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Kibo Returns

Your customers can self-generate return labels for all your Kibo orders, regardless if they were placed online or in-store.

Your customer experience will differentiate you from your competition.

Make your Kibo returns experience as effortless as the shopping one. WeSupply helps you make your returns process enjoyable so you will keep your customers instead of paying 9X more to find new ones.


Improve the customer experience with WeSupply and keep your existing backend processes within Kibo Returns. 


We will automatically detect when a return is refunded, update on the frontend the status and automatically notify the customer about their refund.

Save time with Smart Return Rules

Not all products are created equal – Smart Return Rules, offers the ability to customize your eCommerce return policy based on a category, attribute, or individual item level.


It will help you fight return fraud and abusers.


No return policy is too complicated!

Notify your customers about the latest return status

Proactively notify your customers before they contact you!



“Where is my refund?” is just as common as “Where is my order?”


Notify your customers when the return arrived at your warehouse and as soon as a refund is issued. This will save your support team a lot of time. 

Buy Online Return in Store.

In-store returns provide you the opportunity to boost revenue and foot traffic to your store.


With over 60% of customers more likely to buy if they can return to a physical store, in-store returns are a significant advantage over online-only competition.


You also have an excellent chance to delight them with your latest items and deals, which will enhance the likelihood that they’ll purchase from you again.


Streamline this process by offering:


• List all stores that can accept the return. Clears up any confusion, avoids unnecessary trips, and mitigates customer service phone calls.


• Pre-approve returns. This avoids any hassle at the store level – just walk in, drop off, and get your refund. Easiest return experience ever!

Connect the tools you already use. Plus new ones.

1000+ Carriers Supported worldwide


50+ pre-built integrations to support any marketing or customer support tool


Powerful API to easily integrate into and with any system . 



The WeSupply x Kibo integration lets you:

  • Automate order tracking experience and reduce WISMO calls;

  • Automate shipping email & SMS notifications;

  • Fully branded order tracking experience;

  • Send shipping notifications such as Shipment Exception, Shipment Failed Attempt, Shipment Out for Delivery;

  • Easy-to-use Order Lookup;

  • Order Detail & Order Tracking Page;

  • Split packages regardless of the delivery method (ship to home, in-store pickup);

  • Send order-related notifications for both online and in-store orders;

  • Order management & shipment visibility into unfulfilled orders, delivery exceptions, stalled shipments;

  • Access to various integrations with helpdesk, marketing, personalization tools.

We are not just a platform, we are your partner!

If you’re already using Kibo then integrating with us is simple – feel free to reach out to us and we can work together further!