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REI UX & Post Purchase Experience Review

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Page Page Speed (Time to Interactive) Accessibility
Desktop Mobile Desktop Mobile
Homepage 3.7 (sec) 14.8 (sec) 99 97
Search Result Page 1.1 (sec) 15.8 (sec) 100 99
Category Page 1.1 (sec) 15.6 (sec) 98 97
Product Page 2.1 (sec) 20.2 (sec) 90 84
Cart Page 1.3 (sec) 15.2 (sec) 100 100
Checkout (each step) 1.1 (sec) 15.5 (sec) 100 100
Order List 1.2 (sec) 14.7 (sec) 94 94
Order View 9.9 (sec) 15.3 (sec) 99 99 Speed and Accessibility data provided by Lighthouse


Hey guys, welcome to WeSupply! I just want to show you that the other day, I made a purchase from one of my favorite stores – REI. I ordered the product and today’s ready to go pick it up for curbside, and I went through the entire curbside experience and it was so freaking amazing. I just want to show it to you guys.

They know what they are doing and the experience is phenomenal. Let me just show you some key elements I really like that I think everybody who has physical locations and wants to offer curbside store pickup should consider. So this is the homepage. And if you scroll all the way down on the homepage, they actually show you the closest store to your location. So currently, I’m located in Philadelphia, and the closest store is in Conshohocken, 12 miles away. Really cool. Indeed, that is the closest location. And I didn’t even opt-in for location detection, I think they are picking up this location based on my IP address. So really good job here.

Also here you can see your local REI, your closest location, curbside, and they are telling you that basically there’s zero contact because of what everybody’s concerned about these days, it’s COVID. I love how they over-communicate everything.

What I also like is that if I come here, this is one of my favorite stores, it’s in Delaware. It’s a bigger store. That’s where I shop, usually. And here I can select or change the store. So I can type in, for example, this one. And basically, it shows me all the stores nearby. And based on the store I selected, it shows me the inventory. Now, how cool is this? Like, I can basically search shop all the inventory from that specific location. I love it.

Okay, let me show you some really cool things. So I want to buy this adapter. I have a small kid, I want to take him out in the bike carrier, and I want to attach on the carrier to one of my bikes. So I need one of these products. And I can obviously select the color, the size, all that good stuff, and I can ship it home. But what is really cool here is they are basically aware that there are shipping delays. And probably you guys ordered stuff recently online, and you’ve seen that products are arriving in two-three weeks. Basically what they do here is to give you alternatives to the default way of ship to home. They implemented curbside, and they implemented very well. And yeah, they are advertising it. Good job. Yep, they explained very nicely, shop online with curbside, zero contact, they loaded up the gear for you, find the pickup. Yeah, you go there. You get your stuff. And indeed, it’s really good.

I went to one of their stores, I purchased it a few times, it’s not the first time and the experience is just really cool. Okay, so let me show you here. So I have the product, and I can select pick it up at the store. And I can see where actually this product is available. This product is actually 71 miles away, so I’m not going to do that. I’m going to order it from one of my closest locations. It’s right here. I just want to continue shopping. Then I want to buy, for example, this one, it’s a mouthguard, so I don’t get all dirty. I select and let’s make this a little bit more challenging. So the previous one was ready to be picked up, is going to be there. And I’m going to order it at Christiana because it’s available today. So one product is available to pick up today. The other one I just need to wait a few days. Cool. Do we want to shop for something else? Yeah, sure. Let’s do that. What did they always have? Tire patch. Not really! Let me get some batteries. And I’m gonna ship them home. Cool. Continue shopping. So I have three products and this is the cart.

Look how much attention to detail, right? So this is the cart, in cart, I can already see or I can change my mind. This product will be shipped home. There are shipping restrictions, they don’t send shipped to Hawaii and Alaska, then this product is ready for pickup today. Cool. And this product is going to be ready for pickup you know from a completely different location, right? This is Conshohocken, this is Christianna Delaware, curbside available Tuesday.

Proceed to check out. Again. They reiterate this multiple times. So the customer is in the know, right? They set the right expectation. So I know that this product is not going to arrive tomorrow. It’s going to arrive Tuesday, February 2. And this product again Tuesday, February 2 is going to be picked up from Conshohocken. This product is basically going to be ready today. Ready by 4:30. Really, really cool.

I’m going to check out real fast. And enter my credit card info and I come back. Stay tuned. Okay, great. I’m back. So now I can submit this order. Really cool. Thank you. Perfect. So that’s what I’m talking about. Look at that! Please wait for your order ready for pickup email. This is not a generic Thank you page. This is a Thank you page that basically was created with in-store pickup in mind. They know you’re gonna wait for that product, you might go faster to the store, and the product is not ready. They communicate it. So they don’t want people waiting outside, you know, even in their car, to take their time to go there and create a bad experience. So really, really cool to communicate it.

