The Customer Support Funnel for your Magento Store

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You’ve worked hard to create a positive and memorable online shopping experience for your customers, and now you have the opportunity to deliver your products right into their hands! But what can you do when something unexpected happens during the shipping process?

What is Post Purchase Behavior?

Post purchase behavior

What is Post Purchase Behavior, & Why Should You Care? Are you leaving money on the table by ignoring the post purchase behavior of your customers? Read on to find out.   By now, it is clear that the idea that “the sale ends with the sale” is no longer relevant, considering the current business […]

What is WISMO (Where is my order) ?

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What is WISMO 1. What is WISMO and why you should care 2. Why are there delays in shipping my order? 3. How to deal with shipping delays? 4. Implementing a tracking solution to decrease WISMO 5. Benefits of order tracking for WISMO Download Full Guide What is WISMO and why you should care The […]

Intelligent Dispositions for Ecommerce Returns

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Intelligent Dispositions for Ecommerce Returns “As ecommerce captures a growing share of all retail sales, omni-channel brands that have high return rates and high return handling costs find themselves in the unenviable position of seeing their marginal economics deteriorate, what I refer to as the ‘omnichannel migration dilemma’ as their online business grows,” Steve Dennis […]

Post-Purchase Experience: 6 Ways to Earn Post-COVID Loyalty

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Post-Purchase Experience: 6 Ways to Earn Post-COVID We discuss six ways you can use post-purchase techniques to delight new customers into becoming true brand enthusiasts. Learn what modern shoppers are looking for in a digital experience during the pandemic, and stay ahead of today’s rapidly changing retail landscape! Get a Free Demo You probably […]

Running to Adobe Summit with Brent Peterson from Wagento

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Running to Adobe Summit with Brent Peterson from Wagento Did you know Wagento built the Selena Gomez website? Checkout what Brent has to say about their experience.   In this podcast, we look at what to expect in 2020, trends, events and the Mobile Optimization Initiative. Listen now! Get a Free Demo Get a free […]

Introduction to Post-Purchase Experience

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Introduction to Post-Purchase Experience Date: Friday, October 25th, 2019 Time: 8:00am PST / 11:00am EST Get a Free Demo What: This is the first general interest webinar to introduce ecommerce brands to WeSupply Post-Purchase Experience Platform. You will learn how to identify gaps in your Post Purchase experience, strategies to bring customers back to your store, […]