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Home Depot UX & Post Purchase Experience Review

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Category Page

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Page Page Speed (Time to Interactive) Accessibility
Desktop Mobile Desktop Mobile
Homepage 5.8 (sec) 17.1 (sec) 73 64
Search Result Page 4 (sec) 18.5 (sec) 81 75
Category Page 3.9 (sec) 18.5 (sec) 75 75
Product Page 3.7 (sec) 20.3 (sec) 77 74
Cart Page 4.4 (sec) 21.1 (sec) 64 63
Checkout (each step) 5.7 (sec) 23 (sec) 71 71
Order List 3.6 (sec) 18 (sec) 66 59
Order View 3.6 (sec) 18 (sec) 66 59 Speed and Accessibility data provided by Lighthouse


Hey, what’s up guys? This is Virgil from WeSupply! Today I want to show you how Home Depot does e-commerce. But to make it a little bit more interesting, I want to directly compare Home Depot with Lowe’s. They have stores right next to each other here in Philadelphia, so I really wanted to see their flow. Home Depot I know it’s really good, I ordered a few times. But I never really played around with Lowe’s. So this is going to be a two-part video. First one, I’m going to make a purchase from Home Depot for a few products, look up curbside, experience the entire website. And then I’m gonna make a similar purchase on Lowe’s. And we’re going to compare the two websites, see which one does better. I looked into it, it’s actually going to be really interesting. I’m really curious about who is going to be able to fulfill my curbside order faster. So I’m going to place the orders like really close to each other, and I’m going to see who is going to be able to basically get ready for pickup. So stay tuned. Let’s see who’s best. Okay, let’s start.

Let’s start right here, homepage. Okay, I really like this. So as always, I try not to share my location. So this is not a shared location. I want to see how they pick up my location, right? So they do it really well. It’s exactly the store that’s the closest to me. And I already created an account right now, but this was there prior to that. So they nailed it. And here, that’s the store. Very nice. I can see it right from the Header, I can basically shop this entire store. And I can basically change it to different stores. So here I can search for different ZIP codes. Use my current location, and it shows me which store has curbside available and I can view it on the map. And let’s see this map. Now, here’s the map. Really cool.

Okay, getting back to the homepage, they’re clearly advertising. There you go. So homepage, free delivery, very big in the header area. Very big next to the logo, where you want to shop, delivering to my ZIP code. That’s exactly what it is. And if you scroll a bit down, don’t tell me ’cause it disappeared. Yeah, yes, it disappeared. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, guys. But anyways, they had it right here on the homepage, the curbside option they were advertising it. So that was really cool. Now, basically, they’re saying I’m shopping the South Philadelphia store, store hours, open until. Really cool. I can even see the local ad. Are you kidding me? It’s so cool. I can go by weeks. Okay, really cool. Very nicely done, the website is very location-based, so it’s really cool. I really like that.

I wanted to show you guys the store pickup. I can’t see it anymore. Easy in-store pickup, one to three steps, so they describe that. You get notified, you can pick it up at the store, as always FAQs. I really like that, really cool. So, off the bat, I like it because you can shop a specific store, specific location, which I think it’s really cool.

If you go to for example, on the category page, basically you can see which products are available in that location as well. So they show you that it’s ready for pickup, you can deliver it, etc. Okay, so I have a plan, I researched quite a few products and I want to show you a few.

So I’m going to get this product, it’s a torque wrench. I’m going to ship this product to the store. This is for the South Columbus store. I really like how they have the review and questions, question and answer section. Huge. So this is directly from Amazon. Okay, same style, then very nicely compared. The experience on Home Depot is very similar to Amazon, I have to say that. Questions and answers, reviews, I like how they include pictures of the product and reviews with that. And it’s really cool.

Okay, so, first product, I’m going to ship it to a store. Now, let me show you this because this is really nice. Here you have ship to store, ship to home, scheduled delivery for basically big products. And you even have an option for certain products where it shows you that it’s available in-store, but you cannot ship it home, you cannot pick it up, they don’t deliver it, nothing.