Yep, items available for pickup today are typically ready in two hours. The order was submitted. Yeah, really cool. Let’s see if I received the order confirmation email. There you go. So, right here. So order confirmation email, right. Completely custom again. So this Thank you email is basically custom to this experience because even the subject line has this ”Wait before heading to the store” message. Probably happens often that customers are going to the store earlier than the product is ready for pickup. And they just want to make sure that doesn’t happen for a great experience.

Okay, so let’s open this order. Okay, Thank you for your order. Items for pickup heads up currently being fulfilled, we send you an email as soon as they’re ready to be picked up. Estimated pick-up date, February 2nd for this product at the Conshohocken location. Pickup that is basically today for the Christiana store. And this item is going to be shipped and is going to arrive Tuesday, February 2nd.

Super cool guys, like come on. They don’t communicate with me nonsense. Like you know the transit time is going to be two to three days. No. They tell me exactly when each product is going to arrive. I just love it. You know it’s going to be shipped, payment info, all that good stuff. Okay, there’s a little bit more here.

So full order details. Let’s see this. Yep, easy to understand: shipment 1, 2, 3 and what each shipment contains and how this is going to be processed, shipped, shipped to home, shipped to the store. Phenomenal! Really good! Love this! Address submitted for privacy. Really, really nice.

And just so you guys understand how much REI cares about their customers’ experience, you can actually give a feedback about what do you think about this communication, about the email, about the entire flow? So what do you think? How satisfied are you? I just think it’s phenomenal. And after that, you know, what are your primary information that you’re looking for? And the look at this attention of detail, like are you looking to have the store location direction, store information, and they’re going to collect all this data and basically further optimize their communications and their flow. Really cool. Okay, how satisfied are you, information about pricing, estimated.

This is the best shipping pickup time, payment information. Let’s say that, or their cost breakdown information. Really good. Help support, I didn’t need it, okay, let’s just change it up. Return info. Do we have return information? Yeah, return policy and return instructions. Okay. Absolutely. And if I want to provide additional info, okay, overall, I love it. I cannot wait to receive the email that my product is ready for pickup and as soon as I get that, I’m going to open it show it to you guys. And then I’m going to head to the store to pick it up. So stay tuned, I’ll be back.

Okay, guys, I’m back. So it looks like I received the Item is ready for pickup. So let’s go and check it out. Okay, this is the product ordered. Okay, off the bat, I love it. And let me show you what I like so far the most. You see this little line of text here – Pick up your items by February 9 that info shows here? So even before I even opened up the email, I can see that the item is ready for pickup at the Christiana store. And I need to pick it up by February 9th. Really important information: ready for pickup location, by when, and everything without even opening the email. Phenomenal. Cool. That info is there right away. I love it.

Okay, your stuff is ready Virgil, come and get it at the location. Okay, pick up instructions for the order. Okay, bring a photo ID to make sure, the location, once in store go to the cashier, all that is good. This is for store pickup and for curbside when you get to the store pointing to the dedicated car-size spot and tap the I’m here button, so this button below and we’re run out quickly. If you have any issues please call us at this phone number. So that is really cool because maybe, who knows, you don’t have good internet reception, you can still get them called. Cool. Items ready for pickup, all the products that are ready for pickup, by when. I love this disclaimer: orders not picked up by these days will be canceled and returned to store shelves for selling, any temporary authorization placed on your credit card will be released. So really, really cool. Okay, full order details, feedback.

Okay, so as soon as I hit this I’m here I’m not at the store yet but I’m going to go there and pick it up. But if I just click this basically this is a mobile-optimized page I guess because this doesn’t look like anything. Okay. On desktop. So again, let’s make this a little bit smaller. So this is how it should look like. Okay, so your order is ready for pickup and then I can select how am I going to pick up this order, by vehicle, bicycle, or walk-up. So I guess if I hit walk up, of course, that is going to disappear. Bicycle, I don’t have to save the type of bicycle I have. That’s fine. But for vehicles, this is really cool. I can select the color, they have it like a simple drop-down the make. Okay, this might be a little bit tricky. So if I have a Volvo it actually works. Okay? I’m not sure how it works on mobile, probably does. Okay, so let’s say this one, whatever the car it is, and I can select the type. Really cool. Perfect and I’m here brings me, okay, I’m not going to click this because I’m not at the store right now. But I don’t want somebody to run out with the product, you know, look for me, they cannot find me.

