WeSupply fully resolves over 50 return use cases.

  1. Cost of the return is higher then the product price
  2. Selling medication, food/beverage products that nobody wants back
  3. Customized products that cannot be resold
  4. Downloadable products that do not need to be sent back just refunded
  5. Damaged products during transportation or defective
  6. If the product is a specific brand, do not allow return
  7. If the product has a specific attribute/tag have a different return window
  8. If the product is customized do not allow return
  9. If the product has the attribute/tag final sale do not allow return
  10. If the product has a specific attribute/tag return to a different location
  11. If the product is attributes/tagged as dropship return to the dropshipped
  12. If the product has the attribute accessory charge for return fees
  13. If the product is attributed/tagged as electronic set 14 day return policy vs 30 day default
  14. If the product has a specific attribute/tag, the customer can simply keep the item, no return is necessary to issue a refund
  15. If the product SKU is "ABC" set a specific outcome (non-returnable, different return policy, require authorization, return to a different location)
  16. If the product is a specific SKU, charge a restocking fee
  17. If the product is perishable, send photo proof of being discarded or destroyed
  18. If the product SKU is "ABC" only allow in-store return
  19. If the product SKU is "ABC" issue store credit or gift card
  20. It the product SKU is "ABC" return it to the recycling center, no in-store returns are allowed"
  21. Basically create any outcome based on a specific attribute/tag"
  22. If discount value is over $100 do not allow return
  23. If discount value is over 50% do not allow return
  24. If the customer purchases multiple products in 1 order offer free return only for the first 2 returned items, afterwards charge for it
  25. Only allow 2 separate returns per order, everything afterwards cannot be returned, or you will charge return fee
  26. VIP customers get free returns
  27. VIP customers get extended return 60 days vs 30days for everybody else
  28. Wholesalers need to pay for their own return
  29. Abusers/Wardrobers/Banned customers cannot return products or they need to pay for return
  30. Abusers/Wardrobers/Banned customers require manual review before submitting a return
  31. During holidays, all orders from November 1st until December 31st have a 90 day return policy
  32. During holidays, all orders from November 1st until December 31st can be returned until January 15th
  33. All orders between two dates can be returned for free
  34. For new limited edition products, returns are not accepted 30 days from the release date
  35. If return is below $10, simply keep the item and we issue a refund
  36. If the return is above $1000 require manual review
  37. If the return is below $50 issue a gift card or store credit
  38. If the product is downloadable do no require to be sent back, just issue a refund
  39. If the product is sent directly from the vendor/dropshipped require manual authorization and return it to a specific location
  40. If the price of the product ends in .99 (sale products) allow return but charge for the label
  41. If the price of the product ends in .93 (clearance) do not allow returns (final sale)
  42. If the price of the product ends in .93 (clearance) return it to the closest clearance store
  43. If the price of the product ends in .00 (full priced item) return to Web Warehouse
  44. If the product is still new return to Web Warehouse
  45. If the product was originally sent from Warehouse A, than return to Warehouse A
  46. If the product was sent by Vendor X return the product to Vendor X return center
  47. All return are sent to Main Warehouse, except product X, Y and Z
  48. If product discount is over 80% return it to the closes clearance location
  49. If the product is tagged as "outlet" return the product directly to the closest outlet
  50. If the product is damaged, return it to the closest liquidation store
  51. If the product is used, send to a donation center
  52. If the product is tagged as "recyclable" return it to the closest recycle facility
  53. If the product is defective, send it to the closest repair facility
  54. All products should be returned to the closest store
  55. If the product is tagged as "oversized" send it to warehouse X that has a forklift
  56. Electronics have a 10% restocking fee
  57. If the product is used charge $10 as restocking fee
  58. If the original packaging is missing charge $100 or 10% repackaging fee

Customer Perspective:
Paying Through Effort.


An inconvenient return process makes customers feel like they’re doing the job of your customer service reps. Signs of inconvenience include:


  • A complex policy requiring too many steps.
  • A restrictive policy that excludes too many items.
  • A buried policy that takes several minutes of website scanning to locate.
  • Confusing RMA or other forms.



A non-transparent return process leaves customers with more questions than answers. This is true for existing customers as well as new ones. Some elements that often remain unclear can include:


  • Are there free returns?
  • Who pays for the return shipping costs?
  • Full or partial refund?
  • Are all products or services in the order eligible to be returned?
  • Can online returns be made in store? If so, which stores?
  • How long does the package take to get back to the retailer?
  • Can I make a return OR exchange?
  • How many business days does it take to process the return?
  • When does the money get refunded?

Brand Perspective:
Feeling Pressure from all Sides.

Diminished Loyalty.

Remember all that effort we said the customer was going through in the last section? Well unfortunately that’s the single biggest driver in disloyalty. By failing to simplify their experience when something went wrong, you’re left with a big hole in your customer retention strategy.


  • 85% of customers say they won’t shop with a brand again if the return process is inconvenient.
  • 50% of customers say they check the return policy for ecommerce websites before making a purchase, and won’t convert if the process is too complex or restrictive.


Increased Operational Costs.

A bad return process creates serious inefficiencies that ultimately hit your bottom line. Key issues include:


  • Increased staffing issues due to an influx of customer service calls or “blind” returns to the warehouse.
  • Increased spend on digital marketing to convert new customers.
  • Decreased margin on sellable products that are kept off the shelves too long due to a slow return cycle.
  • Decreased insight into performance issues due to lack of analytical data.

Combat Inconvenience with Proactivity & Self Service.