Also, I’m going to show you an another product. So you can change the store here. At the beginning, I didn’t really like this, like, why would you have this quantity? But then it kind of made sense, maybe you want to buy a lot of, like 50 products, and each store has like 20 available. So you can buy 20, 20, 20, 10, something like that. I like that you can switch to map and doesn’t change it too much, it doesn’t pull up a full map and you have to guess. You have basically a nice way of seeing the list with the map. So you can get a better idea where each story is, maybe you’re heading this way and you can easily find it. Okay, this is really cool. So I’m going to ship it to my South Philadelphia store. I’m going to add this to the cart. Cool, continue shopping.

Now the second product, I’m going to ship it home, this one. And the same way, this is not really available, other delivery options, I can see it free. Added to the cart. Okay, and I can change this up. So if I change my mind, I can basically change the location where I do the search. So this is not my ZIP code actually. My ZIP code is, it’s not either. I guess they tried to redetect my location and they messed it up.

Then I’m going to have this product shipped to store. And I’m going to ship this to a different store, so that’s where I’m trying to mess them up. And I want to show you how on the cart page, they actually give you a warning that some products are shipped to one store, but other products to the other store. Okay, I’m gonna do this, don’t allow location, struggle a bit, struggle.

And the last product, so this is a general product. Now what I really like here, because this is like probably the most common product that you can find in any store, they actually include the location of this product in the stores. They have 78 in stock, 007, like James Bond. And you can basically see that.

Okay, this is really cool. They give you the option to text me. So here, I can input my phone number and if you read this message, this is really clever. Because yes, I want $5 for my next in-store purchase of course, but you’re basically signing up for marketing emails as well. And you will receive up to 10 messages per month. So that’s quite a lot I would say. That would be quite annoying to me.

Okay, and I’m going to pick this up at the store. And you see here, I can schedule delivery. Not sure if an entire truck is going to come with a freaking cable. That would be a little bit weird, like scheduled delivery would work for furniture, or you’re buying like a ton of wood, but for a simple cable, they give that option anyways.

Also I can see which other stores have. So this is what I’m talking about. Now let’s say I need to buy 200 of these cords, right? I can basically do this and I put 78 from here. And I want 21 from here, and 36 from here, and whatever, because I’m a contractor. They know their customer and they do it very well. And I can just maybe jump into a car, drive to these three stores and pick all of them up, and it’s worth it. I like that option. I’m just gonna buy one. Okay. Cool.

Also, I want to show you something else. Let me see if I can find this. Give me a second. Okay, anyway, can’t find what I wanted to show you. So this is what I want to show you here. Here, it’s really cool that they tell you right away that heads up, you have multiple stores selected, I have South Philly and Oregon Avenue.

I like their cart because it’s very clean, I can clearly understand when each product is going to arrive, and where and all that. So this product, let me zoom in a bit. So the first product is going to be store pickup, I’m expecting to go and pick this up, basically, very soon. Then, this product is going to be shipped to the store. And it’s going to arrive February 8th-10th, between 8th-10th. Although here I would love if I could see when is going to be available, like in an hour, in two hours. Maybe I’m in a rush and I can just run in if it takes four hours for store pickup. Okay, anyways, this product, why do I have this twice? Let me remove one. Okay, so I removed that one. This one, I’m going to ship to home. And this I’m going to ship to the store. So shipped to home is going to arrive Saturday, February 6th, I love that they don’t give me the nonsense of like, three to four business days, whatever that means. Shipped to home, arrives Saturday, February 6th, this product shipped to store February 9th-12th, ship the store February 8th-10th, and this one is available in-store and I should go and pick it up. And a huge warning that you have multiple stores selected, which is perfectly fine. That’s exactly what I wanted.

Okay, so now let’s go and checkout. Now here on the checkout page, this is really nice. They basically tell you this again. So here you complete of course everything. Here you have the cart. What happens if I click this? It takes me back? Okay, so we go here. And I can clearly see pick up in-store, South Philly store, the Oregon Avenue store, shipped to home, very clear, very, very clean. All the products, when are they expect it to be picked up today. I would love if they would tell me like two-three hours. Saturday, February 6th, and you know, all that. So I really like it.

