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Managing the Surge of Gift Returns in Ecommerce

evereve customer returning gift on WeSupply Returns Center

Navigating ecommerce gift returns doesn’t have to be daunting. Learn how to seamlessly integrate returns into your online shopping experience with our expert guide. Read on to streamline your process, retain customers, and turn returns into a competitive edge for your e-commerce business.

Key Takeaways

Creating an Effective Ecommerce Gift Return Policy

A robust return policy is the backbone of a customer-centric ecommerce business. With the right approach, businesses can manage the surge of gift returns effectively without compromising customer satisfaction. A transparent return policy reassures customers about the ease of the return process, helping to lower cart abandonment rates. Moreover, a well-defined return policy decreases customer service inquiries by providing customers with a clear understanding of the process. Some key elements to include in your return policy are:

  • Clear instructions on how to initiate a return

  • Timeframe for returns

  • Accepted condition of returned items

  • Refund or exchange options

  • Return shipping process and costs

  • Contact information for customer support

By implementing these elements, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free return experience for your customers.

For the holiday season, the return policy needs to clearly communicate the length of the return window, the original condition required, and the proof of purchase that is necessary. Such attention to detail not only meets customer expectations but also builds trust, providing a competitive advantage during the peak shopping season.

Offering Store Credit or Gift Cards

A win-win solution for both customer and retailer is offering store credit or gift cards for returns. This strategy offers the following benefits:

  • Brings flexibility to the shopping experience

  • Curbs revenue loss for the retailer

  • Encourages gift recipients to become repeat customers, enhancing the overall returns experience.

Retailers can further motivate customers to choose store credit by offering added benefits such as an extended validity period for the credits or a bonus amount on top of the purchase value. This strategy not only ensures the sale value stays with the retailer but also leads to retaining sales revenue within the company.

WeSupply facilitates a seamless customer experience by offering refunds in the form of store credit, gift cards, or coupon codes. This approach not only encourages customers to return and shop again but also fosters a sense of loyalty and trust between the brand and its consumers. Through this method, WeSupply positions itself as a customer-centric platform that prioritizes customer satisfaction and retention.

Extended Return Window

An extended return window during the holiday season is critical to accommodate gift recipients and ensure an enhanced customer experience for the gift giver. As gifts are usually purchased well before the actual holiday, a standard return window might expire before the recipient even has a chance to open the gift.

Businesses can align with the special timing of gift exchanges by providing extended return windows for holiday gifts, particularly when paired with a gift receipt. Such a considerate move not only reassures customers but also leaves a positive, enduring impression that contributes to customer loyalty.

WeSupply enhances the shopping experience with an extended return window, especially during the holiday season, to meet customers’ needs effectively. This strategy includes:

  • Exchanges After Return Window Expires: Encouraging customer loyalty by offering added flexibility with a tiered return and exchange system, including returns within 30 days, exchanges up to 60 days, and replacements or warranty claims up to 90 days.

  • Brand/Vendor Specific Return Windows: Offering flexibility while maintaining control over the return process by adapting return windows to fit specific brands, respecting manufacturers’ guidelines and addressing the unique nature of certain products, such as seasonal items.

Discover how WeSupply can revolutionize your return process and enhance customer loyalty. Book a demo today and take the first step towards a seamless and flexible return experience.

Including Gift Receipts

Gift receipts are the unsung heroes of a smooth return experience. Including gift receipts with online orders makes it easier for gift recipients to return unwanted items. It enables recipients to discreetly exchange items without disclosing the purchase price, avoiding potential embarrassment.

Gift receipts are especially recommended for high-priced gifts and items such as clothing or accessories, where there’s a higher chance of needing an exchange due to size or preference. The assurance that a gift recipient can return or exchange an item if needed strengthens the buyer’s purchasing confidence, thereby making gift receipts an integral part of an ecommerce return policy.

Streamlining the Online Gift Return Process

An effective ecommerce gift return policy is only as good as its execution. Streamlining the online gift return process is a critical step in enhancing the overall shopping experience. Employing best-in-class returns management technology allows customers to quickly and easily manage returns, such as printing a return label or bringing items to a drop-off center without the need for repackaging.

Prompt processing of refunds and proactive communication, including personalized notifications, signal to customers that their time is respected, enhancing their post-purchase experience. Some businesses even outsource return management to third-party logistics providers to streamline the return process, making it more efficient and likely to encourage customers to shop again.

