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Post-Purchase Analytics: Improve Your Shipping Estimates By Knowing Your Insights

Ecommerce is slowly, but surely, evolving to the point that it is entirely customer-oriented.

Post-Purchase Analytics:

Ecommerce is slowly, but surely, evolving to the point that it is entirely customer-oriented

What was once the simple rule of ‘What the customer wants the customer gets‘ has turned into something much more. What shoppers want, they get.

They get it in the version they want it in and delivered to the location they want it at. They also get to decide when it should arrive and have the option to send it back, with a full refund, if they aren’t happy about the product.

In 2021, two- or three-day delivery times are the gold standard for online purchases.

two- or three-day delivery times are the gold standard

How can you achieve the Amazon-quality service standard?

By simply putting your post-purchase insights to good use. Post-Purchase eCommerce analytics, when applied and acted upon properly, are like a tumbling snowball effect. One that breaks through the most crucial problems when running an eCommerce business:

  • Predicting trends and styles of popular products and forecasting demand for goods and services.
  • Identify when errors or delays are likely before they happen to run such a complex operation smoothly.
  • Optimizing shipment structures: find out whether your carriers’ performance is costing you revenue or how long do orders take to process by locations
  • Identify “at-risk” customers and reduce shipping errors proactively to earn customer loyalty.
WeSupply Order's Journey

Order and Shipping Estimates are basically an – ‘X’ marks the spot

Let me start with a simple example. You’re going through a rough patch when it comes to user reviews. Most of them add up to complaints about shipment estimates not reflecting the actual arrival of the packages. Products are arriving late. But how is this possible when the Overall Average Processing time is above the SLA?

You dig deeper and soon realize that all of the late packages start off from the same location and that all weekdays have stellar numbers except for one: Friday. For months now, on every Friday, that location has performed extremely poorly.

So you make a phone call to the location Store Manager, pass on the information and ask him to investigate. Next Friday evening he returns with a phone call and explains that it seems that a part of his warehouse team had been working two jobs: Every Thursday night they would do night-shifts at a different company and thus go to work on Fridays totally exhausted. They played the Weekly Processing Time Average by working exceptionally hard on the rest of the weekdays so those numbers would cover for a lackluster Friday.

This simple explanation revealed two things: A location that on the surface seemed to do well was actually a magnet for subpar reviews and a Store Manager who, on Fridays, seemed to go about his work without noticing his workers barely shuffling along in exhaustion. 

This is the magic of Post-Purchase Analytics. A keen eye will always notice the gigantic ‘X’ painted through numbers.

It is absolutely vital to have all this information at hand and make necessary adjustments based, on it, and this is where WeSupply Analytics comes to help you figure it out:

  • Order processing time -the time it takes your locations to process orders;
  • How long does order processing take on different weekdays;
  • eCommerce reports which reveal the time a courier takes from pickup to drop-off
  • End-to-End Data tells you the length of time from the moment the customer made the purchase to the moment they have it on their doorstep.

Use The Magic Of Post-Purchase Analytics

WeSupply offers you a granular set of insights into the activity of your orders and shipments.

Use The Magic Of Post-Purchase Analytics

Numbers never tell a lie; WeSupply takes that simple fact and runs with it by offering you a more granular set of insights into the activity of your orders and shipments. To help you draw the large ‘X’ on the problem that your company might be facing.

Use Notifications Statistics To Reduce Customer Churn

Returning customers make up most of the revenue of any eCommerce business. It is an undisputed fact of commerce and, as such, it makes customer loyalty a critical part of your success:

  • It costs five times more to acquire a new consumer than to keep an old one.
  • Increasing customer retention by 5% can result in profits ranging from 25 to 95 percent.

Customers LOVE their blinking lights. Nothing’s more satisfying than periodically checking on the progress your package is making towards you.

Why? The answer is simple: There is a certain dopamine rush whenever you buy something that you’re truly happy with.

Through these emails, you create positive moments the customer has with your business. You keep reinforcing that dopamine shot and thus reinforcing the satisfying connection they have with your shop.

However, the fact is that to get the most out of your notifications, they must be well-planned. In order to do so, they must be constantly measured. 

WeSupply provides a graphic representation of all of your emails in one glance, allowing to:

  • Keep track of all the email and text notifications you have sent, at all times.
  • Check on their performance to tell how many were sent and how many were opened.
  • Tell how many were clicked and what’s the click rate for a certain time range.

With the help of these features, you can actually manage the rush your customer receives from purchasing a product, without them even holding the product yet.

Understand Everything On Your Return Shipment Status

Now lastly, let’s talk about Returns. The consensus is that Returns are an all-around unpleasant affair and, generally speaking, are to be avoided. Returns lose you customers. But must they really?

WeSupply has some of the most sophisticated features when it comes to Returns. Now, you can easily check:

  • How many Returns do you still have pending approval.
  • How many are in transit and where they are and their values.
  • It also tells you about Returns that have no available Tracking.
  • You can also check them by status to more easily deduce how many are still being processed or how many have already got shipped back.

Now you can know everything from the reason they have been returned to the state they are in and what is to be done with them.

WeSupply works on a simple mantra: Turn every disadvantage into an advantage. Returns lose you, customers? Why should they?

Let’s have another simple example. The holidays are well on their way and Molly wants to order a dress for her sister as a gift. Everything from purchase to delivery went as smoothly as can be expected. The problem is that once she opens the box she realizes that she doesn’t actually like it. Frustrated, she sits down and starts the tedious process of returning the dress.

She returns to your site to look up the Return policy. The first thing she notices is that you have a drop-off point in her town and that she will not need a printer for her return. Some of her anxiety dissipates.

Molly was disappointed by the product but the thing is that the entire process of actually getting the dress and then sending it back had cost so little effort or hassle that she decides to order again and this time doubles her shopping cart.

And here’s why: She would rather get a product wrong several times, but know that she is in control of the situation, rather than try a completely new company which might not even properly deliver the right product. 

This is what the WeSupply Solutions are all about. They optimize every aspect of your logistics operation to the point that it seems effortless for the customers to interact with you and at your end that only means you’ll increase sales.

Is it magic?

Though it might seem like magic, it most certainly is not.

Post-Purchase Analytics, when used properly, rolls into a snowball effect which ends up raising the standards of your business. You start out by tightening the entire delivery operation (from order processing to actual delivery) which snowballs into customers that love buying from you since there are rarely any bumps along the way.

Then, you consolidate that effort through an ambitious Post-Purchase Customer Engagement plan and finish it off by ensuring that even on the off-chance of a Return the customer has the easiest time possible to return the product. Keep them happy even when they’re disappointed.

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