Now here, let me just type this in, Virgil Ghic. Type all that in. And here I can select, I kind of like it and I don’t like it. I’m not sure if I really like it. Yes, I’m happy that I can see that there are two options, in-store and curbside pickup. However, it happens to me quite often than let’s say I select curbside and by the time I make it to the store, I realized that I actually need to pick up five other things. Then I want to change it from curbside to let me just walk in, and now I have to wait, get the person, pick me up, repark the car into a regular spot, not the curbside spot because you obviously cannot leave it there, the car there, and now I have to walk in. Like sometimes I just want to change it on the fly, you know when I arrive at the store, I just change my mind. Okay, but we’re going to select curbside here.

And I’m going to type this in. And I’m going to place the order and I’m gonna show you guys how the Thank you Page looks like and how the Order Confirmation and all the email communications look like. So stay tuned! Give me a second until I complete this and I’ll be back.

Okay, so I’m back. I completed all the info regarding shipping address and all that stuff. And on the Thank you Page, they’re asking me again for my location. Oh my goodness, these guys really want to know where I’m located, but I’m not going to allow that. Okay, Thank you Page. So your order has been placed, a confirmation has been sent, okay, order details.

Next steps, in-store pickup, store pickup, store pickup ship to home. Cool. So what are they trying to tell me here? Okay, so this product is going to be available today for store pickup, the instructions, within the next two hours. It may not be available, okay, that’s fine. Store pickup. Okay, for this item, that’s pretty good.

I would prefer if they would add here the image of the product. It’s just so much easier to understand what they’re trying to tell you, like, to figure out the products. Sometimes the products don’t make more sense, like HDX. And I like that would be available for seven days, after we receive the product, in-store pickup notification, store pickup, good for the last one and ship to home, basically, this product. I’m going to be notified as soon as the product is shipped and it’s expected February 6th. So, really clean. I really like that, they don’t have the nonsense of like, three to five days, they tell them exactly when the property is going to arrive. I really love this and all the big brands are doing this and the customers are expecting this. What other customers always purchased. I was expecting something better. Cool, I can print the receipt, whoever needs that.

Now, what I also like is that I have here Track my Order right in the Header, Find Store and My Account. And here I have basically the orders again. So it’s very easy to find your order. And this again is very, very similar to how both Best Buy and how the other guys, Walmart does it. So very similar Order Page. I really like it. I really like this because you don’t really have to open anything, you see everything here, order received, that’s going to be shipped, the totals. Really cool. And I can cancel the item, again write a review. Do I see when the product is expected? So I placed it, let’s see, I forget. Yeah, it’s ready for pickup, February 10th. We’ll let you know. There should be two hours, February 12th, February 16th. Okay, cool.

Let me show you the communication so far. So when I create an account, this is the Welcome Email, welcome to Home Depot, here’s your account, the benefits why you created an account, access previous orders, view in-store purchases, all that is good. And they also embedded it into the Welcome Email, like $5 savings if you sign up for newsletter. You can sign up for newsletter and for text messages, so they kill you with advertising. Your order text is sent to this number, really cool.

Let’s see what else. We added to your account. Okay, we received your order. We have the order number, a big button to check your status. Okay, thank you for ordering. Okay, I have here the order number and the order date. What happens if I check my status?

Okay, pulls up the order right away. Really nice. What happens if I’m not logged in? Can I access this order if I’m not logged in? Let’s see. So I logged out, now I need to login. So let’s take my email and I plug this in order number email, and do I log in or just access to this order? It looks like I have access only to this order and not to the entire account. So you can only access the order by getting the order number and you type in the email. Really cool. What I ordered, the shipping address, the items. This is going to be shipped home, February 6th, and in-store pickup, ready for pickup. For some reason the entire message got clipped. Come on. Okay, let’s see the entire order. I’m not sure why it got clipped. That’s not good. Because it’s not good.