Prepaid Return Labels

Offering prepaid return labels with online purchases can significantly simplify the return process. By including a prepaid return label in the package, customers don’t need to track down a printer or visit a post office, further simplifying the return process.

Easy returns facilitated by prepaid return labels can lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction, as it streamlines the process for customers to return items. By using a self-service return portal, customers can request returns or exchanges and receive an automatically generated prepaid return label, enhancing the return experience.

WeSupply streamlines the online gift return process by simplifying returns for both customers and retailers. With the ability to automatically generate return labels, customers can initiate returns seamlessly, even during times when staff availability might be limited. Enhancing the convenience further, WeSupply offers printerless returns through QR codes, allowing customers to return gifts without the need for printing. This innovative approach not only improves the customer experience by removing the hassle associated with traditional return methods but also positions WeSupply as a forward-thinking solution in the e-commerce space.

Automating Returns Management

Automation plays a crucial role in streamlining the returns process. Some benefits of using automated returns management systems include:

  • Handling customer communications

  • Providing status updates to teams

  • Creating labels as needed

  • Minimizing human error and fraud

Efficiency is enhanced by these automated systems, especially when managing electronics and entertainment items.

Automation tools provide customers with convenient self-service portals for online returns initiation and offer in-person return drop-offs through integrated software platforms. Moreover, analytics gained from automated returns management systems enable retailers to identify trends in product returns, inform marketing strategies, and leverage customer feedback to improve product offerings.

WeSupply revolutionizes returns management by automating and simplifying the process, thereby enhancing customer loyalty and reducing operational burdens. This platform transforms the returns experience with several key features:

  • Branded Returns Portal: Offers a branded, omnichannel experience that keeps customers within your ecosystem, avoiding the confusion of third-party courier pages.
  • Self-Service Returns Process: Empowers 70% of shoppers who desire a frictionless eCommerce returns experience by giving them complete control over the process.

  • Flexible Returns Rules: Allows for the creation of customized return policies to accommodate various use cases, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  • Returns Tracking: Eases post-purchase anxiety by enabling customers to track the progress of their returns effortlessly.

  • Post-Purchase Notifications: Engages customers with email and SMS notifications about returns, with an open rate as high as 98%, and offers personalized deals to encourage repeat business.

  • Automated Returns: Saves time spent on manual returns processing, streamlines the process, reduces fraud and human error, and collects valuable customer feedback and images.

These features not only automate returns management but also create a more satisfying post-purchase experience for customers, encouraging their loyalty and repeat business. Elevate your returns process and delight your customers. Get started with WeSupply today and transform your post-purchase experience!

In-Store Returns for Online Purchases

With the emergence of omnichannel retailing, the Buy Online, Return In-Store (BORIS) policy has gained increasing popularity. Implementing a BORIS policy enables customers to:

  • Return online purchases at physical store locations

  • Reduce the costs associated with return shipping

  • Create opportunities for additional in-store sales when customers come to return their items.

A significant portion of shoppers prefer buying items online and appreciate the option to return items purchased online at a nearby brick-and-mortar location. Implementing this practice caters to customer preferences and is a surefire way to enhance the return experience.

WeSupply streamlines online shopping by offering convenient in-store returns, encouraging “Buy Online, Return In Store.” This approach not only simplifies returns for customers but also drives traffic to physical stores, potentially boosting sales. It reduces cart abandonment by providing flexible return options and saves on transportation costs with efficient return handling. WeSupply’s solution seamlessly connects the digital and physical retail experience, offering a win-win for both retailers and shoppers.

Turning Gift Returns into Opportunities

Gift returns, if handled strategically, can be transformed into opportunities. By offering bonus credit or store credit, shoppers can be incentivized to choose product exchanges over cash refunds, leading to lower acquisition costs and higher customer retention.

Relaxed return policies may see an increase in purchase intent as customers feel more secure knowing they can return items easily. Moreover, implementing BORIS policies can boost store foot traffic, as customers returning items may also make additional purchases, thereby increasing overall sales.

Encouraging Product Exchanges

Encouraging product exchanges can be a game-changer for ecommerce businesses. Here are some incentives that can incentivize customers to opt for exchanges rather than asking for refunds:

  • Exclusive offers

  • Rewards

  • Store credit

  • Loyalty points

Retailers can offer the following to motivate customers to reinvest their return into another purchase:

  • Instant store credit

  • Tailored deals

  • Promoting product upgrades

  • Offering discounts

These strategies can navigate customers toward more valuable items during the exchange process, amplifying both sales and customer engagement.

