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Magento Customer Service Optimizer™ - Never Receive WISMO Inquiries Again!

Download & learn how to reduce Customer Support Tickets of your Magento store by combining proactive, self-serve, and human support to get ahead of known problems and quickly resolve issues.


Learn how to implement the Customer Support Funnel for your Magento store and transform your overwhelmed support team into an efficient and high performing one where they offer Fast Effortless Experience for your customers. 


You invested a lot of time building your Brand and your Magento Store. You overcame the biggest challenges and you are getting an increased number of customer orders, but at the same time your support team is overwhelmed by the rise in customer support tickets and calls.


You try your best to ship out everything as fast as possible but logistics are a nightmare.


You run a sale and your order processing gets backed up for days.


The customers are angry and furious threatening you with bad reviews. And even when you manage to ship out all your orders and it’s out of your hands, courier delays happed.


The customer does not receive their package when they expect it and the calls and tickets are pouring in again. 


It takes time to hire and train customer service agents, even longer for them to perform. 


To survive and thrive in business, your support team need to find a way to provide customers with the fast, effortless and convenient support – else they might be shopping at your competition next time.


Below we will walk you through the Customer Support Funnel Framework and show you how without hiring additional support agents, you will be able to get ahead of the problems.


Let’s get started!

What is the Customer Support Funnel?

The Customer Support Funnel is a flow that drastically reduces the support tickets your team receives by combining proactive, self-serve, and human support capabilities so you can get ahead of known problems before they arise, automatically answer repetitive questions, and quickly resolve complex issues by getting them to the right team member.


It’s the most effective, efficient way to provide personal support, at the scale your business needs as it grows.

Customer Support Funnel Magento

Why the current Magento Customer Support
solutions do not work?


Human Support First Approach – most companies have only one bucket – support inquiries, that need to be solved by human interaction. Every product question is a new ticket, every shipping question is a ticket, every order delay a new one, and even when it’s out of your hands and the courier has delays, the customer reaches out to you for help! We did not even mentioned all the questions and complex manual processes that returns, exchanges and re-shipments involve. 


You are one step forward if you implemented an FAQ section, a knowledge base extension, or a system like Zendesk, but the reality is that most customers will not read all your return policies, your support team might not even know them all, and for those customers the only solution it to open a support ticket.


You are two steps forward if you have a Magento Return Extension installed. But even that one is very basic, does not generate return labels and it takes at least 15 clicks and 5 minutes to process a return..

Download the Magento Customer Support Funnel Framework 

  • A powerful framework to automatically resolve simple issues, freeing you up for complex ones.

  • An interactive worksheet to provide fast, personal support.

  • Proven tips to improve customer relationships and team morale.

ProActive Customer Support Funnel

The Proactive Support Layer

Proactive support is at the top of the Conversational Support Funnel for a reason — it’s your first line of defense.


An effective strategy for providing proactive support will help drastically reduce the number of conversations that reach your support team.

ProActive Customer Support Funnel Images Funnel

Get ahead of issues, automatically

It’s really hard to find in Magento old orders that did not get delivered yet.


If an order is delayed automatically send an email to the customer letting them know that you work hard to ship out all the orders from your warehouse. They will love to see that you did not forget about them.

Keep the customer updated on their Backorders

When your supplier tells you that some of your products are delayed due to supply chain issues, it’s almost impossible to find all affected orders in Magento that include that specific product. 


How would you feel if you could identify all those orders with a few clicks and notify them about the delay and provide an updated shipping time?


Life changing!

Proactively answer all "Where is my order?" emails

Magento only offers 1 notification, when the product is shipped… this is just not enough.


Automates the shipment tracking process on all fronts so you never have to worry about losing customers again.


Save up to 15 hours per week/agent on customer service tickets.

order status automate sequence

The Customer Service Funnel for your Magento Store

Identify shipping delays and notify the customer automatically

When a package is shipped it’s out of your hands but not out of your control. Notify the customer if there are shipping delays due to weather or logistics.


Currently you do not have any visibility in Magento about the status of your shipments.

Offer the Amazon experience before the purchase

Build confidence by setting clear delivery expectations before a purchase.


Show the delivery dates on product pages and at checkout to let customers know exactly when their product will arrive.

Self-service Customer Support-Funnel Images Funnel icon

The Self-Service Support Layer

We moved from phone orders to fully self service websites to take order.


A positive support experience doesn’t always require a conversation with another person.

SelfService Customer Support Funnel Images Funnel

Do it yourself service

Self-service is good because it’s quick and convenient for customers—and they tend to like that. That’s why a smart knowledge base plays a big part in your customer experience strategy.


Simple Magento CMS pages will not do the job. You need make it easy for your customers to search and find what they need.


Even more, most of the support questions are often answered in an article you need to surface those answers when customers are describing their problems.

Help customers help themselves

Encourage your customers to start a return or exchange process on their own time, anytime – whether your team is online, offline or offering personal support to other shoppers.


Magento has a very limited RMA functionality, it does not generate return labels and it’s very manual.

Offer the same tracking experience regardless of parcel or freight carrier

FACT: With Magento you send your customers a tracking number and it’s up to them to figure out the status on old, unoptimized carrier websites that all have a different design and terminology for statuses. It’s confusing to you and your customers.

Customers check tracking 3.6 times per order. Send them to your own branded tracking page and build trust & credibility.

Human Customer Support Funnel Icon

The Human Support layer

Human support has its own irreplaceable place.


It’s for one-on-one complex, emotionally charged support.

Human Customer Support Funnel Images Funnel

Unify all customer information in one place

Your agents are not effective most likely because they need to go into a slow Magento backend, and old ERP, a customer service software, antique carrier websites and who knows where…


Arm your customer support agents with one location to find the status of any order or return, next pull all that information into where they spend most of their time, the customer support platform.

Happy agents make Happy customers

Be honest with yourself, how happy is your customer support team? Are they really excited to help out your customers or they are mostly frustrated by your slow system, website issues, warehouse issues, long and manual return processes, overselling issues and overwhelmed by angry support tickets?

Download the guide and change what customer service is forever.


         You will get:

  • A powerful framework to automatically resolve simple issues, freeing you up for complex ones
  • An interactive worksheet to provide fast, personal support
  • Proven tips to improve customer relationships and team morale

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