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Package Theft:
4 Ways to Proactively
Protect Customers


Don’t let porch pirates steal your thunder this holiday season! Here are four ways you can help fight package theft for your customers!

“61% of consumers feel online retailers are not doing enough

to prevent package theft.” – Shorr Packaging

As the 2019 holiday season approaches, ecommerce brands are eagerly awaiting the busiest few months of the year. They’ve got promotions planned, campaigns scheduled, websites optimized, and extra staff for the warehouse. In short, they plan on taking full advantage of the predicted 4.2% year over year increase in online shopping sales.


Unfortunately their anticipation is rivaled by one other group – porch pirates.

Package delivery theft, often while homeowners are at work, is not a holiday-specific occurance. However, with the predicted spike in holiday sales and package delivery volume comes more opportunity for thieves. This can be a nightmare for retailers, who can expect an overwhelming number of calls to their customer service department.


Here are four easy ways you can use proactivity to save your customer experience and mitigate package theft this holiday season!

Setting the Right Expectations

“74% of packages are stolen during the day

when homeowners are out.” – John White,

When considering a package theft solution, the best place to start is the pre-purchase stage. Setting transparent expectations for customers should be a year round initiative for retailers, but it’s even more important now. The best way to achieve this is through estimated delivery dates.

Displaying an estimated date of delivery allows the user to quickly decide if they’ll be home or not. Even if they’ll be at work, having this information in advance can help them make necessary arrangements. Offering several clearly displayed shipping methods gives customers the ability to make the best choice for them.


Keep things accurate by including processing time, carrier data, and non-shipping days, as well as the customer’s location. Knowing the estimated due date will put customers at ease by helping them plan ahead, increasing your conversion rate!

Keeping Customers In the Know

“95% of customers are interested in some degree of proactive

communication from companies they buy products and services from.” – Loyalty360

Post-purchase transactional email and SMS messages are no longer a perk, they’re a necessity. Don’t just hand customers an ecommerce order tracking number. Instead, you can become their link to the carrier through real time SMS messages. These fan favorite proactive notifications are key for retailers looking to mitigate package theft during the holiday season.


Customers will receive a text the moment any event is triggered in the shipment process. Let them know exactly when their shipment is out for delivery so they can plan accordingly. The shipment delivered text minimizes the time a package spends at the front door and dramatically reduces chances for thieves.


Make it easy for customers to opt into SMS messaging immediately after their purchase, on the “thank you” page. Include the option to opt in/out within the order detail page, in case the customer changes their mind. This offers the customer full flexibility to tailor their experience while ensuring all resources are readily available to them. 

Get Ahead of Problems – Quickly

“71% of customers would recommend a product or service because they received a ‘great experience.’

62% say they would share bad experiences with a friend.” – Philippe Aussant, iperception

Use SMS messages to save the customer experience when things go wrong in transit. Notify the customer of a failed attempt at delivery, shipment exception, or incorrect address. By getting ahead of the problem, allowing address changes or package rerouting, you keep them customers in control. Even simply letting them know about a weather delay offers a great experience while thwarting porch pirates. 


By helping the customer appropriately change their plans during a shipping mishap you build loyalty and ensure that packages are delivered! Even if you can’t change the fact that an issue arose you can turn it into a positive touchpoint!

Use Plain & Simple Packaging

“37% of customers say they would pay more if the package were more discreet.

That is, the packaging hides the more enticing brands or products from thieves.” – Catman

The messaging is loud and clear – retailers should save fun, branded packaging for inside the box. According to a survey conducted by Crawford Packaging, branded packaging is the second most appealing factor for thieves. This is especially important for brands whose names have become synonymous with high end products.


Millennial shoppers have caught on, with 54% saying they’ve purchased items in discreet packaging to mitigate theft. Keep your boxes plain and simple to put customers at ease and avoid angry stolen package calls to your contact center.



Customer experience is everything in today’s modern ecommerce landscape, and nothing ruins that faster than having a package stolen. Don’t let holiday spikes in sales and traffic take your attention away from delighting your customers during the peak season. WeSupply’s solution for proactive notifications and estimated delivery dates can help you optimize your experience when it matters most.