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Armando Hugo

Director of Digital Operations
J.McLaughlin –
“WeSupply offers significant cost savings because it takes a lot of the load on our customers service team by addressing customer concerns regarding tracking and shipping. Also, the ability for customers to self-serve themselves is a huge plus.”

Matt Matsushima

Vice President of Operations
Kai USA –
“WeSupply has helped us reduce weekly customer inquiries on shipping and tracking by 92%, enabling us to focus more on our core business.”

Taylor Borde

Growth & Performance Marketing Manager
“As a lean company, WeSupply has saved us ~ 20% of workload capacity related to the post purchase experience, allowing us to leverage our team and providing a seamless purchase experience to our customers.”


“Email open and CTR is incomparable with regular marketing emails, because my customers are expecting these updates and are more than happy to engage. WeSupply really helps us re-engage with our customers.”


“Until now we had to wait for the customers to call us to tell us that something went wrong with their order, we had no visibility into lost, delayed, no movement shipments. Now we can see in realtime and proactively notify the customer thanks to WeSupply”


“Thanks to WeSupply, Self-Service is easier then ever, customers can even request item replacement in case something went terribly wrong. No more manual generation of return labels, customers can do it on their own.”


With WeSupply I can now clearly communicate with many customers at once the latest status of their order if unexpected major delays happen with a specific product.”


“It’s truly amazing how WeSupply enables us to create a fully branded experience for all touchpoints, from order tracking page, to returns portal, order and shipping notifications, as well as in-store digital receipts.”
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“With WeSupply I can easily see all incoming returns every day so I can schedule the right amount of people to process returns.”


“We now have full transparency of which location processes orders fast enough to meet our 24hour SLA, we can easily allocate more resources to the distribution center where it’s needed. Prior to WeSupply we had no idea how each location was doing.”


“Thanks to WeSupply we do not have to go into 3 systems anymore to process a return, it’s all in one place and refunds happen automatically with a simple click of a button.”  
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J.McLaughlin –

“Previously, I had no trackable metrics such as wait times and customer satisfaction to understand how to improve the curbside and in-store pickup experience”
“WeSupply offers full visibility for in-store pickups and curbside so we know exactly what still needs to be picked up, the associates are not running around into the backdoor and struggle to find the right product in a timely manner anymore.”
“WeSupply helps us with proof of purchase, it’s an easy to access of all in-store orders directly from the website, we can also faster and more efficiently process returns as they are pre-approved online. We can now transform printed receipts that get always lost into paper free digital receipts. It helps us save on paper, better experience for the customer, faster order lookup, beautifully designed and branded… incomparable with the paper receipts”


“Poor Communications often resulted in customers showing up at the store even before the order was ready, driving the already busy store to even higher wait times. Frustrating for everybody!”

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