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Kibo In-Store and Curbside Pickup Solution

Allow customers to buy online on your Kibo store and pick up their order in-store or at curbside, all in just a few steps!

WeSupply Curbside Pickup

Build Customer Loyalty with In-Store & Curbside Pickup

Curbside & in-store pickup for Kibo is the best way to make sure your customers get their items with no hassle. You’ll be able to increase sales and brand awareness while decreasing customer wait times!

Buy Online Pickup in Store
Buy Online Pickup in Store

Enable your customers to pick up orders directly from your store and automatically manage store pickup notifications.

Buy Online Pickup at Curbside option
Buy Online Pickup at Curbside

Let your customers pick up orders from the curbside pick-up point for a truly safe contactless delivery, and effectively automate notifications.

Buy Online Ship to Store option
Buy Online Ship to Store

Your customers can order online and have the item shipped directly to the store. Benefit from extra in-store traffic!

Buy Online Return in Store option
Buy Online Return in Store

Drive additional revenue growth and foot traffic when customers opt for in-store returns.

Buy in Store Return Online option
Buy in Store Return Online

Enable your customers to return their items online with our simple and effective Self-Service Return Center!

Digital Receipts

More than an electronic receipt: a fully-branded experience that will help you connect with your customers.

Manage Store Pickup Notifications

Buy Online Pickup In-Store Solution for Kibo

Automatically Manage Kibo Store Pickup Notifications.

Order pickup has never been easier or safer!


Send SMS and Email notifications the moment an order is ready.


With just a one-time verification code, customers can pick up their orders at their convenience.


  • SMS and Email notifications the moment an order is ready
  • Customers can pick up orders at their convenience
  • Enable one-time verification codes for security

Buy Online Pickup at Curbside For Kibo

Notify your store when your customer drives up for Curbside Pickup.

Automating your curbside pickup communications is a great way to improve customer satisfaction and reduce wait times.


By providing clear instructions on when orders are ready for pick up and when customers arrive at the store, you can eliminate the need for customers to call the store or wait in front of the store.


Additionally, automated curbside pickup can help to boost repeat purchases by making it easier for customers to pick up their orders.

Buy Online Pickup at Curbside
Buy Online Ship to Store

Buy Online Ship to Store Solution for Kibo Stores

Ship to store has never been easier!

decrease operating costs by offering customers the ability to pick up products at the location of their choice.


Customers can easily track orders as they make their way to the selected store and easily check-in to avoid long wait times.


By allowing customers to choose their own pick-up location, WeSupply saves you money on shipping and handling costs.


• Order Confirmation Notification – “don’t go to the store yet….

• Shipping Confirmation Notification – “it’s on its way to the store… but not ready for you….

Branded Order Tracking Page – “Track your order as it travels to the selected store

• Ready for Pickup Notification – “We can’t wait to see you and show your new item

• Order Picked Up Notification – “Enjoy! If you don’t like the product you can return it in-store or online

Buy Online Return in Store

One way to increase revenue and foot traffic at your retail store is to offer in-store returns.


Customers can buy online and pay online and return items in-store. This will clear up any confusion, helping them avoid unnecessary trips while mitigating customer service phone calls.


You can list all stores that can accept the return and pre-approve returns. This avoids any hassle at the store level – just walk in, drop off, and get your refund. Easiest return experience ever!


Customers will appreciate the convenience, and you’ll see an increase in sales and traffic.

Buy Online Return in Store

Buy in Store Return Online Solution for Kibo Stores

We’re making it easier than ever for customers to return items online by bringing all orders into one single platform.


Our powerful API seamlessly integrates into your ERP system and OMS/ POS network!


  • Seamlessly integrate into your ERP and OMS/POS
  • Import all orders from Shopify in just one place
  • Easily oversee everything from a single platform

Create Beautiful Digital Receipts For Your Kibo

Ditch the standard email receipts and re-engage with your customers.

With beautifully designed receipts that match the style of your brand, you can showcase your deals, new products, and more.


Add FAQs and product care info right on the digital receipt page to build long-term customer relationships.


Easily ask for feedback using CSAT & NPS surveys directly on the digital receipt page!


  • Showcase your brand’s style with beautifully designed receipts.
  • Share deals, new products, and more on digital receipts.
  • Include FAQs and product care info to build customer relationships.
  • Ask for feedback using CSAT & NPS surveys on digital receipts.
digital receipts
One place for all In-Store and Online Orders

One place for all your Kibo Offline and Online Orders.

Our omnichannel tracking solution is the perfect way to streamline your inventory management, reduce customer wait times, and improve order pickups.


We bring every order into one place, regardless of whether it was placed online or in-store, making it easy for customers to get their orders and for employees to manage the high volume of orders coming through each day.


Our solution eliminates the stress of inventory management, reduces customer wait times in-store, and streamlines order pickups for online customers.

We are more than just a platform. We are your partner!

If you’re already using Kibo, then integrating with us is simple – feel free to reach out to us and we can work together further!

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