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Vintage King: Combatting Supply Chain Issues with Proactive Communication

For nearly three decades, Vintage King personnel has been committed to equipping customers with the very best audio equipment, advice, and personal services across the globe. 


“Our mission has always been to help our customers sound their absolute best.” —Mike Nehra, Co-Founder of Vintage King


With that in mind, besides offering high-quality gear and expert-level services, Vintage King staff has always prioritized customer satisfaction, focusing on improving customer relationships through exceptional deliveries and proactive notifications— this is where Vintage King crosses paths with WeSupply! 



With business growth comes greater responsibility, and Vintage King is no stranger to this concept. After years of attracting and acquiring new customers, Vintage King wanted to improve brand loyalty and recognition by putting the customer first by creating an extraordinary post-purchase experience.


Of course, the road to business growth is a bumpy one. In fact, global supply chain disruptions have caused a large percentage of backorders that Vintage King desperately needed to handle by actively communicating with their customer regarding delays and updates on expected delivery dates.


Offering split shipments led to an increase of “Where Is My Order?” (aka WISMO) inquiries. Sending one order in multiple shipments can be confusing for customers. They may not understand why they receive one package at a time. This might make them think that their products got lost or stolen in transit.


Moreover, for B2B customers, phone orders came directly from Netsuite, making the tracking process more complicated provided that they also needed a way to notify the customer about any order status updates.


In fact, the trouble didn’t even stop there— big orders got shipped out in multiple boxes going at the exact same time to the same destination, resulting in too many shipment notifications. Imagine waking up with 15 delivery notifications. Not the best customer experience, don’t you agree?


It’s necessary to highlight the fact that all these issues were doubled down by supply chain issues, creating major backorder issues. Fortunately, with ongoing developer support, WeSupply helped Vintage King group all deliveries in one notification when needed for convenience, instead of sending out tens of notifications at once. In the case of backorders, letting customers know about any delivery exceptions or delays helped them earn the trust of their customers and increase their lifetime value.


The solutions WeSupply brings to the table are real-time order tracking and proactive delivery notifications that work with and not against Vintage King’s already exiting tools.

WeSupply integrates with Magento, Netsuite, Celigo, and ShipHawk to make everything easier for Vintage King and their customers.


Since their phone orders were coming in from Netsuite, Vintage King staff was not able to properly look up and track shipments. WeSupply came up with the integration that would later solve all their order tracking problems. Via the WeSupply and Celigo integration, Vintage King was now able to search, select, and track orders in a centralized system.


And to take the post-purchase experience to the next level, they offered branded tracking pages and intelligent, proactive notifications that do not overwhelm the customer but offer enough information when necessary. All of this was possible with WeSupply Order Tracking and Delivery Notifications.

No more ambiguity with Order Tracking and Split Shipment Management


“Better than expected! Truly impeccable service. Your team was professional, knowledgeable, provided speedy delivery above and beyond standard. Vintage King Audio is definitely my go to for all of my audio and information needs.” — James O.


As Vintage King tracks thousands of orders on monthly basis, they were looking for a way to decrease the number of customer service queries that they were receiving about order statuses.


WeSupply was able to develop a native integration with Celigo, a world-class integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that enables IT and business operations teams to streamline processes for a faster and more effective organization. This enabled a unification of data from Netsuite for increased transparency and productivity.


WeSupply enables Vintage King to access all shipments into one view that displays all package statuses, whether it’s shipped or in transit shipment, along with the estimated delivery date (ETA), all in one single platform.


The branded tracking pages also provide detailed information about each shipment including the tracking number, carrier, potential tracking events and exceptions, and associated items, in order to ease their customers’ shipping anxiety. This solved the issue with the increase of WISMO inquiries by eliminating the need for customers to contact customer service about their orders.


Below are the main benefits experienced by Vintage King when using WeSupply as their order tracking platform:

  • Easy to track and manage order status for thousands of  shipments 
  • Less effort is required on the customer’s end to monitor orders
  • Creating an excellent customer experience, branded from beginning to end
  • Cutting down the number of customer service queries


Proactive Notifications for Improved Communication


“From the minute I placed my order I was kept well informed through each step in your process. Even though I was buying a comparatively modest piece of gear, your attention to detail made me feel like I was purchasing a six-figure mixing desk.” — Thomas W.


As consumers, besides quality, we also buy the branding and the experience the company provides. This is something that Vintage King understands and focuses on, which is why a part of their digital strategy was to send customers timely, relevant, and accurate information about their online purchases. 


Vintage King makes sure that their order tracking and delivery notifications are accurate and that they are meeting the customer’s expectations in terms of shipping and customer service. WeSupply helps them achieve this with little to no effort at all!


By sending proactive notifications, they are able to give customers peace of mind that their package is on its way, keeping them excited for what’s to come! This leads to high engagement rates in post-purchase emails and increased brand recognition.


With the right combination of information and innovation, their shipping confirmations had become a crucial and profitable touchpoint in their customer retention strategy. Just like magic!



At WeSupply, our mission is to make the post-purchase customer experience as pleasant and memorable as possible for Vintage King customers, while supporting the company on its own journey to enable people across the world to follow their passion and sound their absolute best.


How? Well, it all comes down to understanding customers’ pain points and needs and taking action. We’re here to turn any post-purchase contact into an opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty and customer retention. And this is something Vintage King has excelled at over the past several years, and will continue to do many years from now.

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