Our Customers.

Answer the #1 Customer Service Question!
Where is my order?

Effortless Omni-Channel package tracking and proactive updates!
Increase Customer Satisfaction and Decrease Customer Service cost.


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Engage With Your Customers & Bring Them Back!

Drive repeat purchases.

Did you know that your customers are at least 4X more likely to open emails regarding their purchases then pure marketing emails?
Use this opportunity to educate your customers about additional products that work best with their current purchase.
We fully integrate with any personalization engine that you might already have such as Nosto or SailThru.


Manage Returns and Exchanges.

Friction-free returns experience is a key part of the overall shopping experience.

Give your customers the chance to track their return and communicate proactively with refund updates.
Build loyalty and boost sales with our self service, fully customizable solution that improves the overall customer experience.


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Estimate Delivery Time.

Increase Conversion Rate and Drive Revenue.

Set Expectations from the Beginning! Accurate delivery estimations on the product page to eliminate the guesswork.


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Speed or Cost?
Let your customers decide.

Give your customers accurate shipping information for each shipping method.


Analyze to Improve.

Monitor your logistics and analyze your exceptions.

Identify packages that are shipping exception and escalate them automatically to relevant teams to prevent customer service requests.
Offer your Customer Service team the tool they always needed. With direct integration into Zendesk.


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Understand the voice of your customer and align your entire company around customer happiness.

NPS measures Customer Loyalty, it does not require a statistician to calculate it, but it needs your entire organization to focus improving it!

CSAT measures how your products and services meet or surpass your customers expectation.

Measuring Happiness means having a deep understanding of your NPS and CSAT and how they complement each other. Together, they give you the tools to quantify and improve the overall experience you company provides.


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Self Service & Chat Bot Automation.

Decrease Cost.
Improve Satisfactions.

Stay connected with your customer on their hours, even if you are not available. Answering basic order related questions as well as performing returns consist of over 50% of the Customer Service Questions. Now all these can be automated, and communication is now available through the channels your customers preffer. Let’s decrease together the phone calls and wait time.

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