So right now I’m going to head to the store, pick up this item. And as soon as I pick it up, I’m gonna let you know what kind of further communications I receive probably something like your item got picked up, that stuff. But overall, this communication is really cool. Actually, let’s take a look at how this order looks like right now. Yeah, ready for pick up in-store and the store location? Yes. Like, look at this. This is the right place to ask for a review. Like, here, you have the products listed in your shipments, you maybe pick them up a little bit, you know, earlier, and you basically can give a review. This is exactly how Amazon does it as well. Really cool. Delivered to the car. Okay, cool. I’m gonna head now to the store to pick up this item. Take care, I’ll be back.

Okay, so it’s time to go and pick up my order. So here’s the email, everything looks good. I have the product I have to pick up. And I have the location, I think location is very important to be included. Because otherwise, you don’t really know where you have to go. So let’s go. I don’t know where the story is. Exactly. So let’s just click directions. And here is the problem. So make sure in the email, the link to directions takes you to Google or something. I don’t want to go to the store locator on your website. That doesn’t work because there’s no store location here. There’s like a broken page that tries to say that we’re sorry for something. Okay, anyway, I’m gonna Google this place, but definitely make sure the store locator works. And if you have a button for directions, just make it a link to go directly. Okay, I’m gonna Google this place. Bye, bye.

Okay, so I arrived at the store, what I really like is that they have dedicated, if you guys can see, parking spots for curbside and you can sit there actually. And it’s really cool. They give you instructions on what to do, pull up, give him my ID, whatever. So let’s go and start this process. So again, the order, I arrived at the store, and I click I’m here, this pulls up that page for letting them know. Okay, the color of my car, black. Selected everything. And now I’m here. Bring up my stuff. Okay, really cool. Okay, here. Got it. We’ll bring you shortly. The current average waiting time is two minutes.

Staff notified your arrival, carrying your orders. You have a phone number, completing your pickup. Really nice. Okay. Oh, actually, let me do this. So let’s do a test to how long it takes them. So they say two minutes. Let’s see if it’s two minutes. Okay. A note about the wait time. Okay, real quick. Okay, anyway, I’m gonna take a screenshot of this entire page. Because it’s really cool. And I’m going to post it on the website. So you guys can go there and see, you know exactly how they handle this.

This is actually one of my favorite REI stores. And let me tell you why. So here’s the store, but there are actually two stores. One is there on the left-hand side, that’s actually a full-price store. And on the right-hand side there, there’s like an outlet. So there, you can only find used products.

Okay, don’t tell me this is the guy already. Is fast. Wow, this was fast. Okay, let me see if they ask me:
– Hello.
– How are you?
– Pretty good.
– Ghic?
– Yes, exactly. Do you need my ID?
– The order email.
– The email, order Id. Okay, cool. Let me give you my ID, that’s easier. Okay, cool. Thank you.

Okay, this was fast. This was really fast. Okay, so the page. Yeah, getting your order, it did upgrade with everything, see took them less than a minute and a half. Okay. Pretty cool.

Anyways, let me tell you so that is an outlet store and what is cool about that Outlet Store is that you can purchase basically almost brand new products or even used products that are not in perfect condition. So for example, a few weeks ago I purchased a bike stand to repair my bike basically. Really cool. And I just want to show you how this looks. Cause I have it here so they have a really cool view if you go to purchase history and see here you have your online orders, but also you have your in-store orders, so this is like I hope you can see it many ways.

This is an in-store purchase, that’s an in-store purchase and if you click on it, this is what I purchased in-store and for the outlet product. Come on internet. Okay, the outlet product is a non-returnable product and it shows like this: imperfect merchandise and they show you the price. And it was 50% off, it’s really cool because even on the box you can see the disposition because it was sent to instead of their main warehouse it was sent directly to this store. But really cool way how they unify commerce you know, online in-store purchases and everything is in one place. Really, really nice. Cool.

Yeah, the product is right here. Let me see if I received. Yeah. Okay. This is the shipping confirmation basically for… Oh, this is for my other order. I just got this. So this is for the batteries I purchased and I’m wondering if they sent me a notification that this order got picked up. Not yet. Okay, how about here? This is my order. Was this in-process ready for store pickup? Oh, actually is this order. I placed too many. Picked up! There we go. So status it’s was picked up, says because he was picked up and yeah, and I can start the return on this product right away. Pretty cool. Really nice. Nice. Okay, but they haven’t received the notifications anyways. As soon as I receive it, I’m gonna pull it up and show it to you guys. Really cool. Good job, REI.

