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# Because Shipments Pollute Our Home Planet

Sustainable Commerce.

87% of consumers have a more positive view of companies that support social and/or environmental issues. – Forbess.

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Customers do care about the environment, they often choose for eco-friendly options when making a purchasing decision. Give your customers the option to choose sustainable shipping when checking out on your store. WeSupply will offset the tCO2e resulted from shipping and the trash from packaging by planting trees with drones and installing trash collectors on rivers around the world.
These measures will help you build consumer loyalty and a positive impact on your bottom line.

Real Time Analytics to Measures your Environmental Footprint

By tracking all the shipments and returns we collect all the data necessary to calculate your tCO2e emissions and trash resulted from packaging. Now you have all this data available in your dashboard. Measuring all this requires entire teams and consultants, costing you money and time. Our Environmental Footprint Dashboard provides all this data in real time so you can take the necessary measures to protect our home planet.

A Measurable Impact.

Now your customers can contribute in offsetting their Environmental Footprint

Environmental Footprint offsetting doesn’t have to be a major expense. At WeSupply we help you do good for the planet. As soon as your customers checkout on your store and they opt in to offset their Environmental Footprint we can charge the customer a small fee that goes directly towards our cleaning and planting efforts.
It’s simple and efficient!

We reduce the environmental impact of your store by planting trees with drones and installing trash collectors
on rivers around the world. Our Mission is powered by the data collected through our customer support
automation platform.

The Trash Collector

Plastic never really goes away, instead it is photodegraded by the sun and salt water. The harmful chemicals released during this process increase greenhouse gases that contribute directly to global warming. The plastic forms smaller bits known as microplastics, which last up to 1,000 years in the water and often become food for marine life. This process continues from fish to humans, as scientists have found microplastics inside 114 different aquatic species - including the ones we eat!


At WeSupply we believe that an essential weapon in the war against pollution lies in automated technology. Our solution, the DRAVIR Model-1 Trash Collector, is designed to clean up over 500 tons of floating trash every year. Sure that’s a lot, but the key lies in its scalability. As more Trash Collectors are added to polluted river mouths across the world the results will increase exponentially!

Tree Planting

There are currently over 3 trillion trees on Earth. Sounds like a large number, but not when considering that industrialized deforestation is responsible for cutting down over 15 billion trees per year. Deforestation leads directly to a number of problems for global temperature and human health. These issues include global warming, desertification, landslides, glacial melting, fewer crops, flooding, and increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The solution should be as easy as planting a few trees to replace those that have been cut down, but there are many challenges.


Our goal is to plant 1.5 million trees per year, per drone. As more drones are added to the fleet, the results multiply exponentially. This creates a fully sustainable, scalable solution for reforestation. We believe this is the true solution, and we’re working to develop our drone’s software now, but we also don’t believe in wasting any time.
Our planet, Earth, is the most important thing. Let’s work together to make a difference in preserving and bettering it. We think that’s a cause everyone can get behind.


We’re part of an awesome group of for-profit companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

We decided to go for the B-Corp certification to become a member of a supportive community of businesses that have similar economic, social, and environmental aspirations as we do.

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