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J.McLaughlin: Managing Split Shipments While Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience

J.McLaughlin was founded in 1977 by brothers Jay and Kevin with a mission to create a new American sportswear brand that offers two key components: classic clothes with current relevance and a retail environment with a neighborhood feel.


WeSupply offers significant cost savings because it takes a lot of the load on our customer service team by addressing customer concerns regarding tracking and shipping. Also, the ability for customers to self-serve themselves is a huge plus.” — Armando Hugo, Director of Digital Operations, J.McLaughlin



With online orders fulfilled from over 150 retail locations across the country. Their Aptos ERP system was splitting up the orders into multiple shipments, and made communication with the customer very confusing – their ERP was not built for this. 


J.McLauchlin also wanted to offer a better online return experience and have more visibility into their returns, a problem that the “return in the box” created.


With online orders sent from over 150 retail locations across the country, mostly done by splitting up the shipments, things got a little too complicated for J.McLaughlin .


Working with split shipments turned into a difficult, time-consuming process for the J.McLaughlin team, and at times this resulted in a negative experience for their customers, especially because they didn’t have the proper tools to manage such a complex operation. 


Just imagine if a client receives half of their order one day and the rest the next, they may be confused at best and infuriated at worst.


For J.McLaughlin, not having a system to manage split shipments resulted in an increase in customer service inquiries, negative feedback from their customers, and even higher inventory costs.


However, split shipments aren’t always avoidable, and this is exactly the case of J.Mclaughin. The company needed a system that would help them keep track of their orders and manage everything smoothly. They also needed to contact their customers to let them know that they might receive multiple shipments so that the customers wouldn’t be surprised when they didn’t receive their full order.



Removing ambiguity with WeSupply Order Tracking and Split Shipment Management


As J. McLaughlin tracks tens of thousands of orders on monthly basis, they were looking for a way to decrease the number of customer service inquiries that they were receiving about their orders.


WeSupply was able to develop a native integration with Aptos, a huge omnichannel retail management software, that allows JML’s customers to track their packages and make returns in an automated and branded interface. 


WeSupply allows JML to consolidate all shipments into one view that displays all package statuses in one place, whether it’s shipped or in transit shipment, along with the estimated delivery date.


Their branded tracking page also provides detailed information about each shipment including the tracking number, the carrier, all the tracking events, associated items, so that users know how much they have to wait until delivery.


This has eliminated the need for customers to contact customer service about their orders, which has decreased the number of WISMO (“Where Is My Order?”) contacts that they have received. WISMO (“Where Is My Order”) customer service contacts they received and also removed confusion between buyers and J. McLaughlin.


Listing out the top order tracking process benefits for JML:

  • Easy to track and manage order status for tens of thousands of shipments.
  • Customers don’t need to put effort into monitoring their orders.
  • Provide a premium, branded customer experience from start to end.
  • Customers don’t require to call and wait for responses from support members.
  • Additionally, WeSupply Labs system incorporates estimated delivery dates to give customers confidence about the ETA of their packages.

Proactive Notifications 


Part of JML’s new digital strategy was to send customers timely, relevant, and accurate information about their online purchases.


JML makes sure that their order estimates are accurate and that they are meeting the customer’s shipping expectations. They also communicate with the customer before and after they purchase from them. WeSupply makes it easy to do all of this.


J.Mclaughin’s proactive notifications give customers peace of mind that their package is on its way. In addition, these notifications keep customers excited about their purchase by maintaining high engagement rates in post-purchase emails.


And just like that, with the right combination of information and innovation, their shipping confirmations had become a crucial and profitable touchpoint in their customer retention strategy.

On a mission to give consumers the best returns experience, they’ve ever had


We’re talking about a fashion business, so we need to include returns in the narrative.


JML manages a 2.5% return rate. We think this is a great return rate! Not to brag, but we have a good idea of what are the rates in the fashion sector.


Return rates on physical goods are typically between 8% and 10%, but the overall average return rate for online purchases is 30%, with rates as high as 50%. So take that as a benchmark.


  • Return online

With WeSupply, JML now send customers to a branded returns portal on their website to start a return. Using customized policies, JML can ensure every return is handled correctly so that customers can easily initiate returns, exchange products, and print shipping labels.


Each product from the customer’s order is clear and easy to understand, with all relevant return policy information included. By creating custom return logics, they are also able to provide a customer-friendly and flexible return policy during holidays, improving customer relationships during peak season when something as simple as having an extended return window can make a significant difference.


  • Return to the store 

JML managed to drive additional revenue growth and foot traffic when customers opted for in-store returns by using WeSupply Labs’ Return to store capabilities.


Customers who are local to the JML brand’s brick and mortar stores can return items that were purchased online or in-store to its physical location. 


The biggest advantage of in-store returns is that it provides store workers an opportunity to turn lost online returns into money by cross-selling and up-selling. But also saving on shipping costs by offering customers an avenue to return items for free.

Using the WeSupply store locator, JML provides information on all shops that will accept the return. It eliminates any uncertainty, minimizes extra journeys, and lowers customer care phone calls.

The Bottom Line 

At WeSupply, we’re huge fans of JML. They’re a great company, and their post-purchase strategy is second to none.


What’s the secret? Well, it all comes down to taking control of their client relationships and communication. Any post-purchase contact, whether a client wants to return their goods or not, is an opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty and customer retention. And that’s something that JML has been able to do successfully in recent years.

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