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How EVEREVE improved the return experience for their customers.

With over 93 boutiques and a rapidly increasing online presence, EVEREVE is well-known for creating a unique shopping experience for its customers.

How Evereve improved the return experience for their customers.

EVEREVE was founded as the retail solution that makes shopping for casual current fashion trends pleasant and easy. With over 93 boutiques and a rapidly increasing online presence, EVEREVE is well-known for creating a unique shopping experience for its customers.


In 2020, when COVID-19 compelled consumers to buy online, e-commerce sales went up by 11% (according to a study by McKinsey), and without in-store fitting rooms, the inevitable occurred: the growth was directly linked to an increase in returned items.

Return rates on physical goods are typically between 8% and 10%, but the overall average return rate for online purchases is 30%, with rates as high as 50% in some apparel industries, according to Shopify’s Fashion Industry Report.


EVEREVE was well aware that current rates are unsustainable, and while many merchants consider high returns as a necessary evil, EVEREVE invested their efforts in reimagining returns for the company.

Business Challenges

EVEREVE started out by relying on manual returns since the technology to implement a self-service and automated process wasn’t accessible at the time. Because of this, they couldn’t differentiate between in-store and online returns or see what was being returned and why. This made it hard to address any issues with their return journey.

Evereve Business Challenges

The lack of visibility throughout the RMA process was resulting in a variety of problems:

  1. Limitations in data availability limited the businesses’ capacity to identify and address the primary causes of returns.
  2. A lag time in returns led the way to significant markdowns for the merchandise being resold.
  3. There was a lack of accountability for returns management, as well as no synergy across key teams.
  4. Customer service representatives were swamped with support tickets regarding returns


“The ambition was to lower the friction and turn returns

in their favor by providing a self-service, easy return process that ultimately increased sales and customer loyalty.”


EVEREVE’s returns process took a 180-degree turn by using WeSupply Technology. Returns are now automated, everything is managed from the same interface which has helped have a better understanding of their operations. Their new approach is built around three key objectives: proactivity, self-service, and return flexibility. This has aided them in balancing their return strategy while also increasing customer loyalty.

Big Wins for Evereve

Cost savings

Evereve's new self-service returns culture relieves customer service teams of burden and lowers the number of support tickets regarding returns.

Faster, more accurate return

Return management is a cross-functional effort, with WeSupply, Evereve ensures accountability and transparency by keeping all after-sale processes in one location, keeping consistency across teams.

A Streamlined Customer Experience

WeSupply provides Evereve with all of its order tracking, notifications, and in-store pick-up capabilities. Not only do they detect and repair delivery problems before customers notice them, but they also proactively notify clients through the same portal

EVEREVE seized the opportunity and transformed it into a new experience for their customers: Self-service returns!


Via WeSupply Labs, they helped their clients address problems themselves, which streamlined returns procedures and made it easier for customers to achieve their desired outcomes such as an exchange, a store credit, or a refund.


Now, they don’t have to rely on their customer service staff to handle the hard work. Enabling the client to take control of the process from start to finish provides for a true customer-centered returns experience.

Here's what EVEREVE's returns portal looks like, in a nutshell:

  • Fully Branded Experience
  • Proactive Notifications
  • In-store returns
  • Flexible refund rules based on a category, attribute, or individual item level
  • +780 Third-party drop-off locations like Walmart, Walgreens, USPS
  • eCommerce Return Feedback
  • Streamline Tracking


evereve case study returns portal

- The Bottom Line -

The potential of data to revolutionize return management and modernize this often tedious process for many businesses is enormous.

EVEREVE discovered that the most effective way to turn returns into future opportunities is by combining the right information with predictive analytics and automation, which have enabled them to cut down additional shipping costs and reduce the number of redundant touches by optimizing the optimal route from the start of the return.

WeSupply addresses all of EVEREVE’s pain points, bringing all their headaches to the desired outcome. Besides customers and suppliers enjoying the benefits that result from this collaboration, EVEREVE is particularly pleased with the impact on employee productivity and overall increased performance.

Learn how WeSupply can help your business drive revenue growth and customer engagement! Let’s talk! 

Frequently Asked Questions
about eCommerce Returns.

Yes! You can set up a simple return logic that automatically approves returns within the first 30 days.

Yes! You can simply set all products with a specific SKU or Attribute = finale sale as non-returnable.

Yes! You can set up as many return rules as you wish to accommodate even the most complex situations. The process for return goods authorization doesn’t have to be a challenge for your business, and we strive to make it as flexible and accessible as possible.

Yes! In some cases returning the products is not necessary to get a refund, for example, if you are selling food & beverage, low margin products, or if a product is damaged, you can simply set up a return logic that will not require the customer to return the product but they will still be able to get a refund.

Yes! The customer is not required to reach out to your customer service team. They can simply select the products they want to return and generate a return label.

Yes! There is no need for back-and-forth communication with the customer, with a simple click of a button you can generate a return label and notify the customer automatically.

Yes! You can select how you want to issue the refund! You can even issue it to Credit Card + Gift Card + Store Credit with a simple click of a button, without the need of going into multiple systems and spending precious time.

Yes! You can set up different return dispositions, for example, one return can be set up to have 1 product returned to Web Warehouse, another product to the Dropshipper, and the 3rd product to a repair facility, all this automatically without the need of manual intervention.

Yes! You can simply set up logics based on any customer group, for example, VIP customers may benefit from Free Returns while any other customer group needs to pay for returns.

Another example would be Whole sellers can have an extended return policy (90 days).

Yes! You can set up return logics based on any product SKU, Attribute, or Tag.

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