At WeSupply we believe that analytics and a data driven decision process should form the core of any strong business. To put it simply, you can’t improve what you can’t track. If you want to offer the best post purchase customer experience possible, the path begins with learning how to measure your efforts. How else would you know what you’re doing right? Or even more importantly, wrong? The effortless experience that makes your loyal customers feel delight can only truly exist as a result of constant fine tuning and adapting to the wants and needs of the people you’re aiming to serve. This is why we give you the tool to easily track Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES).


In retail there is no challenge you can’t overcome with the right tools at your side. The issue isn’t that something went wrong, but rather – what went wrong and how can we fix it. Was it the processing time of the order fulfillment? Was it the product or service itself? Another factor altogether? In order to optimize, we must know!


CSAT is a useful survey that measures the customer’s overall satisfaction with the experience. It takes the form of a 1-5 star rating system and accompanying written comment that is posed to the customer after the transaction. CSAT is core piece of customer retention strategies as it helps you to understand what shipments did well, and which hurt your business. A CSAT score alone may not offer you total transparency, but that’s where we come in. With our solution you will be able to track back low ratings and bad comments to the exact shipment they’re stemming from. We can also tell you the warehouse or store that delivered the package so you can better optimize your sales order process flow at every level. In the quest to retain customers this information is critical because it allows you to understand why you got the negative feedback in the first place.


NPS is a survey used to measure a customer’s loyalty. It is often based on a single question, “how likely are you to recommend this brand to a friend or colleague,” and a 1-10 answering system. By using the net promoter system to determine your percentage of promoters you can understand which customers you have a high chance of re-engaging. Taking a closer look at the NPS score’s percentage of detractors can also help you realize where your company is falling short, and can point out some weak spots in the customer experience. Our solution allows you to customize the frequency of these post transactional surveys so as to not bombard repeat customers over and over again. Perhaps quarterly would be a better option depending on your needs!


The CES survey determines transactional customer loyalty based upon how much effort was needed to complete an interaction. The customer effort score survey differs from the previous two, as it lets you narrow in on the performance of your customer service team rather than the experience as a whole. Many recent studies have shown that delighting customers isn’t the true path to loyalty, but the key is in reducing their perceived effort in resolving an issue. Therefore the CES is necessary for increasing customer retention, as it highlights friction points in the post transactional period that could have been overlooked by a previous survey based on the strength of a well-made product.


It’s no secret that post purchase problems usually lead to high effort. Our solution is here to help you measure Customer Effort Score calculation so you can best optimize your flow and experience. Bigger brands like Apple, Google, and Amazon are focusing heavily on reducing friction points and unneeded complexities in order to improve loyalty – and you should too!


A deep understanding of your order state is a must when working to improve the post purchase experience, so you need order level analytics. We provide a detailed breakdown that is both easy to access and understand. Master your order management process flow with all the information you need right at your fingertips.


Find out how many orders were:

  • Received.
  • Shipped (including detailed information on shipments per order).
  • Cancelled (if so, why?).
  • Delivered (woohoo!).


You can also check up on those order “grey areas” such as in transit, out for delivery, marked as exception, or waiting for pick up – all important touch points the customer will be thankful to be proactively notified about!


Our platform also calculates processing time for each order by location, so you can arrive at data driven solutions on a day by day basis. By using data analytics and immersing yourself in your company’s end 2 end time, you can optimize your process from the moment a customer places an order all the way up until it arrives on their doorstep.


We track it, therefore we know it!


Powered by WeSupply – “2017 Impact Awards – Rising above the noise” for Analytics and Measurement.


To win the loyalty of sneaker-fans, KicksUSA/Snipes invested in Magento Business Intelligence to mine deeper into its data. The brand discovered opportunities for improvements to customer service processes and tripled the headcount of their team to focus on welcoming back returning customers. In an era when acquiring, converting, and retaining valuable customers is becoming more difficult, KicksUSA/Snipes used Magento Business Intelligence to find a competitive edge. The company saw a 20 percent initial return rate, followed by a 35 percent return rate the next year, accounting for 45 percent of KicksUSA/Snipes revenue.

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