WeSupply encourages product exchanges to transform returns into opportunities, allowing customers to exchange return items for any product, including reshipping the same item, exchanging for an item of the same value, or opting for a higher valued item. To incentivize exchanges over returns, WeSupply leverages instant store credit to save sales and potentially increase the average order value. Additionally, offering refunds as store credit, gift cards, or coupon codes not only motivates customers to revisit and shop more but also fosters a trusting relationship, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Incentivize exchanges over returns

Book a quick call with our experts to see how WeSupply can help you save sales through exchanges and boost the average order value using instant store credit.

Enhancing Customer Experience

A positive return experience can leave a lasting impression on customers, contributing to increased customer lifetime value. Providing customers with real-time tracking for returns and individual tracking numbers for split returns can significantly enhance the return experience.

Maintaining customer trust and satisfaction requires transparent communication about the status of returns. Continual optimization of the return policy and process based on customer feedback and industry benchmarks results in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

WeSupply significantly enhances the customer experience by simplifying exchanges and returns, ensuring customers remain engaged and satisfied post-purchase. Key features include:

  • Making Exchanges Easy: Customers are directed back to the retailer’s website to shop for any product using store credit or gift cards as partial payment, encouraging increased order values and boosting customer lifetime value.
  • Real-time returns tracking: WeSupply offers individual tracking numbers for split returns, addressing common customer concerns about return timelines and eliminating confusion.

  • Proactive Post-Purchase Communication: Utilizing email and SMS notifications, WeSupply keeps customers informed about their returns and offers personalized deals to encourage repeat business, effectively removing the need for customers to make “check-up” calls.

  • Branded Returns Portal: By avoiding the use of confusing third-party courier pages and generic tracking numbers, WeSupply creates a branded, omnichannel return experience that boosts customer loyalty.

WeSupply’s approach not only nurtures positive customer relationships through transparency and convenience but also leverages these interactions to drive sales and enhance customer loyalty. Boost your post-purchase experience with WeSupply. Book your demo today!

Collecting Valuable Feedback

Customer feedback is a treasure trove of insights. Retailers can use customer feedback obtained during the returns process for product improvements and better understanding of customer preferences when the customer decides on a return.

Feedback can be instrumental in measuring customer satisfaction and the Net Promoter Score (NPS), enabling businesses to adapt to customer needs and enhance overall customer delight. By analyzing patterns in returns, businesses can pinpoint and address recurring issues while optimizing their processes to reduce future returns.

WeSupply champions a data-driven approach to enhance post-purchase customer experiences. By emphasizing the importance of metrics like CSAT and NPS, WeSupply enables businesses to continuously refine their services based on direct feedback. This focus on measurement and optimization ensures that businesses can identify and rectify any issues, from order processing to product quality, fostering superior customer satisfaction. With WeSupply, retailers are equipped to transform challenges into opportunities for improvement, ensuring a delightful customer experience.

Case Study: Evereve's Success with WeSupply

Evereve faced challenges in managing fashion industry orders and returns, leading to manual processes and lack of visibility. WeSupply provided a solution that automated returns, improved operations, and achieved three key objectives: proactivity, self-service, and return flexibility. This transformation resulted in cost savings, faster and more accurate returns, and a streamlined customer experience. Evereve empowered customers to handle returns themselves, reducing reliance on customer service staff. With WeSupply, Evereve turned returns into opportunities by combining information, predictive analytics, and automation, optimizing the return process and improving employee productivity and overall performance. Discover how Evereve revolutionized their returns with WeSupply. Read the full case study now!

Combat inconvenience with proactivity & self service

Book a quick call with our experts to see how WeSupply can help you make returns easy for your customers with a beautiful, self-service solution that makes their experience easier while also providing new ways to lower costs and earn back revenue.

Navigating Third-Party Seller Returns

Managing returns from third-party sellers can be a tricky affair. Different third-party sellers may have their own return policies, which can be different from those of the main ecommerce platform.

Avoid misunderstandings and disputes with third-party sellers by ensuring clear communication regarding returns. Moreover, customers may be subject to return shipping costs that are not covered by third-party sellers or the ecommerce platform, which need to be communicated to manage their expectations.

