Ecommerce Order Tracking:
Generate Sales & Reduce WISMO via Proactive Shipping Notifications

WeSupply fully resolves over 15 order tracking use cases.

  1. Identify orders with a specific product that is back ordered
  2. Identify orders from a specific customer
  3. Identify orders that are partially not shipped
  4. Identify pending orders that contain products from a specific brand
  5. Identify orders placed in a specific time range that are not shipped out yet
  6. Identify orders that are backordered
  7. Identify orders from a specific vendor
  8. Identify shipments that are experiencing delays
  9. Identify orders that have items with attribute color (e.g. black)
  10. Resend an order confirmation to a customer
  11. Resend shipping confirmation to a customer
  12. Identify if a notification was delivered
  13. Check if a customer opened an email and clicked through
  14. Send a status update to all customers who placed a pre-order and did not receive the product yet
  15. Notify all customers that has an undelivered shipment for more than 3 weeks
  16. Notify orders that are at risk of late delivery

Answer the #1 Customer Service Question!
“Where is My Order?”

Simply show estimated delivery times, tracking information, and shipment updates to set realistic expectations and mitigate anxiety. Engineer an effortless experience!

Proactive Email & SMS Tracking Notifications.

Stay ahead of the curve by proactively notifying your customers before they need to ask you a question about their order. SMS has a 98% open rate and lets your brand keep up with the busy lifestyle of today’s online shoppers.

Self-Service Tracking.

By giving customers proactive information and control over the tracking process, you create an effortless experience. Chasing down information and relying on third party websites to track orders is a key friction point that shoppers shouldn’t have to go through.

Clear Delivery Dates & Options.

Easily accessible, reliable information to keep your customers well informed about their package status and delivery date. This also better equips your customer service team to answer specific questions without chasing down tracking details.

Delivery Instructions.

What if your customer isn’t going to be home for their delivery? Avoid lost or stolen packages by letting them control the situation! They can choose to reroute the package to a local pickup point, such as a nearby pharmacy or local business that your courier has partnered with. If that doesn’t work they can easily reschedule delivery times. Make it easy for them and they will thank you!

Split Shipment Management.

Shipping orders via multiple packages? We get ahead of these split shipment situations by directly communicating the status of each package and product via email and SMS. Offering individual tracking numbers and points of origin will clear up confusion and questions for the customer.

Omnichannel Tracking.

Your omnichannel solution is great for making sales but could be a disaster for order tracking! We centralize all orders from the website, phone orders, apps, marketplace, POS, OMS, and WMS to create one seamless experience. Your customers will always have one reliable portal to check their order regardless of where they buy it from.

Fully Branded Experience.

You worked hard to convert your customer so don’t send them to a confusing third party courier page or send a generic tracking number. Strive for the premium experience they deserve! WeSupply lets you fully customize emails, tracking pages, and SMS notifications. Pick your logo, brand colors, and styling. Also, keep the shoppable experience rolling by promoting key products and promotions based on your customer’s interests.

Drive More Revenue with 1:1 Personalization.

Personalization solutions such as Sailthru, Nosto, or Emarsys provide critical information, so why not get the most out of it? We help you leverage that intelligence even further by customizing your tracking pages or emails with product recommendations and dynamic banners.

Logistics Analytics.

No experience can be optimized without the appropriate data! Our easy to understand dashboard quickly lets you pinpoint areas of friction in the post purchase process. This includes an individual analysis of courier service performance, and each shipping location. It also features an instant snapshot of all your shipment statuses in real time. Now you know exactly where to focus your efforts in optimizing the experience!

Get your Customer’s Feedback.

How are your customers feeling? What areas do you need to improve? We make it easy to find out. Whether you’re using Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), or Customer Effort Score (CES) as your benchmark, we’ve got you covered. Track bad ratings or comments back to the original package and shipping location to get ahead of your issues.

Zendesk App.

Don’t send your customer service representatives into the field without the proper tools. Equip them to handle anything! Our Zendesk app puts fully updated order, shipment, tracking, and delivery time information at their fingertips. This enables them to quickly and efficiently help customers through any issue.

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