WeSupply Onboarding Process

We have done numerous implementations before and we understand that your timeline can slightly change based on your plan and implementation level.


On average a usual customer goes live in 2 weeks from signing up!

To Sign up for a free 14 days trial


  • Week 1 we are going to focus on setting up the order feed, tracking and notifications, along with basic account setup.
  • Week 2 we will setup and configure returns.
  • As soon as we are done setting up everything mentioned above, you should be good to go live!
Day 1

Let’s get Started!

Sign Up & Invite your team

Every user is free, forever. Invite, collaborate and drive customer happiness
Time to complete 5 minutes
Week 1

Setup Order Tracking & Notifications

Customize your emails

Because you want to have all the emails on brand with your website. Make your emails beautiful! Customize the design and the text.
Time to complete 30 minutes

Customize your SMS

Quick, Short and to the point! We tried our best to offer you the default SMS templates but most likely you want to put a spin to it 😉
Time to complete 15 minutes

Enable Notifications

Deliver relevant order updates from the time an order is placed to the moment it arrives at the door. Customers appreciate getting the information before they have to ask.
Time to complete 1 minute

Setup Assets on tracking page

The branded tracking page is your opportunity to make it amazing for your customers and generate substantial revenue from your post purchase experience.
Time to complete 5 minutes

Get customer Feedback NPS & CSAT

For every complaint you receive from a customer, there are approximately 26 other people who are unhappy with your company, but choose to say nothing.
Time to complete 1 minute
Week 2

Configure Returns

Configure Returns

Make every return a potential repurchase and inspire customer loyalty.
Time to complete 15 minutes

Enable your first return logic

Easily configure return policies to clearly identify which items in an order are eligible for return or exchange.
Time to complete 10 minutes

Enable Return Couriers

Automatically syncs shipping info from your favorite couriers
Time to complete 5 minutes

Go Live & What’s Next?

Enable Estimated Delivery Dates

After about 2 weeks we collect enough historical order data to drive accurate shipping delivery estimates. Surface delivery dates on product pages and at checkout to let customers know exactly when their product will arrive. More transparency, more urgency to buy.
Time to complete 15 minutes