Okay, I’m back home. I picked up the product and I just want to show you actually never received confirmation that the item was picked up. I really liked that confirmation actually. Target does it, they do it very, very well. And it’s just another confirmation you know that everything is good.

What I also would like to show you is what I really, really like, is how they do your receipts or you know, digital receipts basically. So this is an in-store purchase where you basically walk into the store and you go to register 23, that store 165, you know and the guys, you know Stuart, basically sells you the product. And this is your receipt. And here it shows all the items that you purchased in a store. And really nice, you have all this, just like as a printed receipt that we anyway we lose. And then it’s hard to, you know, to demonstrate your proof of purchase, if they don’t have a system, you know, where they can look you up. For example, maybe you pay with cash. So it’s really nice to have always a confirmation of your in-store purchases.

Also, another one that I really like, this is an order confirmation that the item just got shipped. And what is really cool here, this is the product that got shipped. This is the stroller for my son, the product that got shipped, and these are the rest of the products that are still in transit, and these were actually shipped to the store. So the shipment confirmation looks very similar. Really cool. I really, really like how REI does it, you know, very good notifications, very informative. Like there’s really not much that you need from here, right? Like, all the info is here, there’s no real need to call, you know, like customer service, just like where’s my orders, or I never call them because they do very, very well. You know, updates regarding your shipments, I really like them.

So I think there’s a little bit more I want to show you. So give me a second. I also want to show you a little bit how REI does returns, I think they are doing it really well. Although I found a loophole. Let me show it to you. So this is another order I placed in August 2020. And the loophole here is that I know that REI only allows like 90 days for electronics to be returned, but every other product can be returned for one entire year. So that is really cool. And that is available when you go in store, they will tell you like this particular product, you know, you purchased it like six months ago.

But here, there’s a loophole. So basically, I can still return this product, although I purchased it in August. And let me just show you how. So, really cool. This is the order, you know, like the view order page, the order detail page, I have the products. And I can just simply start to return, this opens a new page. And here I can already see what is going to happen. And here are the products that I can still return. And this is the product that I cannot return anymore. I can still reprint the shipping label or I can cancel this because it’s a pending return it was not shipped back. So I can just select the product, then we have to select the reason for the return. So for example, the fit and size may be too small. I can add here additional comments if I like to, click continue, and then I can I have two options. I can either bring it to the store and get a refund there. Or I can just ship it back. And I think here it’s the loophole because if I ship it back, who is actually going to ship it back? Who knows?

Anyways, so I think there’s a loophole here, but whatever, they should have set up a logic where you know, specific products such as electronics cannot be returned after 90 days. Select the product, you can continue, and you can clearly see that you’re going to be able to download the prepaid shipping return label. And this is going to be deducted from your total. And this is an estimate because you know, additional taxes, you know, whatever can apply. So I can just simply submit this return. And then I have a really nice confirmation page. And I can print this return. And I really liked this page because it gives you some instructions on how to make the return, gives you the return label, and it gives like a packing slip. Really, really nice.

And also let me show you how the email looks like. So this is the email with the confirmation of your request, then you can reprint your label. That’s pretty cool. You can see the products that you’re returning, estimated refund, all that, and you can also track your return backward, which is really nice.

Now what I really like here is not that they have a way for the customers to track their return, that is really nice. But I also like that they are taking this extra opportunity to reengage with the customers, right. So I might return this product. But, you know, here are some new arrivals, you know, there are some new gears, you know, their journal, you know, their blog, their expert’s advice, you know, maybe I purchased the wrong product. So, you know, there’s going to be a different one, it’s really cool.

And this is where most of the retailers are making a huge mistake. First of all, they’re not really re-engaging with the customer, they just give them the return label, that’s it, you can track it. And the tracking page has only tracking information and we at WeSupply, we’re constantly reminding customers to reengage with the customer. Like show them different products, but not just products as sometimes the customer is not ready to make the next purchase. But you know, you can reengage with them, like in so many other ways.

Like, look how they did it here, new arrivals, okay, if you want to shop, pretty cool. But then come tips, videos, articles, then the journal where basically they have stories, basically a blog. Like different exclusive gears or maybe just get a gift card. You know, that can be a really great way to reengage, as you make an extra sale. But you know, it’s a gift card that you can give it to somebody. It’s not just about sales, because sometimes, educating the customer can take you way further than just, you know, trying to sell them.

Anyways, really well done. I really like how REI does basically everything. I love their emails, their communications. I think it’s really nice. I think it’s a great experience. And the really cool thing is you get this amazing experience not just online, but also in stores. And the store experience is phenomenal. Okay, guys, talk to you soon and I hope you guys like this video. Take care. Bye.

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