So, coming back. The order looks good, I can download the app. This is the item, when it’s going to be sent out, this is going to be shipped home, and for in-store, for this location, I have this product to pick up, and for the other location I have this product and this one is going to be picked up soon. You know what I don’t really like here? It doesn’t tell me that it’s curbside. I selected that it’s curbside, but it doesn’t really tell me, it says in-store pickup.

And it doesn’t tell me that I should not head to the store. We talked about this how other brands are actually telling you right away Don’t head to the store until you receive the confirmation that your order is ready for pickup. And they don’t do that. There’s no such info anywhere. Where’s my cable? We’ll send you instruction when you will get your items. Okay. Curbside available, but you really have to look for this. That’s fine. I don’t know if I like it too much. Anyways, overall, it has all the info. It’s just a little bit confusing, I would say. Like I’ve seen better order confirmations with the same products. It can be done better, too much talking on the side and it’s just confusing. Okay, I got it ’cause due to high demand, you don’t have to tell me like five times. Just say it once at the beginning or something. Too much info sometimes it’s a little bit confusing to get your stuff done. I really like how they are advertising always in these emails. You know, with special offers, savings, different products that you might like. It’s really cool. Overall, I think it’s a really good experience, it’s above average. Way above average. This email has too much, just simplify it. So as soon as I’m gonna get the confirmation that the item is ready for pickup, to go for the cable, I’m gonna come back guys. In the meantime, I’m gonna place really fast an order for Lowe’s. And you should check the other video where I go through the entire Lowe’s website and show you the entire experience there. So I’ll be back.

Curbside Experience

Okay, guys, so I’m here at Home Depot. I just parked at this curbside location. And here is the app. The email. All good. I’m at the store. There you go. This opens. Of course, they want my location, as always. Okay, parking spot number 26. Ford. Okay, phone number. Bring me the item. Thanks. We’ll bring your order out shortly. Cool. Okay, this works. Definitely, other brands are doing it much better because they offer here an estimated time. So let’s do this really fast. Let’s see how long it’s gonna take them. Last time, I basically had to wait a long time. He was a big piece, but I waited at least half an hour until they brought it out. But that was a big, big product. It was an entire tool box. But we’ll see. So far, most of the brands are fast at curbside, below two minutes. But we’ll see what they are doing here at Home Depot. Anyways, I was expecting a little bit better page, saying something that your order was received, we acknowledged it. But there’s nothing like that. Maybe if I download the app. However, in the email, they don’t mention anything about the app, as I would have like a better experience or anything. I like that they are upselling. I like that they have other promotions, and they are savings. And I can check on my order status, which is this one. So this is the one, and order receive and delivered, whatever is not delivered, but basically ready for pickup. That’s my other order. Sorry.

So I’m waiting here, and we’ll see how long it’s gonna take them. Currently, one minute 40 seconds, and there’s no sign of anybody coming out yet. So we’ll stay and wait. And we’ll see as soon as somebody shows up. I’ll be back.

Okay, so, nobody, nobody brought the product yet. It’s been basically more than 15 minutes. And I’m going to try something else. I’m going to text 1341012443. That’s the phone number. So let’s see what happens, so this is the phone number. I’m going to text them. Something I did wrong curbside 4101. Okay, check your pickup here. Yeah, but this is the same exact thing. So even the text message basically takes you back to the same page where I already completed and it gave me that really cool. Please wait now. So there’s somebody else there, they just parked for curbside. Let’s see if they get their products faster. Because this is really bad. 16 minutes. Okay, let’s see.

So apparently a guy is coming. I hope it’s my guy. Minute 20. No, it’s just a regular customer. Okay, no, he’s coming. Actually, it’s coming. Good. Good. Good. Good. 20 minutes. That’s a long time man. A very long time. Let’s see what he has to say.

Hello. Yep. Virgil, right. Yep. Thank you. You too.

Okay. That’s how long it took: 20 minutes. And these guys are still waiting. So more than five minutes already. Anyways, let’s see if we got any kind of confirmation. I doubt. I’ve seen that they don’t even have like an iPad or something to mark this order as delivered.

