise. A solid understanding of no-movement shipments, delays, and lost packages can make a world of difference in how many WISMO questions your CX team.

At WeSupply you always have a real time view of every shipment, delay as well as lost packages reported by your customers. We know this to be the most relevant factor when working in commerce.

8. Can I analyze how fast each of my locations and shops are processing every outgoing package in Narvar Tracking?

If you are shipping packages from multiple locations you want to keep a close eye on how each location is performing. Especially if you are in control of each distribution center (or store location that ships online orders). You want to make sure your team is on top of their SLA for shipments and they meet your processing time goals, that shoppers receive their package on time and without issues.

At WeSupply you have a clear view of how long it takes each location to process an order. Which warehouse is slower than your processing time goal so you can allocate resources. You can also track which locations are way under the goal (due to the low amount of orders routed to that location) so you can better optimize order routing and maintain an overall healthy operation.

9. Is Narvar Tracking updating their integration with Magento or Shopify every time there is a core product update?

Both solutions are releasing major updates to their APIs and systems on at least quarterly basis. It is essential to have your integration up to date to accommodate new features and proper functioning of their system.

10. Can I manage and track my Curbside and In-Store Pickups with Narvar Tracking?

Notifying customers about store pickups and curbside is just half of the equation. The real challenge is for the store to have a real-time view of when the customer will come to pickup the product, and manage all orders that might be not picked up even after the order is ready to pickup before the grace period expires.

At WeSupply you have the ability to track, in real time, all your in-store pickups, curbside pickup as well as on the front end your customers have a full self-service interface to let your store know when they are on their way to the store and when they arrived.

This makes the customer experience seamless, and straight lined, as well as helps the stores better prioritize pickups and eliminates confusion and frustration at the store level.

At WeSupply we partnered with all the companies we are integrated with. We keep a close eye on changes and releases and we often release new updates to accommodate any software update, feature release and API update.


Most Shipment Tracking solution suppliers offer a raw experience.

They sell you the product and that’s about as far as the partnership goes. In fact, most often, the product is so underdeveloped that it’s just a simple Order Tracking Page without any sort of analytics or features. Tracking Numbers providing you with the most basic information are not what logistics solutions are about. Furthermore, once the transaction is complete you are left out in the cold when it comes to integration.

WeSupply offers you services, which represent a true partnership, along with a sophisticated product.

A product that is not only a way to keep your eyes on UPS or Fedex as they deliver your packages. It turns every Store Manager into the master of their domain. You will be omniscient when it comes to information regarding your customers and the entirety of their experience with your store. You’ll be able to mold and shape the tracking page and notifications as you see fit if you so wish. If not, then great, you can still choose from several predetermined templates.

The word “partnership” is not used lightly. WeSupply stands by you and works, shoulder to shoulder, with you throughout the integration process and it doesn’t end there. You will be in constant communication to work through any new challenges or requirements that come about. And of course, to work through these in a fair way that encourages growth. No unexpected price hikes and no counter-productive pricing when things are going smoothly.

When it comes to WeSupply it’s not only the acquisition of a sophisticated product… It’s also the purchase of the WeSupply presence in the ever-growing life of your business.

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