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Here are some basics about how WeSupply can get you AMAZING results.



Armando Hugo

Director of Digital Operations
J.McLaughlin –

“WeSupply offers significant cost savings because it takes a lot of the load on our customers service team by addressing
customer concerns regarding tracking and shipping. Also, the ability for customers to self-serve themselves is a huge plus.”


Matt Matsushima

Vice President of Operations
Kai USA –

“WeSupply has helped us reduce weekly customer inquiries on shipping and tracking by 92%, enabling us to focus more on our core business.”


Taylor Borde

Growth & Performance Marketing Manager

“As a lean company, WeSupply has saved us ~ 20% of workload capacity related to the post purchase experience, allowing us to leverage our team and providing a seamless purchase experience to our customers.”


“Email open and CTR is incomparable with regular marketing emails, because my customers are expecting these updates and are more than happy to engage. WeSupply really helps us re-engage with our customers.”


“Until now we had to wait for the customers to call us to tell us that something went wrong with their order, we had no visibility into lost, delayed, no movement shipments. Now we can see in realtime and proactively notify the customer thanks to WeSupply”


“Thanks to WeSupply, Self-Service is easier then ever, customers can even request item replacement in case something went terribly wrong.

No more manual generation of return labels, customers can do it on their own.”


With WeSupply I can now clearly communicate with many customers at once the latest status of their order if unexpected major delays happen with a specific product.”


“It’s truly amazing how WeSupply enables us to create a fully branded experience for all touchpoints, from order tracking page, to returns portal, order and shipping notifications, as well as in-store digital receipts.”


“With WeSupply I can easily see all incoming returns every day so I can schedule the right amount of people to process returns.”


“We now have full transparency of which location processes orders fast enough to meet our 24hour SLA, we can easily allocate more resources to the distribution center where it’s needed. Prior to WeSupply we had no idea how each location was doing.”


“Thanks to WeSupply we do not have to go into 3 systems anymore to process a return, it’s all in one place and refunds happen automatically with a simple click of a button.”


J.McLaughlin –

“Previously, I had no trackable metrics such as wait times and customer satisfaction to understand how to improve the curbside and in-store pickup experience”

“WeSupply offers full visibility for in-store pickups and curbside so we know exactly what still needs to be picked up, the associates are not running around into the backdoor and struggle to find the right product in a timely manner anymore.”

“WeSupply helps us with proof of purchase, it’s an easy to access of all in-store orders directly from the website, we can also faster and more efficiently process returns as they are pre-approved online.

We can now transform printed receipts that get always lost into paper free digital receipts. It helps us save on paper, better experience for the customer, faster order lookup, beautifully designed and branded… incomparable with the paper receipts”


“Poor Communications often resulted in customers showing up at the store even before the order was ready, driving the already busy store to even higher wait times. Frustrating for everybody!”

Case Studies

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Branded Tracking Page FAQ

Yes! You can set up a CNAME for the tracking page.


Available in Grow and Enterprise Plan

Yes! You can simply set all products with a specific SKU or Attribute = finale sale as non-returnable.


Yes! You can simply track all this data in WeSupply as well as in Google Analytics. All URLs are tagged with UTM parameters.

Yes! You can simply overwrite any CSS class.

Yes! You can simply change up colors, fonts, featured images to match your brand needs.

For Magento 2 and Shopify is as simple as installing our Extension and everything works out of the box.

For any other solution, all it takes is to change the tracking URL to:[tracking number]

The Branded Tracking Page is platform-agnostic and it can be integrated into any platform, email, or SMS.

For Magento 2 the page is integrated directly into your website, checkout an example right here:

Another example would be Whole sellers can have extended return policy (90 days).

Yes! WeSupply is built so the customer can track all the shipments from an order in 1 simple view. This way the customer can see when each product arrives and what each shipment contains.

Post Purchase Notifications FAQ

For SMS the Open Rate is basically 99.99%

The CTR for SMS is around 75%

For Emails the Open Rate is around 66%

The CTR for Emails is around 23%

The above numbers are calculated as an average across all our customers, your results may vary.

We support UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL natively. But we can also track over 100+ other carriers from around the world using our Shippo and EasyPost integration.


