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Return Policy to Collect return insights based on each product type

Collect and analyze return data by product type, enabling informed decision-making and process improvements in return management.

Use Case

  • Enterprise Returns
  • Workflow Automation

Common Vertical

  • Fashion
  • Consumer Electronics
  • B2B
Collect return insights based on each product type
Collect return insights based on each product type

Make sure you configure a return reason group by product type → Settings → Returns → Return Reasons → Reasons Groups

Collect return insights based on each product type

Overview - Tailoring Return Reasons for Enhanced E-commerce Efficiency

  • Introduction: In the diverse world of e-commerce, where products range from clothing to beauty items, the one-size-fits-all approach to return reasons just doesn’t cut it. A dress might be too long, while a t-shirt might simply be too big. Recognizing the unique return reasons for different product categories not only streamlines the return process but also provides valuable insights into product performance.
  • Challenges: E-commerce businesses often struggle with generic return reasons that don’t apply to all products, leading to confusion and inefficiency.
  • Common Mistakes: Applying the same return reasons, such as fit issues, to unrelated product categories like beauty or home goods, which can result in nonsensical feedback like “nail polish is too tight.”
  • Missed Opportunities: Failing to customize return reasons by product type means missing out on specific customer feedback that could drive product improvements and reduce future returns.
  • Solution: Implementing category-specific return reasons allows for more accurate customer feedback and a smoother return process.
  • Importance (ROI): By tailoring return reasons, businesses can expect a more efficient return process, better customer satisfaction, and actionable insights that can lead to a reduction in return rates and associated costs. Neglecting this can lead to continued inefficiencies and lost opportunities for product optimization.

Setup in Backend - How We Achieve It?

  • Creating Return Reason Groups: Establishing distinct groups for different product categories, such as “bottoms and pants” or “tops and dresses,” with relevant return reasons.
  • Configuring Return Logic: Assigning the appropriate return reason group to specific product types to ensure customers are presented with relevant options.
  • Integration: Ensuring the return reason groups are seamlessly integrated into the return process for a user-friendly experience.

The Customer Experience - What We Will Achieve

  • Relevant Return Options: Customers will encounter return reasons that make sense for the specific product they are returning, leading to a more intuitive return process.
  • Accurate Feedback: The business will receive precise feedback for each product type, enabling targeted improvements and potentially reducing return rates.
  • Streamlined Process: A more efficient return process will result in quicker resolutions for customers, enhancing their overall experience with the brand.


Q1: How do category-specific return reasons improve the return process?

A1: They provide customers with relevant options, making the process more intuitive and improving the quality of feedback for the business.

Q2: Can return reason groups be customized for any product type?

A2: Yes, return reason groups can be tailored to fit the specific needs of any product category within your e-commerce store.

Q3: Will implementing this system complicate the return process for my team?

A3: No, once set up, the system simplifies the process by automatically providing the correct return reasons for each product type.

Q4: How does this affect the processing time for returns?

A4: It can reduce processing time by eliminating the need to manually sort through irrelevant return reasons and by providing clearer customer feedback.

Q5: Is there support available if I have trouble setting up my return reason groups?

A5: Yes, you can reach out to our AI support or consult the help center for guidance on setting up and managing your return reason groups.

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