These are the moments where the backend systems actually are important. Nobody’s going to really wait 20 minutes for an order to be delivered curbside.

Now I’m going to head to Lowe’s because I’m really curious if they can do this much faster. And I’m pretty sure they will do it, because this was really close to 20 minutes. I could have gone in, pick up the product, pay and come out. Too long to wait. Too long. Okay. See you guys soon.

So I picked up the product. The guy was really, really nice. He said that he sent me the receipt as email. So this is the page. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to click now. If I click Done, everything closes. So let’s see. What did I receive here? There you go. This is the receipt. Thank you for picking up your purchase, Lowe’s, really good. Yeah, nothing from Home Depot.

So overall, I would say this. Frontend experience, definitely Home Depot wins. Way better, way better user experience on the frontend, before the purchase. After the purchase, it’s I would say really bad. The 20 something minutes, who’s gonna wait 20 minutes? Come on.

On the other side, Lowe’s, there’s a lot of room for improvement on the frontend, prior to purchase. But the post-purchase experience is way better, way faster way, nicer UI for Lowe’s. That’s for sure. And I forgot to tell you guys, it’s really bad that Home Depot only allows to pick up orders until 6 p.m. Like come on. These days, you might be working until 6 p.m. I don’t know, curbside for Home Depot, I feel like it’s it’s an afterthought to be honest. Where for Lowe’s, they invested heavily.

If I would have to purchase again curbside, I would definitely purchase from Lowe’s curbside, and I would purchase from Home Depot, but I would go into the store honestly. Because it’s not worth it the time, you wait 20 minutes, you can just walk into the store, pick up the product. Here, it’s much better. So I hope you guys liked this experience. I’m going to return a few products. So stay tuned to see that experience and also for all the products that they are shipping. I want to see how they are communicating, if they are providing tracking information, and all that good stuff. Like a proper post-purchase experience that is supposed to be, but you win customers with the post-purchase experience, like repeat customers. So, keep you guys posted.

So let me start the timer, cuz we know what happened last time. 22 minutes or something? Okay, this time, let’s see how long it’s gonna take. I’m not gonna hold this here, because it might take again 22 minutes. But we’ll see. We’ll see. I really hope that this time, they’re going to do it much faster. I really hope. Last time it was a disaster. So let’s see. So this was much, much faster. It only took me one second, five minutes. So I’m going to go.

Order Review

I’m back. So, in the meantime, I received the notification that my order is now shipped for Home Depot. I like it that is marked up. Cool, so I can see that it’s in transit. And it’s going to be delivered, carrier, all that good stuff. This is the product and I can check the order status, or I can track my order. And let’s check out both experiences. So if I click track my order, this is going to open the tracking page. Yep, is going to arrive Thursday, tomorrow. It’s going to arrive tomorrow, it’s currently in transit.

Okay, this is all the information, is how the product moves and if not going to be home, pick it up at the FedEx location. So that’s really cool. I can actually direct this product to a FedEx location. I’m going to maybe click that, because I find it more interesting. We can go there and see how that works, that experience. I can get notified, phone number. So let’s add my phone number. Okay. Sign up. So now I’m supposed to receive text messages. Yep. There you go, confirmation that will be delivered tomorrow. And that’s going to track it. I like that they recommend different products, painting and storage solutions, and one day, only online, okay, specials. So let’s do this. Let’s redirect this to a FedEx location and pick it up from there. So enter your shipping, not going to be home, have your package delivered, to start enter your orders shipping address. They know it, why do I have to do this? I think this is repetitive, they should change this, but anyways. Phone number, good. And now it’s submitted, validating address. We’re sorry to report that pickup at the FedEx location is no longer, we’re not able to process your request at this time. Okay, so that doesn’t really work. Cool. I guess they’re too close or something like that and they cannot change it. Who knows? It’s still in Maryland, come on, it’s not like they’re out for delivery. This is the Tracking Page. I think this should be double checked if I can do it. Anyways. I don’t really like it.

