Weekly Session: Weekly Update + Product Demo + Q&A 🚀

✅  Existing users will learn how to get more out of WeSupply while using it with their business

✅  If you are interested in using WeSupply but have no started yet, you’ll see how it can benefit your business

✅  We’ll update you on the new features and pending bug fixes in our latest update and what’s planned for the next week.

✅  A live Q&A with our Founder where he’ll help you with whatever questions you may have, so come prepared!

All sessions are also broadcasted to our Facebook Group, so even if you don’t join the live session, you’ll be able to watch it live there. You can join our Facebook community here.

Next Session: Thursday, September 9th, 4pm EST
(check when this is for your timezone here)

Host: Virgil Ghic

Co-Founder of WeSupply, your guide to delivering post-purchase experience.