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      Returns management made easy for your team

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      Understand why your customers are returning

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Lyft Tracking

Question: What’s better than Next-Day delivery?

Easy Answer: Same-Day Delivery!

With current consumer standards, both big and small businesses have to provide low-cost fast delivery. Offer same-day Lyft delivery for the customers that need your products right away.

Your customers will be able to request immediate delivery or schedule in advance.

yellow tracking icon

Tracking & Notifications

Track and notify your customer about every Lyft shipment in realtime via email or SMS

Lyft Delivery

Deliver from your Store directly to your customer or transfer merchandise from one store to another.

yellow return icon

Lyft Returns

Delight your customers with the option to schedule their return pickup right from their home.

yellow webhook icon

Lyft webhooks

Efficient, affordable delivery from your store to your customer’s doorstep

Lyft as Your Carrier Service Provider

The post-purchase experience matters for your eCommerce store, and we’ve made it easy for you to manage your Lyft tracking updates. Using our free Branded Tracking Page, customers can keep track of the status of their shipments from start to finish. Even when packages are shipped from multiple locations! 

If you’re using a third-party carrier page to manage your deliveries, tracking and notifications, it’s time to make a change. Create customized tracking pages with branded, personalized content that is relevant to your target audience rather than relying on a third party.


Choose from our mobile-friendly designs and make them your own to create a more accessible client experience. Get all of your order tracking and management information in one spot, including the delivery window, processing time when placing an order with the local store, and delivery date.


Streamline your business’ returns process by using our self-service returns management tools. With WeSupply, customers can initiate their own returns and take the burden off of your customer support team! Lyft can pickup the return from your customer are even return it to a nearby store location.

Branded Tracking Page​ for Lyft deliveries

Did you know that online shoppers check out the order tracking page on average, 3.6 times per order?


By using your branded tracking page instead of Lyft’s generic one, you have the chance to control every aspect of the customer experience. This gives you a great opportunity to promote sales, new products or collections, and further share your brand story.


  • Premium Customer Experience with Order Tracking & Shipping Notifications.
  • Boost sales growth with Fully Branded Tracking Pages that speak to your brand.
  • Keep re-engaging shoppers for long-term success and improved customer LTV.
  • Update Lyft Tracking Page with Personalized marketing offers.
  • Let customers check the shipping status to remove “Where is my order?” tickets.

6 Fully Customizable Lyft Tracking Page Designs.​

Your brand is what represents your company and eCommerce store. Therefore, the customer experience is a significant part of how people will perceive your business. In recent years, it has become more evident that the post-purchase experience is just as much a part of the brand experience as anything else. By delivering a branded tracking page to customers after their purchase, you are not only providing excellent service but also increases the chance of repeat business from that customer.

  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Integrate with your favorite 3rd party apps
  • Upsell complementary products
  • Easy to understand order status timeline
  • Realtime shipping updates

Get full access to all of our Branded Tracking Page templates and customize your own!

See below some of our branded tracking page templates to get inspired:

Reduce WISMO “Where Is My Order?” emails by up to 82%!

Although the majority of shoppers receive their orders on time, you will occasionally have customers who experience delivery delays and become angry when checking the status of their orders.


WeSupply will automatically detect Lyft delays and it will notify the customer proactively.

Branded Lyft SMS and Email notifications that drive sales.​

The average Lyft Tracking notification open rate via SMS is as high as 98% within the first minute.


SMS notifications for Lyft shipping updates earn you money! You don’t need your customers to opt in because these notifications are transactional. In other words, your customers are waiting and expecting you to update them about their Lyft shipments.


Customers can opt to receive SMS or email notifications whenever the status of their shipment changes.


As a merchant, you can share Lyft tracking links using automatic Shipping Notifications. Your customers will be able to find the status of their package within one click.


Customers are opening and clicking our Post-Purchase Lyft shipping notifications 6x more than any other marketing email, and they’re generating 7x more income.


  • Build customer loyalty & Increase customer Satisfaction
  • Email & SMS Notifications via WeSupply
  • Integrate with Klaviyo, Attentive or Listrak
  • Reduce customer care tickets by 56%
  • Instant ROI Guaranteed


Lyft Returns for your eCommerce store​

Customers want a simple, intuitive returns process, and they want it now!


Lyft takes care of your return packages and processes them for the customer, providing an excellent white-glove delivery process.


You can use Lyft delivery service with WeSupply Return Center, to allow your customers to return their products easily, self-service returns portal, partial refunds, and much more!

Lyft On-Demand Shipping Services​

WeSupply recognizes the pressure that online and omnichannel retailers feel to perform. Thus, we provide several services to lighten your load so you can succeed without breaking a sweat. We will help you optimize productivity, keep costs low, and give your customers an enjoyable experience they won’t soon forget.

Get everything you need for your online or omnichannel retail business with Lyft and WeSupply today!


  • From your Store to your Customer
  • Transfer products Store to Store
  • Returns from Customers to Store

Lyft API and webhooks

It is easy to integrate Lyft Tracking with your existing system. Use our APIs to built integrations fast. WeSupply will automatically analyze your orders and shipments and keep you updated on the latest status of each Lyft shipment.


3 easy steps to launch Lyft Tracking with your store?


Ease of use is a priority for WeSupply. Use our APIs to connect them with your current systems, or use our prebuilt integrations.


We automatically analyze your orders and shipments and detect the latest status of each shipment.

Track your Delivery​

Keep yourself and your customers informed about their delivery's progress with our real-time tracking system.

How to integrate Lyft with Shopify?

Easily integrate Lyft with your Shopify store by installing the WeSupply Track Order & Returns app from the Shopify App Store.


This quick and simple installation process will ultimately enable you to integrate your store with Lyft while providing you with a fully on-brand Tracking Page and real-time Delivery Notifications.


This integration also allows end-customers to generate return labels by themselves and get accurate estimations for the package delivery.

How to integrate Magento and Lyft?

Track all your Lyft from your Magento store with our carrier. All you need to do is to install our WeSupply Order Tracking & Returns Magento extension that natively integrates with Lyft and start monitoring your deliveries under one roof! WeSupply supports all Lyft shipping methods, including return shipping and last-mile delivery.

How to integrate BigCommerce and Lyft?

Easily integrate Lyft with your BigCommerce store by installing the WeSupply Track Order & Returns app from the BigCommerce App Store.


This quick and simple installation process will ultimately enable you to integrate your store with Lyft while providing you with a fully on-brand Tracking Page and real-time Delivery Notifications.


This integration also allows end-customers to generate return labels by themselves and get accurate estimations for the package delivery.

Use WeSupply API to integrate any system with Lyft

WeSupply can integrate with hundreds of third-party tools; however in case we are not already integrated, use our API and Webhooks to connect with any ERP, OMS or WMS system.

Get a free demo to see how WeSupply can work for you

Our shipping and logistics experts will guide you through the product and analyze how WeSupply best fits your eCommerce needs.