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Invicta Creates Premium Brand Experience & Improves Multi-Location Returns
For Efficiency

Invincible in detail since 1837, Invicta is known for offering supremely crafted and affordable timepieces to satisfy the evolving fashion needs of its dedicated fans.




  • Retail


  • Magento PWA
  • Multi-Source Inventory

For Invicta — an exclusive line of watches for men and women—customer service is of utmost importance. With the belief that supremely crafted timepieces can be offered for reasonable prices, Invicta’s strives to supply a flawless experience at every stage of the customer journey.



The shipping team at Invicta faced a challenge familiar to many online fashion retailers: How do you follow order delivery events from millions of shipments, sent from multiple warehouses around the globe when each country is using its own fleet of carriers?


At Invicta, when a customer places an order for multiple products, each product is shipped from its own specific warehouse, resulting in split shipments. This becomes even more challenging when the customer decides to return a product. Simply returning unwanted products to one main warehouse creates major inefficiencies, transfers, and, ultimately, delays in refunds. 


Invicta needed a return approach that was easy to use and provided their clients with a good return experience.


To satisfy their needs, Invicta needed a partner who could:

  • Manage a large number of carrier integrations
  • Track the shipment from multiple locations
  • Track and manage returns for each item, and deliver them to the sourcing warehouse.
  • Retrieve granular information in a standardized and unified format
  • Be flexible and prompt problem-solvers.
  • Crate return labels with the current destination from one single request
  • Keep consumers informed by sending automated notifications



WeSupply developed a custom solution (now fully available for everyone) that detects the originating warehouse for each product automatically and, when a return is created for multiple products, and it generates multiple labels based on each product’s return warehouse.


All the complexity is managed by one simple return logic that doesn’t need to be updated for new products or when products are transferred to new warehouses.


By implementing WeSupply, Invicta was able to:

  • Automatically notify the customers about the latest shipment updates even if an order is split into multiple packages
  • Create a premium order tracking and return experience for their customers
  • Automate the entire return process that previously required manual intervention
  • Return each product to the correct warehouse and drastically improve return efficiencies.



Invicta’s premium brand demanded a premium experience and, by turning to WeSupply, they are now able to create it without compromising on logistics efficiencies.


The return return experience is now proactive and intuitive. With return notifications automatically delivered to customers, they are able to offer the information that their customers want without them having to ask for it. Concurrently, the return process is fully automated and returns don’t require any manual interventions anymore which enables fast return processing resulting in quicker refunds for the customers.


“Our collaboration with WeSupply has enabled us to deliver on our brand promise of providing only the best customer experience possible.”

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