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Auto Rim Shop: No More Tiring Support Tickets for Heavy Weight Orders and Returns

Auto Rim Shop automates the Delivery and Return Experience for heavy items fulfilled and returned directly to dropshippers.

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Founded in 2015, Auto Rim Shop is a leading eCommerce retailer of auto parts and accessories. AutoRimShop is a Factory Wheels, Hubcaps & Center Caps, TPMS Sensors, and Wheel & Tire Packages retailer— the one-stop-shop for all your automotive needs, always dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible shopping and post-purchase experience, with an A+ BBB rating.


“We are born to give YOU back the freedom to understand, decide, and act independently. We will be with you every step of the way, helping you feel confident solving problems only the road can bring. We’re born to democratize knowledge about the automotive industry.”

Auto Rim Shop, About Us


At Auto Rim Shop, high-quality gear and expert-level services are always priorities, alongside customer satisfaction through personalized post-purchase experiences, proactive notifications, and quick self-service returns— this is where Auto Rim Shop crosses paths with WeSupply! Using our platform, they are now able to offer their customers faster processing time, accurate order and return tracking, and real-time visibility into the status of their orders.

The Challenge


AutoRimShop is an online retailer specializing in car rims, tires, and car accessories. They offer a wide selection of products from many different manufacturers and often fulfill orders directly from dropshippers. That means that these products are fulfilled directly from dropshippers and shipped as multiple shipments.


Due to the nature of their products and distribution model, customers often reached out to their customer service team since only part of the orders were delivered by the courier at a time. Not having full visibility into all the shipments created a lot of frustration for customers, but also brought additional pressure upon their customer care reps.


The fact that they’re working with multiple manufacturers and suppliers made the entire returns process even more complicated.


Most often, the products were returned directly to the dropshipper. When an order was fulfilled by multiple dropshippers, identifying the location for each product that is supposed to be returned was both challenging for the customer as well as customer service.


Especially because products such as vehicle accessories, wheels, and tires are really heavy, and need to be returned as individual shipments that required a return label each for each package.

To cover all these areas, they were looking for a post-purchase solution that offers certain features like multiple return label generation, a self-service returns portal, split shipment tracking, order shipping & delivery notifications, and customer reviews and feedback.

The Solution


We worked closely with Auto Rim Shop to configure return logics that identify which dropshipper is supposed to receive each product and generate individual return labels with the exact destination. This was a complex task, as we had to account for the different products, suppliers, and return policies.


However, our platform enables them to set up customized return rules, automate the return label generation process, and use intelligent dispositions to remove unnecessary transportation costs. As a result, Auto Rim Shop has been able to streamline their return process, saving time and money.


Additionally, Auto Rim Shop implemented WeSupply’s split shipment visibility and notifications to keep the customer updated about the latest status of their order. This way, the customer can be sure that their package is on its way and track its progress. Moreover, the notifications let the customer know if there are any changes to their order, such as a delay or shipment exception.

By implementing WeSupply, AutoRimShop was able to:


  • Notify customers about the order status regardless of the vendor and shipping location.

  • Empower dropshippers and vendors to manage the returns on their own.

  • Generate multiple return labels for products such as rims or tires where each product is returned as a different shipment.

  • Automate restocking fee calculation by criteria such as product category and dropshipper.

  • Remove points of friction and streamline the order tracking and returns processes.

Taking a Load Off The Support Team with WeSupply


Prior to WeSupply, the customer support team was struggling to keep up with the number of tickets coming in. This was due to a lack of real-time order tracking, which meant that customer care reps had to rely on manual updates from each supplier.


In addition, the incoming stream of return and refund requests was also putting a strain on their resources. However, WeSupply has addressed each business pain point by providing a platform that offers real-time tracking and automated return processing.


This has enabled the customer support team to focus on more sales-related inquiries, which has resulted in an increase in conversions. The platform has also helped to reduce the number of tickets coming in, as customers are now able to track their orders in real-time and process returns themselves, getting in contact for more urgent and timely issues that need special care and attention.

The Bottom Line


In conclusion, Auto Rim Shop managed to reduce the number of customer support tickets by implementing WeSupply’s real-time order tracking, split shipment view, and returns management tools. By having visibility into every step of the order lifecycle, they were able to quickly identify and resolve unexpected situations before those turned into issues.


Additionally, the ability to split shipments allowed them to immediately ship heavy, bulky items that were in stock, without having to wait for the entire order to be ready. This not only saved time but also ensured that customers received their items as soon as possible. As a result of these improvements, Auto Rim Shop was able to improve their customer satisfaction scores and reduce their overall support costs.

Learn how automated order tracking & returns work in WeSupply!

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