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Latercase: Reducing WISMO with Delivery Emails & The Power of Conversational AI

Leading phone case company manages to reduce the number of “Where is my order?” tickets with WeSupply & Haptik AI, relying on proactive delivery emails, real-time shipping updates, and an AI-powered chatbot.

Latercase Using WeSupply Delivery Notification

Retailers know that one of the most common customer inquiries is “Where is my order?”


A question as simple as this can tie up valuable customer service resources.


One way to reduce the number of WISMO support tickets is to proactively send delivery emails and let customers track their orders effortlessly.


Making tracking information and estimated delivery dates readily available helps reduce confusion and mitigate customer anxiety.


This is where WeSupply x Haptik AI come into play: you can use conversational AI chatbots to provide real-time updates on an order’s status. By automating this process, you’ll be able to free up precious customer care resources— and that’s exactly what Latercase did.

About The Company: Latercase.


The world’s thinnest phone case, made using 100% premium Kevlar® that offers better abrasive strength than carbon fiber or similar technologies and materials. High-quality and durable, Latercase has proven their craftsmanship and attention to detail, as reviewed on Unbox Therapy. With its combination of style, functionality, and protection, Latercase is the perfect choice for any phone user who wants the best of all worlds.

The Challenge


Latercase is selling phone cases, and shopping for a new, awesome phone case for your mobile can be a fun and easy experience.


But it’s hard to keep track of your purchase when you don’t have real-time visibility into when your package is going to arrive. Not being able to track your purchase leads to a lot of customer frustration. This is especially true for international orders where customers often have to wait a long time for their package.


They’re not sure if their order has shipped yet, they don’t know where it is in the shipping process or when it’s supposed to arrive.


Customers are happy as they can easily keep track of their purchases, and Latercase successfully managed to reduce “Where is my order?” support tickets.

The Solution


We worked closely with the Latercase team throughout the WeSupply integration to automate delivery updates for their domestic and international shipments with Purolator, USPS, FedEx, and DHL eCommerce.


Moreover, WeSupply worked closely on a powerful chatbot integration with the Haptik AI team, one of the world’s largest conversational AI software, to integrate WeSupply’s order and shipping information. Instead of having to open a support ticket, phone case buyers can look up the latest status of their order by reaching out to the live chatbot. They enter a smart flow where they are provided with any details about their order and package.

As a result, the WeSupply and Haptik AI integration is a big deal for Latercase, allowing their customers to effortlessly look up the latest status of their order by reaching out to the live chatbot.


The chatbot provides Latercase shoppers with any details about their order and package. The integration with WeSupply enables Haptik AI to improve content for customers and offer them more options in terms of order lookup.


This is a significant improvement over the previous system, where customers had to open a support ticket and wait for a response, emailing back and forth with the customer care team for days, even weeks in a row.


After implementing our solution, Latercase were able to ensure order tracking and conversational AI work properly together and provide customers with the most relevant results. This allowed for improved information controls, meaning that their business objective to drastically remove “Where is my order?” human support tickers is successfully met.

By implementing WeSupply, Latercase was able to:


  • Notify customers about the order status regardless of the shipping carrier (DHL, Purolator, USPS, FedEx)

  • Self-service branded tracking page where customers can check the latest status of the package

  • Empower customers to find the latest shipping update via powerful chatbot integration

  • Streamline the entire order tracking process with delivery emails.

The Testimonial


“After researching a number of branded tracking and self-service return portals, we found that WeSupply was the perfect solution for us. The platform offers easy customization for the development of a truly on-brand design for customer notification emails and tracking pages. More importantly, the WeSupply support team was top-notch, both responsive and highly effective. Thanks to their timely API updates, our chatbot is now able to provide a truly exceptional experience for customers looking to self-serve and check the status of their orders. Special thanks to Daniela who was always available to address any questions or concerns we brought up. Highly recommended!”

Learn how automated order tracking & delivery notifications work in WeSupply!

Start your free 14-day trial and see how you can use similar technologies to elevate your post-purchase experience with WeSupply!

Frequently Asked Questions:

We’re here to answer some of your most burning questions regarding our solution and our integrations!

No matter what commerce system you’re using (e.g., Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or selling on Facebook products and services, etc.), you can import all of your orders into WeSupply to efficiently manage post-purchase communication.

With WeSupply and Haptik AI you can connect with your sales, marketing, advertising, and measurement services to create truly data-driven and customer-centric flows that keep on bringing results.

With our powerful integrations, you can collect and analyze customer data at scale, identify trends and insights, and take action to improve customer experience and drive growth.

Moreover, we know how important customer privacy is, especially online. That’s why, when going on your website and accessing a chatbot, customers can allow both essential and optional cookies or just essential cookies, based on your privacy policy.


The AI-powered chatbot from Haptik AI connects with WeSupply directly to gather customer and order information. The chatbot may ask customers to provide certain personally identifiable information that can be used to identify an order, including an email address or ZIP code.


  • Retail (Phone Case)


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