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Return Policy: Save return cost by allowing the customer to keep the item

Reduce return costs by allowing customers to keep certain items, balancing customer satisfaction with cost efficiency.

Use Case

  • Reduce Return Costs
  • Revenue Retention
  • Workflow Automation

Common Vertical

  • Beauty

We recommend that you calculate the actual cost of returning a product, this might include return shipping fees and labour fees at the warehouse level as well as time. More advanced users are taking into account customer livetime value as well, as that one is often influenced by delighting the customer.

Save return cost by allowing the customer to keep the item
Save return cost by allowing the customer to keep the item

Overview - Revolutionizing E-commerce Returns: Cost-Saving and Customer-Centric

  • Introduction: In the world of e-commerce, returns are inevitable. But what if returns could be transformed from a cost burden into a strategic advantage? This is where our SaaS solution comes into play, turning the tide on traditional return processes by empowering businesses to make shipping and returns profitable.
  • Challenges: E-commerce businesses often grapple with the high costs and logistical nightmares of handling returns, especially for low-value items. The process is fraught with inefficiencies, from paying for return shipping to processing and potentially destroying returned goods.
  • Common Mistakes: Retailers frequently overlook the hidden costs associated with returns, such as labor for receiving, inspecting, and restocking items, or the environmental and financial impact of disposing of products that can’t be resold.
  • Missed Opportunities: There’s a chance to enhance customer loyalty and brand reputation by offering hassle-free returns, yet many stores miss out by sticking to traditional, costly return methods.
  • Solution: Our system introduces a smart, condition-based approach that allows customers to keep items below a certain value, eliminating unnecessary shipping and handling while offering a positive customer experience.
  • Importance (ROI): By implementing this innovative return policy, businesses can expect significant savings on shipping and handling, reduced workload for warehouse staff, and an increase in customer satisfaction. Not addressing this could mean continued losses and a tarnished brand image due to poor return experiences.

Setup in Backend - How We Achieve It?

  • Condition-Based Rules: Set up rules within the system to automatically identify products under a certain value threshold, such as $10, and trigger the ‘keep the item’ policy.
  • Customizable Conditions: Tailor the system to specific products like makeup or supplements, where resale is not an option, and request customers to provide evidence of disposal for a refund.
  • Customer Engagement: Enhance the return experience by offering options to donate or gift the item, fostering a sense of community and brand loyalty.

The Customer Experience - What We Will Achieve

  • Simplified Returns: Customers no longer need to worry about the hassle of returning low-value items, making their shopping experience more enjoyable.
  • Immediate Resolution: The system’s instant decision-making provides a quick and satisfactory outcome for customers, leading to higher trust and repeat business.
  • Positive Impact: By offering donation or gifting options, customers feel they are contributing to a good cause or sharing with someone in need, enhancing the brand’s value in their eyes.


Q1: How does the system determine which items qualify for the 'keep the item' policy?

A1: The system is configured with rules based on product value and category, automatically identifying items that fall under the set threshold or conditions.

Q2: What if a customer abuses the 'keep the item' policy?

A2: Our system includes safeguards to monitor return patterns and flag potential abuse, ensuring the policy is used as intended for customer satisfaction and cost savings.

Q3: How does this approach affect our brand's environmental impact?

A3: By reducing the need to ship back low-value items, we're minimizing carbon emissions and waste, contributing to a more sustainable business model.

Q4: Can this policy be applied to all types of products?

A4: The policy is customizable and can be adapted to various product types, with specific conditions for items like makeup or supplements that cannot be resold.

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