Order Cancelled
Confirmation email of all the items that got canceled by the customer – Triggered when the option to cancel item/product is enabled in WeSupply

Order Received
Order confirmation email – Triggered shortly after the order is placed by the customer (if the order is sent to WeSupply right away)

Order Delayed
This notification will remind the customer that their order is still processing (usually due to increased sales volume or slow processing time) – Triggered when an order was not shipped out yet based on the configuration set in WeSupply

Order is ready for Pickup
In-Store order is ready for pickup – Triggered when the item status is “ready for pickup”

Order was Picked Up
In-Store order was picked up – Triggered when the item status is “Picked Up”



Shipment Received
Carrier has received package from shipper – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment In Transit
Carrier has accepted or picked up shipment from shipper. The shipment is on the way – Triggered when the courier updates to this status. This might trigger overnight

Shipment Failed Attempt
Carrier attempted to deliver but failed – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment Picked Up
The package was picked up from a pickup location – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment Out For Delivery
The package has left the delivery office with a carrier, and delivery is intended on that day. – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment Delivered
Your package has been delivered and a delivery scan recorded the time and date of delivery. – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment Exception
An exception occurs when a package is temporarily delayed while in transit. Every effort is made to deliver every package as soon as possible, so an exception does not necessarily denote a late shipment. The status exception explains the most recent exception in the scan activity section. – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Shipment Expired
Shipment has no tracking information for 30 days since added. – Triggered when the courier updates to this status

Package Shipped
Also known as Shipment confirmation email – Trigged when a tracking number is assigned to an order

Yes! Some frequently used notifications are:

  • Order Received
  • Order Delayed
  • Package Shipped
  • Shipment In Transit
  • Shipment Exception
  • Shipment Out For Delivery
  • Shipment Failed Attempt
  • Shipment Delivered

Yes! Some frequently used notifications are:

  • Order Received
  • Order Delayed
  • Package Shipped
  • Shipment In Transit
  • Shipment Exception
  • Shipment Out For Delivery
  • Shipment Failed Attempt
  • Shipment Delivered

Yes! We can simply setup so you send from your own short number!

Yes! Using WeSupply you can send notifications for each individual shipment, and show the customer what each package contains what other products are sent and when they will arrive.

Yes! You can setup you own SMTP and all notifications will be sent directly from your domain maximizing this way the delivery rate of all notifications.

Yes, you can track the performance of all notifications, how many got sent, what’s the open rate of each and how much revenue it generated.

The character limit for a single SMS is 160 characters. As such, if specific SMS notifications exceed 160 characters due to the inserted variables, length of the text, links, and so on, the message will be split and charged accordingly. The price per SMS can be found on our Pricing Page

Yes! You can simply change up Fonts and Colors using our simple editor to match you brand.

Yes! You have full access to all email HTML to customize every pixel to your needs.


Yes! If you opt of the Onboarding Package, our development team can customize all the emails to match your brand needs.


Yes! We have a simple button [Resend] which will resend any notification to your customer.


Yes! The customer can simply reply STOP to unsubscribe from any SMS notification.

Also your team can subscribe the customer to SMS notification based on customer request.

Returns FAQ

Yes! You can setup a simple return logic that automatically approves returns within the first 30 days.


Yes! You can simply set all products with a specific SKU or Attribute = finale sale as non-returnable.


Yes! You can setup as many return rules as you wish to accommodate even the most complex situations.


Yes! In some cases returning the products is not necessary to get a refund, for example if you are selling food & beverage, low margin products, or is a product is damaged, you can simply setup a return logic that will not require the customer to return the product but they will still be able to get a refund.


Yes! The customer is not required to reach out to your customer service team. They can simply select the products they want to return and generate a return label.


Yes! There is no need for back-and-forth communication with the customer, with a simple click of a button you can generate a return label and notify the customer automatically.


Yes! You can select how you want to issue the refund! You can even issue refunds to Credit Card + Gift Card + Store Credit with a simple click of a button, without the need of going into multiple systems and spending precious time.


Yes! You can setup different return dispositions, for example one return can be setup to have 1 product returned to Web Warehouse, another product to the Dropshipper, and the 3rd product to a repair facility, all this automatically without the need of manual intervention.


Yes! You can simply setup logics based on any customer group, for example, VIP customers may benefit of Free Returns while any other customer group needs to pay for returns.

Another example would be Whole sellers can have extended return policy (90 days).

Yes! You can setup return logics based on any product SKU, Attribute, or Tag.