What if we told you all of those issues could be avoided? Well, the good news is they can!


70% of shoppers say a generous ecommerce returns process and an effortless experience are the magic ingredients that will turn them into loyal, repeating customers – which is exactly where we come in.


WeSupply helps you create a frictionless, effort free experience for your customers. We turn potentially disastrous situations into a major wins for your brand. We improve post purchase behavior by focusing on two components; proactivity and self service. By going out of the way to notify customers and giving them more control over the return process you will make things easier for them and for you.

Flexible Return Rules.

Not all products are created equal. Why should you be held back by one return policy? Our solution, Smart Return Rules, offers the ability to customize the return policy based on a category, attribute, or individual item level. This comes in handy especially when dealing with flash sales, international customers, or damaged items.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I automatically approve a return?

Yes! You can setup a simple return logic that automatically approves returns within the first 30 days.

Can we set products as non-returnable?

Yes! You can simply set all products with a specific SKU or Attribute = finale sale as non-returnable.

We have multiple return policies for multiple product categories, can we setup multiple return rules?

Yes! You can setup as many return rules as you wish to accommodate even the most complex situations.

Can I setup returns without requiring the product to be shipped back?

Yes! In some cases returning the products is not necessary to get a refund, for example if you are selling food & beverage, low margin products, or is a product is damaged, you can simply setup a return logic that will not require the customer to return the product but they will still be able to get a refund.

Can the customer generate themselves a return label?

Yes! The customer is not required to reach out to your customer service team. They can simply select the products they want to return and generate a return label.

Can I generate a return label for the customers?

Yes! There is no need for back-and-forth communication with the customer, with a simple click of a button you can generate a return label and notify the customer automatically.

Can I refund an order to multiple payment methods (Gift Card / Store Credit) ?

Yes! You can select how you want to issue the refund! You can even issue refunds to Credit Card + Gift Card + Store Credit with a simple click of a button, without the need of going into multiple systems and spending precious time.

Can I return products to multiple locations such as dropshipper, liquidation store, recycle, repair center?

Yes! You can setup different return dispositions, for example one return can be setup to have 1 product returned to Web Warehouse, another product to the Dropshipper, and the 3rd product to a repair facility, all this automatically without the need of manual intervention.

Do you support customer group specific rules?

Yes! You can simply setup logics based on any customer group, for example, VIP customers may benefit of Free Returns while any other customer group needs to pay for returns.

Another example would be Whole sellers can have extended return policy (90 days)

Do you support product specific rules?

Yes! you can setup return logics based on any product SKU, Attribute, or Tag

The Portal.

A big part of creating a frictionless experience begins with organization
simply having all the pertinent information in one place
and presenting the customer with clear action items.
The portal serves as the homebase. Here they can find:

Clearly listed products.

Each product from the customer’s order is clearly presented, along with all relevant return policy information and days left to send back. Since all information is on a product by product basis, it gives the customer easy action items and avoids confusion.

Return Feedback.

This lets customers fill out exactly why they’re making the return. Gathering this information will help you make informed, data driven decisions!

Clearly Presented Instructions.

Complete self service return instructions are explained, along with a fully detailed refund breakdown. The customer knows exactly what to do and the exact amount to expect in their bank account when it’s over with!

QR Code Return Labels With a Single Click.

QR Code Return Labels With a Single Click.

No more time consuming and inconvenient returns!

We’re making it easier for customers to return online purchases without the hassle of printing, by simply scanning a QR code from the email.

Streamline Tracking.

The customer is able to track the the progress of their return, and ultimately their refund.

Proactive Notifications.

Notifications are sent to the customer when the returned package arrives back in your hands and again when you issue the refund. This lets them know exactly where they are in the return process and saves you a ton of “check up” phone calls.

Aside from that, the portal also has a relevant product recommendation engine for the customers. This is based on order history and product interest, and can be a way for you to make an upsell that enhances one of the items they’re keeping. Making every moment shoppable helps increase customer retention and keeps your conversion rate solid!

Return to Store.

You’re probably always looking at how to drive traffic to your retail store. The ability to return online purchases to your brick and mortar locations is an easy win if executed well. The customer gets the refund quicker, and is also being exposed to more of your products on the spot when their likelihood to spend is already at an all-time high. We help streamline this process by offering:


  • A complete list of eligible stores that can accept the return. Clears up any confusion, avoids unnecessary trips, and mitigates customer service phone calls.
  • A customer feedback portal to pre-approve returns. This avoids any hassle at the store level – just walk in, drop off, and get your refund. Easiest return experience ever!

Store Credit & Gift Cards.

Giving a refund in the form of store credit or gift card works perfectly for the customer who wants instant satisfaction. It works out pretty well for you too, because you know the money is coming right back.


  • Fastest turnaround time for customer.
  • Instant refund.
  • Gift card generator keeps customers shopping with you. So the money stays in your account!

WeSupply: More Like WeAchieve.

By choosing the WeSupply solution you become the hero for your loyal customers. Even when things go wrong they’ll never forget that you’re in their corner making sure things go smoothly for them. This builds your customer base with trust and loyalty rather than just dollars and cents.


Three big wins include:

  • Improved Customer Experience. By removing key points of friction in the post purchase customer experience, you mitigate disloyalty and generate some serious smiles. Oh, and retail sales too!
  • Improved Budget. By promoting a culture of self-service you alleviate stress on your distribution and service centers, adding to the company’s overall profit!
  • Improved Data. By gathering clear data at the time of return you build a foundation of strong information that will allow true analytics based decision making!

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