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Why Contactless Curbside Delivery Is Here To Stay

Curbside delivery will remain relevant. The question is “why.” Keep reading to find out and see how you can use it to your advantage!


Curbside pickup is a game-changer, no doubt about this.


Big players in the retail industry know this and use the service to their advantage.


Think about Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, to name a few.


They know that customers find it incredibly useful to be able to place an order online and then conveniently pull into a parking spot that is designated for pickup and have a store associate come out with their order in a matter of minutes.


What’s the context?


The current global health situation led to the disruption of our daily life and often continues to do so, forcing many retailers to adapt their operations in order to protect both employees and customers.


One of the most significant changes has been the adoption of curbside pickup by a significant number of restaurants, retail brands, and so on, which allows customers to collect online orders without having to enter the building.


While some have voiced concerns that curbside pickup will take over the opportunity of upselling and cross-selling as part of the in-store experience, even after all restrictions are lifted, data suggests that this is not the case.


In fact, curbside pickup is complementing in-store pickup, giving customers additional options and providing the flexibility needed to safely shop during the pandemic.

Curbside pickup will play a vital role in ensuring that customers can enjoy a huge variety of products when shopping online while having the opportunity to pick up their orders themselves to save time, effort, and money otherwise spent on shipping fees.



What Is Contactless Curbside Delivery?


Convenience is key, there’s no doubt about it.


For consumers, this means being able to choose how and where they can shop.


This is especially true for last-minute shoppers, who often rely on local and nearby stores, but also during the holiday season for those who are in rush to get their hands on products as soon as possible.


In fact, global searches for “open now near me” show us an increase of over 400% year-over-year.

Moreover, searches for “gift shops near me” have grown globally by over 60% year over year.


It’s no secret that holiday shopping is happening earlier each year. As a matter of fact, numbers of June 2021 tell us that 31% of U.S. shoppers had already started their holiday shopping, whereas 37% of shoppers wished they had started earlier.


Last-minute shopping and the ongoing pandemic are two key drivers of contactless curbside pickup as the preferred method for order fulfillment. About 50% of consumers are using curbside more frequently than they were prior to the outbreak.

Why Is Curbside Delivery Necessary?


There’s nothing quite as frustrating as waiting for a delivery that’s taking forever. Ans so often the frustration can quickly turn to anxiety, hence Where Is My Order?” support tickets.


Retailers have long been searching for the perfect delivery method— one that is convenient for online shoppers and cost-effective for retailers.


And it seems that they may have finally found it in the form of click-and-collect. These types of services allow consumers to order items online and then pick them up at a nearby store.

Want to know all about in-store and curbside pickup?


Want to know all about in-store and curbside pickup?

For customers, this is convenient because it eliminates the need to wait weeks in a row for their packages to arrive. And for retailers, it is considerably more cost-effective because it reduces the costs of shipping and last-mile delivery (which can be quite expensive).


Here are the most noteworthy reasons why contactless curbside delivery is here to stay:


Safety Guidelines and Recommendations


Safety first!


As social distancing guidelines and recommendations have become part of our life, it’s necessary to prioritize the well-being of both your employees and the customers.


Curbside pickup enables you to reduce the risk of airborne diseases and viruses by allowing your customers to pick up their orders outside your store.


Once they arrive at the destination and receive a confirmation notification that the order is being brought out to them, customers can simply pop open their car trunks for store associates to place orders inside, without any physical contact!

Convenient For Customers


The retail industry is one that has changed drastically over the years, but one thing stayed pretty much the same: the need to prioritize the customer experience in order to be ahead of your competition.


To meet customers expectations, you need to make in-person shopping simple, streamlined, and more convenient.


Consumers expect brands to provide them with sufficient options for an optimal experience, often demanding free shipping, same-day delivery, or both.


Over 60% of consumers want automated check-in upon arrival and store associates to bring out the order directly to the vehicle. This is why contactless curbside delivery eliminates the need to leave the car. When the curbside pickup order is ready, the personnel responsible for these orders comes out and simply places the order inside the trunk— that’s all!

Improving Retail Technology


The retail industry is changing fast, and the bigger players are using new and improved digital tools to level up their omnichannel store operations.


Aligning strategic business initiatives across both online and offline channels requires effective tech and management platforms to make sure everything goes smoothly, from online and in-store sales, supply chain, and order fulfillment to last-mile delivery, and post-purchase operations.


Retail technology can help:

  • Reduce shipping and inventory costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Facilitate inventory management
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Increase the number of sales long-term

In terms of curbside delivery, post-purchase tools like WeSupply enable retailers and store associates to communicate more clearly with customers and avoid unfavorable scenarios.


For example, customers can let the store staff know the moment they arrive at the pickup location, provide the vehicle make, type, and color, and wait at the designated area instead of stopping on the driveway.

Key Takeaways


After all, just like you wouldn’t want to spend precious time answering “Where Is My Order?” calls and emails, why would store personnel waste hours each day, weeks on end, on calls regarding curbside pickup orders?


Letting customers know exactly what is going on with their order and confirming the time when they can safely head toward your store or designated curbside pickup area will save your team so many resources and will create an excellent customer experience.


Learn here how WeSupply can help you effectively manage orders and create the curbside pickup experience your customers deserve! 👏

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