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WeSupply and JustUno logos
WeSupply and JustUno logos

How to Personalize
Post-Purchase Customer Experience + 8 Examples

How to build an excellent post-purchase experience using personalization tools? Check out this article to find out!

How to Personalize Post-Purchase Customer Experience + 8 examples cover wesupply justuno

Why the Post Purchase Experience is critical in Retail?


It is crucial for businesses to ensure a pleasant client post-purchase experience. It indicates whether the provider has met customers’ needs and expectations, whether they will return to the company in the future, or whether they would recommend it to friends or relatives.


Why should eCommerce businesses provide their clients with a seamless, personalized post-purchase procedure? About 90% of online businesses already invest in personalization, and that’s for a good reason (several, actually).


For example, an order management system that provides customers with order status updates and a complete returns procedure will help them have a pleasant experience. This eliminates the danger of negative feedback or worse, looking to competitors in the future instead.

Customer perceptions of what happens after they buy your product or service are extremely important in whether or not they return. Increasing the post-purchase experience can be a fantastic way to retain clients.


For starters, 51% of marketers rate personalization as their top priority.


This is not surprising, as personalization has been shown to be an effective marketing tool for quite some time now. Studies have shown that personalized messages are more likely to be read and responded to than generic messages.


In addition, personalization can help to build customer loyalty and brand awareness. This is why marketers are looking to increase their use of behavioral-based messages in their campaigns and loyalty program.

Truth is that it’s much easier (and cost-effective) to drive future purchases from existing customers and increase customer retention through personalized campaigns rather than to get new customers coming.


Personalization is the key to customer satisfaction for most online stores and, to back this up, this McKinsey study clearly shows how important is to personalize communication across multiple channels:

The number one reason a customer will return to your store is if you provide them with a fantastic experience after they click the buy button. Keep your client informed, no matter how long it takes for their order to ship or when unexpected delays happen.


Additionally, it’s also crucial that you handle returns well— a good return experience will make your shoppers happy and your customer support team more productive.


Customers check the tracking status on average three times per order, according to our study. Customers must be proactively notified when delays or exceptions occur and re-engage with them at each stage to turn a poor customer experience into a positive one.

See How London Drugs Manage Customer Experiences in an Omnichannel World!

london drugs order notification
london drugs order notification

See How London Drugs Manage Customer Experiences in an Omnichannel World!

Personalize the Post-Purchase Journey


Take control of your client’s experience after they buy from you, rather than relying on the carriers to do it for you. Create customized tracking pages that promote sales, product knowledge, referrals, and more as an alternative to sending generic shipping emails and carrier tracking sites.


In fact, 66% of consumers expect brands to understand their individual needs, whereas 70% of consumers admit that how well a company understands their specific needs directly affects their loyalty to the brand.

WeSupply & Justuno: Post-Purchase personalization at your fingertips!


At WeSupply we know that a one-experience-fits-all is not the way to go! Personalizing the post-purchase experience is a must and that’s why we partnered with Justuno.


Personalization begins with data collection, so gain more actionable information about your website visitors by gathering more first-party data. Onsite campaigns can help you develop and nurture the audiences needed to improve personalization on and off-site for improved targeting and prospecting.

1. SMS Opt-In on Order Tracking Page


Did you know that 72% of customers will only engage with personalized messaging? That already says a lot about how important is to personalize post-purchase experience.


Use Justuno’s targeting rules to show an SMS opt-in to those who have signed up for emails but not texts yet. After all, post-purchase emails are great but it’s even better to get high-intent subscribers onto SMS where you can continue the post-purchase relationship on a 1:1 channel.

2. TikTok and Instagram Handle Lead Capture on Order Tracking Page


For those looking to grow their ambassador/influencer marketing programs, collecting Instagram & TikTok handles from customers after they’ve purchased can be a game-changer.


Whether you’re encouraging them to post their own UGC (user-generated content) of the unboxing experience or feeding them into an influencer marketing platform to identify those with a large following for strategic partnerships—having this contact information for social media will be great for owned media campaigns.


After all, (online) word-of-mouth is a powerful tool that enables retailers like you to boost brand awareness and nurture brand advocates. See how this affects the bigger brands like Nike and Zara below:

3. Product Recommendations on Order Tracking Page


Use Justuno’s intelligent product recommendation engine to place related products on the branded order tracking page based on order contents for maximum personalization! One-click add-to-cart buttons make this a seamless experience for visitors.


Even if these don’t lead to purchases immediately, the frequency with which order tracking pages are checked guarantees that the next time they’re on your site shopping—these products will be top of mind for them to browse!

4. Geo-Targeted Event Messaging


Use WeSupplyLab’s store locator tool in conjunction with Justuno to let website visitors know about upcoming events at their local store. Justuno’s geo-targeting rules work all the way down to the zip code making it easy to personalize every visitor’s experience.


If you’re running special events, pop-up shops, etc. let those browsing your site within a certain radius know to drive more foot traffic & provide relevant information.

5. Opening a New Store (Onsite + Email Messaging)


If you’re opening a new storefront, let shoppers know that are within surrounding zip codes! Let them know about a launch event, special goodies, etc. all on-site.


Alternatively, collect zip codes simultaneously as their email address to create location-based segments in your email service provider (ESP)— then send targeted emails out to those in the surrounding zip codes when your store is opening for a special VIP invite.


6. Store Locator + Cart Abandoner


If someone goes to exit with items in their cart—serve them a cart abandoner pop-up asking them if they want to find a local store using WeSupplyLab’s store locator tool. This can help reduce barriers to purchase like shipping timelines or simply hesitant first-time buyers.


You’ll let them order online to pick up in-store (BOPIS), or simply let them know where they can come to see products in person before they buy.

Learn more about Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) in Our Ultimate Guide!


Learn more about Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) in Our Ultimate Guide!

7. Store Locator + Cart Abandoner “Easy Returns Message”


Many online shoppers are hesitant to make a purchase because they worry about the hassle of returns. What if the item won’t fit? What if the product is not compatible with an existing smart home ecosystem? What if?


Make it clear how easy returns are—buy online now & return it to the store if you want to—easily! This satisfaction guarantee is a great way to save the sale without impacting profit margins, and build trust with first-time customers.


8. Shipping Delay Banners


If delays occur in certain parts of the country, let shoppers know ahead of time. Target areas served by your 3PLs (3rd-party logistics) to show a banner that shipping times are extended for now—this will build trust and reduce friction later on in the buyer’s journey.


By being upfront about delays and giving customers the option to return items, you’ll show that you’re committed to providing a positive shopping experience.

Create relationships, not transactions


Optimizing and improving the post-purchase customer journey brings the consumer and merchant closer together, it is an excellent way for businesses to develop strong ties with their customers, build a devoted client base, and increase lifetime value (LTV).


We met with Justuno’s success team and put together these 8 examples of how you can personalize the post-purchase experience.


If you have any creative ideas or you would like to find a solution for your unique use case, make sure you schedule a call with our personalization expert.

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