Understanding Different Return Policies

Understanding different return policies of third-party sellers is key to managing expectations. Different third-party sellers may have their own return policies, which can vary significantly from those of the main ecommerce platform.

To avoid misunderstandings and disputes, it’s vital to communicate clearly with customers. This includes clear and transparent information about return policies and ensuring customers have a good understanding of third-party sellers’ return policies.

Managing Shipping Costs and Restocking Fees

Managing shipping costs and restocking fees effectively is crucial for profitability. Outsourcing reverse logistics to a third party can help online retailers handle the entire order fulfillment process, including returns, thereby reducing costs.

Ecommerce businesses can effectively manage shipping costs and maintain a high-quality customer experience by leveraging third-party logistics specialists equipped with modern warehouse technology. In addition, encouraging customers to print their own return labels rather than providing prepackaged free-return labels can lead to a more sustainable returns process and cut down on waste.

WeSupply offers strategic solutions for managing shipping costs and restocking fees, ensuring a balance between customer service and revenue management. Key features include:

  • Charge Restocking Fees for Specific Products: Implement restocking fees for certain items to offset return costs. This is managed through a system that applies fees based on SKU numbers, giving retailers precise control over which products are subject to fees.
  • Dynamic Return Shipping Fee Policy: Adjust shipping fees for returns based on the reason for the return. This policy allows for charging customers for returns in cases like ordering the wrong size or buyer’s remorse, while still offering free returns for issues such as damaged items or late deliveries.

These policies empower retailers to manage returns effectively, encouraging responsible shopping behaviors while protecting their bottom line. Optimize your returns and save on costs with WeSupply. Get started now to balance customer satisfaction and profitability!


Returning gifts is often seen as a cumbersome process, but it doesn’t have to be. With a clear and comprehensive ecommerce gift return policy, businesses can not only build trust and loyalty with their customers but also convert potential losses into opportunities. From offering store credit or gift cards, extending the return window, including gift receipts, to streamlining the online gift return process, businesses have multiple strategies to manage the surge of gift returns effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, turning gift returns into opportunities by incentivizing product exchanges, enhancing the customer experience, and collecting valuable feedback can help businesses convert dissatisfied gift recipients into loyal customers. Understanding different return policies and managing shipping costs and restocking fees when dealing with third-party sellers is also crucial. While managing gift returns can be challenging, with the right approach, it can become a competitive advantage for ecommerce businesses.

WeSupply revolutionizes eCommerce returns management by offering a comprehensive solution for efficiently handling gift returns. Key features include automated return label generation, printerless returns via QR codes, tailored brand/vendor-specific return windows, and a self-service returns process. The platform incentivizes exchanges over returns, offers refunds in store credit or gift cards, and enables easy tracking of return progress. Proactive post-purchase notifications and a branded returns portal enhance customer loyalty. Furthermore, WeSupply focuses on data-driven decision-making, allowing businesses to measure and optimize their efforts with CSAT and NPS tracking. The platform also helps manage shipping costs and restocking fees strategically. With WeSupply, eCommerce businesses can seamlessly navigate the surge of gift returns while balancing customer satisfaction and profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a clear ecommerce gift return policy important?

A clear ecommerce gift return policy is important because it builds trust and loyalty with customers, leading to repeat business and setting your business apart during the holiday season.

How can offering store credit or gift cards benefit the business?

Offering store credit or gift cards can benefit the business by incentivizing one-time gift recipients to become repeat customers, providing a positive returns experience, and helping to mitigate the revenue loss from returns. It can ultimately contribute to customer retention and increased sales.

How does WeSupply encourage exchanges over returns?

WeSupply incentivizes exchanges by allowing customers to return items for any product, including reshipping the same item, exchanging for an item of the same value, or opting for a higher-valued item.

What options does WeSupply offer for refunds?

WeSupply offers refunds in the form of store credit or gift cards, enticing customers to return and shop more often while building a trusting relationship.

How does WeSupply help customers track their returns?

WeSupply provides real-time returns tracking, allowing customers to check the progress of their returned products easily and request updates with just a few clicks.

How does WeSupply manage shipping costs and restocking fees?

WeSupply strategically manages shipping costs and restocking fees by offering restocking fees for specific products and charging shipping fees for returns based on the reason, balancing cost management with customer service.

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