Okay, returning your online purchase. Okay, I can return online. We’ll do that as well, if we can. Check order status. So I want to show you guys this, because this is actually really cool. But don’t ask me about my location, like, literally every time I open this page it asks me. Okay, so I really like this. Let me show you.

So here’s my order, ready for pickup. I picked it up yesterday. That guy did not hit the button that it was updated. Like he did not. And the problem with that is that because he didn’t do that, I cannot trigger return on this product. That’s the product. That’s the problem. So how am I going to return this, like, ship it back? If this product is not marked, as returned, that’s, that’s an issue. And you see, February 2nd, and today’s February 3rd, so over 24 hours. Ready by Friday. So this is going to be shipped to a store. And this is one store, this is another store and this is going to be shipped home. So this is what I like, you see, order received, shipped, estimated delivery date, good. Order received, arrival at the store, ready for pickup. It’s really cool. I can even track this one. And it’s going to show me as it goes towards that location. This product, it’s not shipped out yet. They received it, but I cannot cancel it anymore. Clearly, the window closed. And also like that they can submit a review right here. So this is really nice.

Okay, overall, I’m really liking this view receipt. Let’s see the receipt. Really nice. Nicely formatted. I really like it, I can just simply hit print. Two thumbs up. I really like this page. Although I don’t like that guy did not mark this order as picked up because now I cannot do this return. That’s a big issue. Anyways, I’ll be back when the rest of the products are going to be delivered. So I can basically show you guys how the return process works.

Return Experience

So I have basically absolutely all the products, I pick this up second time, much, much faster. All these product got delivered. Everything looks good. So here’s how it looks, the tracking page. So let’s do a return. Okay, so in order to do a return, I’m not sure how to start. So if I click this button, it shows me the receipt and asked me about the location again. Make a return, nowhere. Why not? How do I make a return? Online orders. So these are all my orders. Do I have to click into it somehow?

It’s not as easy as I thought. Returns, there you go, in the footer. Okay, return online. So I guess I cannot return these products anymore. I will have to place another order just to show you guys the process, the full process. But yeah, there is no option. Returns. How much time do I have to return these products? Five days. No, 90 days. Prior today 180. So clearly there’s a way to return it. But I don’t know how. It should be here a big button to start to return.

I really cannot figure it out. Okay, this is a major problem. So I’m really not sure how to do this. I don’t know. I think I’m going to research it a bit. And I’ll be back. So this should be like idiot-free, like without any issues. But clearly that’s not the case. And there’s no Return button. Like, really there’s no Return button. Return. Yeah, that’s all I have, one button. Find the location, return policy, 30-day, I’m clearly within the 30 day.

So return an item. And there’s no button to return. Wow. No, I was not expecting that. So I really cannot find this button. I think there’s no reason to do any research here. There’s clearly no Return button. Maybe it’s a temporary thing. But as you can see, there is no button for returns. Let me do this. Maybe here, I’m at the store. Check orders status. It’s gonna take me back. Return. No. That’s the only thing, there’s no Return button.

Let me check on the app because they have an app as well. Maybe on the app it shows, I have no idea. But that takes like such a long time. That’s not the point here. The point is that I’m a simple web user, and there’s no Return button, and I cannot return these products. I think I just have to go to the store and return it or something like that. But even then it should say like, Hey, you should return to the store.

Well, maybe the rest of the experiences were better. But this is absolute garbage. That Return button, if it exists, is super hidden, because I cannot find it. And even this doesn’t work. So that’s the only way and clearly, it’s not here. So let me know guys, where’s this Return button? Maybe it doesn’t show for me, for some random reason. And I don’t know what to say. So let me know, let me know where you guys find that button. Clearly, February 10th, today is March 2nd. So more than enough time for returns.

I’m going to post all the screenshots of this video, on our page, we have a dedicated page for all these videos. Make sure you go there you check them out. It’s like a high-resolution image of all the email communications, video screenshots, each page, we bring some interesting data, how long it takes them to process orders, to deliver, etc.

So I’m going to be really curious, you know, if you guys can find that Return button, and how that experience looks like. And maybe as soon as I find it, I’m going to go through this entire experience. So take care!

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